6 Best Lawn Mower Batteries of 2024

By Harry RamosLast update: 2024-07-12

Our test team is composed of five experts who have a high need for lawn mower batteries and have spent over four years testing nearly 30 different models in the market.

That makes this review list a trustworthy information source where you will have more ideas about which is the best lawn mower battery for your needs. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Here are the best lawn mower batteries you can buy in 2024:

  • Easy To Install: EnerSys Genesis NP4-12
  • Vibration Resistant: CB CHROME BATTERY YTX5L-BS
  • Maintenance Free: LOSSIGY 12V8Ah Lithium Battery
  • Long Lasting: ML-U1-CCA-12V 200 CCA-SLA 3351559
  • Spill Proof: Casil Lawn Tractor Mower Battery
  • Lightweight: TCED 25432
6 Best Lawn Mower Batteries
Easy To Install
EnerSys Genesis NP4-12
    Vibration Resistant
      Maintenance Free
      LOSSIGY 12V8Ah Lithium Battery
        Long Lasting
        ML-U1-CCA-12V 200 CCA-SLA 3351559
          Spill Proof
          Casil Lawn Tractor Mower Battery
            TCED 25432

              Easy To Install: EnerSys Genesis NP4-12

              EnerSys Genesis NP4-12
              EnerSys Genesis NP4-12
              • Easy to install – feature an identical design as the stock battery of an electric start lawn mower
              • 30% more compact than regular batteries – measured by 4.2 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches
              • Reliable operation - Overheat protection & spill-proof
              • No manufacturer’s date sticker

              This is the solid option that we’d suggest to those people who want to save hundreds of bucks for having a technician replace the lawnmower battery.

              It’s specifically engineered to be exactly like the stock battery in an electric start push mower. So, all you have to do is get the old one out, put this in, reconnecting the wire, and start it right up. The whole process takes no longer than two minutes.

              The EnerSys Genesis NP4-12 consistently starts our lawnmower with no problem. It is one of the cheapest we’ve found but works admirably.

              While some models we tested were hot to touch in the alarm box after use, this one still keeps itself cool. The only thing we wished it had was the manufacturer’s date sticker.

              EnerSys Genesis NP4-12 Specifications


              2.95 Pounds


              4.2 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches

              Highlight Features

              feature an identical design as the stock battery of an electric start lawn mower

              measured by 4.2 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches

              Overheat protection & spill-proof


              The EnerSys Genesis NP4-12 is the cheapest and also the easiest-to-start lawn mower battery on our list.

              Vibration Resistant: CB CHROME BATTERY YTX5L-BS

              • Safe, low-maintenance, and stable – injected with Gel Electrolytes
              • Run quietly - vibration-resistant design
              • User-friendly – a LED display screen & come in fully charged
              • The LED display screen function runs the battery down
              • Wish the clip that holds the screen was sturdier

              If the EnerSys Genesis is out of stock, we also like this lead-calcium battery.

              It is a wonderful conjunction of good price, user-friendly design, quality, durability, and dependability. Out of the box, the unit can be used immediately since it’s fully charged beforehand.

              Injected with Gel Electrolytes - which is well-known for their superior volatility reduction capabilities to the LiPF6-type nonaqueous electrolytes, the battery’s performance becomes safer, lower-maintenance, and more stable.

              But the best part is its vibration-resistant properties for ultra-quiet and –smooth operation.

              It also comes with a LED display screen where you can easily track the alternator voltage when using it – something hardly found on other lead-calcium batteries, especially at this price point.

              CB CHROME BATTERY YTX5L-BS Specifications


              3.7 Pounds


              4.45 x 2.6 x 4.21 inches

              Reserve Capacity

              6 minutes

              Cold Crank Amp


              Highlight Features

              injected with Gel Electrolytes

              vibration-resistant design

              a LED display screen


              Highlighting the vibration-resistant design, the CB CHROME BATTERY YTX5L-BS is ideal for those lawn owners who want their mower to work more quietly and smoothly.

