Hi, I’m Harry Ramos, a proud retired landscaping gardener. I spend most of my time working in the garden, finding tips to improve soil quality, chase insects and deliver fresh veggies to the table. A big part of my life involves creating and maintain aesthetically good-looking garden areas. I have been giving tips and insights for my neighbors to enhance their garden’s productivity and pleasing appearance since the beginning of my career.

The reason why I started this blog is quite simple. My career as a landscaping gardener and my enthusiasm in urban gardening has turned me into “a mobile dictionary” – as my neighbors often call me. It is such a waste if I don’t share my knowledge and understanding of gardening and landscaping to whoever needs it. My job has taught me what most people struggle with and how to solve their problems with a microscopic budget. I’m on your side.

On this site, you will find heaps of reviews, tips and reliable information about everything related to gardening and landscaping.

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