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Episode #14: Vermicompost - The Worm Tower
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It's Chicken Season Over At Mike's Place Using Manure in Your Garden
On April 10th, 2014, I took the plunge into the world of raising chickens. Ok actually, I made the decision many, many months before that, but it was the date mentioned above, when the baby chicks arrive ... Manure offers a tremendous amount of benefits to your vegetable garden. For the sake of this article I am focusing in on animal manure, more specifically horse manure. If you want more information on "gr ...
Which Grow Light Bulbs are You Using? Should gardening be taught in schools?
A lot of vegetable gardeners out there start their vegetable seeds indoors to get a jump start on the gardening season. Most of the time starting vegetable seeds indoors is a necessity due to a shorten ... This is the question I was pondering to myself the other day. As someone who loves vegetable gardening, the answer for me would be easy ... an astounding absolutely! But what about someone who may not be ...
Gardening Season is Getting Closer Turn a 2 liter plastic bottle into a Terrarium
Here in New Jersey we are getting closer and closer to vegetable gardening season. While many are starting their seeds indoors right now (me included), when I say vegetable gardening season is ... I posted on our vegetable gardening Facebook page 6 broccoli plants that I had started from seed inside a two liter plastic bottle (show above). I received a number of emails, Facebook posts ...

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