              Maintenance Free: LOSSIGY 12V8Ah Lithium Battery

              LOSSIGY 12V8Ah Lithium Battery
              LOSSIGY 12V8Ah Lithium Battery
              • Maintenance-free – the battery management system
              • Safer, longer-lasting, eco-friendlier, and more versatile than lead-calcium batteries – lithium-ion design
              • Expensive

              Different from other picks in this list, the LOSSIGY is a lithium-ion battery, equivalent for upper-class longevity, extra safety, and ultra-wide applications.

              While lead-calcium batteries averagely last up to three years at maximum, the lithium-ion ones’ service life is extended to 10 years, with 2000-5000 cycles. More importantly, it contains no rare metals nor heavy metals, meaning that it’s very eco-friendly.

              One notable thing about this LOSSIGY model is it can pair with the manufacturer’s other battery types for higher power output with worry-free overheating or explosion.

              The best part is that it’s maintenance-free due to the integrated BMS (battery management system) – a feature in charge of protecting the battery itself from surrounding impacts during the charging process.

              But note that such higher-ranking overall performance obviously comes at a cost. If your budget is on the table and wants a truly worthwhile investment, we highly recommend this battery.

              LOSSIGY 12V8Ah Lithium Battery Specifications


              46 lbs.


              L484 x W170 x H240mm

              Cold Crank Amp


              Highlight Features

              the battery management system

              lithium-ion design


              With the integrated BMS and lithium chemistry, the LOSSIGY becomes our best pick for maintenance-free.

              Long Lasting: ML-U1-CCA-12V 200 CCA-SLA 3351559

              ML-U1-CCA-12V 200 CCA-SLA 3351559
              ML-U1-CCA-12V 200 CCA-SLA 3351559
              • Long-lasting – offer stable performance at all given temperatures
              • Durable - AGM construction
              • Powerful – feature 200 cold crank amps
              • No complaint

              What we like the most about this lawn mower battery is its highly stable performance regardless of the surrounding temperatures, making it last much longer than its competing models at the same price ranges.

              For extra reliability, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.

              The unit is a small yet mighty battery with 200 CCA, which is powerful enough for any landscaping, lawn, or garden tasks.

              It’s also durable thanks to the AGM construction. Besides, the spill-proof design combined with shock- and vibration resistance properties help with easy mounting.

              ML-U1-CCA-12V 200 CCA-SLA 3351559 Specifications


              12.89 Lbs.


              7.75 inches x 5.11 inches x 6.25 inches

              Cold Crank Amp


              Highlight Features

              offer stable performance at all given temperatures

              AGM construction

              feature 200 cold crank amps


              Considering its power, ease of use, and long-lasting service life, the ML-U1-CCA - 12V 200 CCA - SLA 3351559 is unbeatable.

              Spill Proof: Casil Lawn Tractor Mower Battery

              Casil Lawn Tractor Mower Battery
              Casil Lawn Tractor Mower Battery
              • Credible – meet CE safety standards
              • Offer a longer lifetime, extra stability, and higher discharge rate than regular lawnmower batteries – SLA spill-proof design
              • A bit heavy

              Speaking of spill-proof lawn mower batteries, although there is an avalanche of options out there, we still find this Casil model is the best performer.

              It shares much of what makes the SLA batteries – known for the workhorse of ALL batteries - such as success.

              The unit features superior vibration resistance, fiberglass mat separators, and spill-proof properties especially for a longer lifetime, extra stability, and higher discharge rate. It is a rare model that achieves all the CE’s safety standards.

              Casil Lawn Tractor Mower Battery Specifications


              23.5 pounds


              7.68 x 5.16 x 7.13 inches

              Highlight Features

              meet CE safety standards

              SLA spill-proof design


              The Casil Lawn Tractor Mower Battery features SLA spill-proof design, giving you the highest discharge rate and most stable performance at wider temperature ranges. It’s one of our most favorite picks this year!

              Lightweight: TCED 25432

              TCED 25432
              TCED 25432
              • Lightweight and portable – the weight of 15 pounds & a carrying handle
              • Superior explosion prevention capability – a safety valve
              • Wish it had a LED display screen to easily track the alternator voltage during operation

              The TCED 25432 gives you the best of both worlds - 280 cold crank amps at just 15 pounds of weight, something that most other counterparts barely do.

              Its extra lightness significantly helps with transporting and storage; you can easily lift it up to move anywhere wanted by one hand. The carrying handle also comes in handy.

              Compared to our other lead-calcium batteries here, it offers many of the same features, such as spill-proof properties, tightly sealed construction with a hard plastic housing.

              But the most distinguished is its safety valve for better explosion prevention capabilities, meaning that it’s safer to use.

              TCED 25432 Specifications


              15 lbs.


              7.62 x 5.12 x 6.56 inches

              Cold Crank Amp


              Highlight Features

              the weight of 15 pounds & a carrying handle

              a safety valve


              At just 15 pounds, the TCED 25432 becomes the most lightweight lead-calcium lawn mower battery on our list.

              How To Choose The Best Lawn Mower Battery?

              Cold-Cranking Amp (CCA) Rating

              CCA is the measuring unit of batteries’ output. It describes the amount of current delivered by the battery in thirty seconds at zero degrees Fahrenheit without decreasing under 7.2 volts.

              Battery output is one of the most important features to consider when selecting the best lawn mower battery. To choose the right CCA rating, you should follow the recommendation of your lawnmower producer.

              A lawnmower battery that provides too high CCA is wasteful during use while a too-low CCA rating hardly turns on the engine. Even if the battery can start the engine, it’s risky for the battery construction to be overtaxed, ending up quicker worn-out.


              The ideal voltage of batteries for 80’s lawnmowers is 6V while most modern models are powered by 12V batteries. If you use a heavy-duty lawn mower, choose a 36V or 40V battery.

              Installation Style

              This often-overlooked feature plays a huge role in connection to the electrical system of lawnmowers as well as to the battery’s setup.

              Incorrect installation might lead to chafed insulation because the cables are unable to reach the terminals, and this takes risk of short circuit issues.

              What you should do is choose a lawn mower battery that snugly fits your machine.

              There are two main types of lawnmower batteries – U1R (its “+” terminal is located near the right corner, on top of the battery) and U1L (its “+” terminal near the left corner).

              Which Brands Make The Best Lawn Mower Battery?


              Being one of the longest-standing companies in battery and energy storage product manufacturing, EnerGys has now been the world’s industrial technology leader. Talking about battery sustainability, reliability, and energy efficiency, their products are top-notch.

              CB CHROME BATTERY

              This is currently the biggest online retail website where you can rest assured in shopping dependable, high-quality batteries (that are all required to adhere to US producing standards) at an affordable price. Their warranty policies are excellent, along with helpful customer service.

              Mighty Max Battery

              Mighty Max Battery is a young brand in this industry but it’s considered as the fastest-growing company where you can easily find various battery types with top-notch quality yet at highly competitive price ranges.


              Are all lawn mower batteries the same?

              No, they aren’t. Lawnmower batteries are not the same in two characteristics: cranking amps and terminal position

              How long should a lawnmower battery last?

              A lawnmower battery averagely lasts 500 charges, equivalent to around 3-5 years.

              Why does my lawn mower battery keep going dead?

              If your lawnmower battery keeps going dead, it’s probably because of loose cables. What you need to do is cleaning the posts and tightening the connection

              How do you revive a dead lawn mower battery?

              To revive a dead lawn mower battery, you should try these solutions:

              Solution 1: Charge it for several hours. Keep charging a lawnmower battery is able to lengthen its lifespan, up to 5 years.

              Solution 2: Use a multimeter to test it to figure out whether the lawnmower battery is dead or it’s a fault of the electrical system’s other parts.

              How do I know if my lawnmower battery is bad?

              To know if a lawnmower battery is bad, charge it fully or within eight hours. After that, if it drains out or doesn’t hold a charge even if it’s not in use, your battery is bad.


              Choosing the best lawn mower battery is as important as when you’re considering a new lawnmower – they all affect your mowing experience as well as the lawn health.

              That’s why we hope that this post is helpful for you in your decision-making process. We also like to hear from you more so, please let us know if you have any inquiries about this topic by leaving them in the comment section. Finally, thanks for reading!

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