Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

By Harry RamosLast update: 2023-09-14

Each house has a front yard, and normally, we simply leave it with grass. Sometimes, when the grass has grown too high and wild, we mow it. However, you can turn that boring space into a mesmerizing entrance for your home, and it’s not even that hard.

Not believe me? Just try the following 9 simple ideas to transform your front yard.

Build a Pond

Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a BudgetAs easy and simple as it may sound, this is a really good idea for any garden. It’s not difficult to dig a pond and that will not only improve your garden but also give extra space for your kids and pets to play.

To carry out this idea, you need a small polyethylene, which should cost more than $100. Then, all you have to do is dig and install. After that, if you want, you can improve the pond and its surrounding by adding flowers, fish, lily pads, etc. A pond will make your garden much more romantic and refreshing.

Set Up a Fire Pit

Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a BudgetA fire pit would be perfect for a starry or chilly night when you and your family or friends can gather around and spend some quality time together. This makes the fire pit a perfect solution to any yard.

Some fire pits are costly, but you can make one yourself with cement, flat stones, or mortar. Building a fire pit should be simpler than digging a pond and you can also improve it over time.

Develop a Garden

A yard with just grass looks boring, but if you add some flowers or a few small trees to it, you will have a beautiful landscape right in front of your house. There are countless types of flowers you can plant on your front yard, just pick the ones you like.

Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a BudgetBesides, you can plant tall bushes along the doorway to create a romantic entrance to your place, and maybe install lights too. Just imagine, you will have a mesmerizing front yard, especially at night when the lights are on.

When planting bushes and flowers in the front yard, you can also set up fences to make it look more like a garden while preventing people from crashing your plants.

Plant a Young Tree

Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

A front yard doesn’t have to be all fulfilled or colorful, just a young tree planted in front of your house can make a big difference already. You should choose a tree that grows over a long period and can get big to cats’ shadow on the yard, which would be beautiful and reduce the heat for the house in the summer.

Another great thing about plating a young tree in front of your house is that over the years when your kids grow up, the tree can hold spiritual merits. It can also become a place where kids spend time. If the tree grows big enough, you can even hand a swing for your children to play.

Get an Old Bench

Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget
Just like plating a young tree, adding a bench can change how your front yard looks, and it doesn’t take as much effort and time as digging a pond or building a fire pit. I suggest you get a bench that matches your house’s style and color, or you can repaint it later.

A bench can make your front yard look much more romantic, you will have a place to hand out on the days when the weather is nice. Normally, a bench should be placed close to the porch, next to the doorway.

Install a Stepping Stone Walkway

Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a BudgetThis is an idea that costs you very little money but requires a little harder work than some others on this list. However, it can also be an occasion for your family to spend time doing something together, creating memories.

There are many ways to install a stepping stone walkway in the front yard. You can either dig holes in the yard then fill them with cement or by stones of different sizes from a landscaping store.

Stepping stones will keep a simple look for your front yard while making it more beautiful and lively.

Create a Lawn

Mowing the lawn is the simplest way to keep your front yard clean and nice. However, if you want it to be more beautiful, there’s some extra work you can do.

Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a BudgetFirst of all, get rid of any dead bushes or plants from the yard and trim the grass that has grown too tall. After that, you can lay down a new seed. You need to water the lawn and feed fertilizer to it so the new grass can grow up healthy, nice, and green.

Here’s a tip, if you want to have a more interesting lawn, divide your front yard into squares or any patterns you like, then plant grass with different colors. For example, you can turn your front yard into a chess table with two grass colors.

Put Up Some Lattice

Lattice can be a simple, great way to cover your front yard from strangers passing by, even making you feel safer somehow.

Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a BudgetYou can choose lattice with a matching color with your house, or you can buy lattice, set it up and paint it in whatever color you like. Lattice can also turn your front yard into a playground for your kids without having to worry a stranger can violate your property.

Get a Birdbath

A birdbath can be as simple yet effective as a bench. It’s easy and quick to add a birdbath to your front yard. And it will be interesting to see what birds the birdbath will attract.

Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a BudgetConclusion

In summary, there are several ways to turn your simple, boring front yard into a lively, colorful, vivid landscape.

It all comes down to your imagination, creativity, and how much effort (and money) you’re willing to put in this transformation. In the meantime, use the ways we just suggested.

I’m Harry Ramos, who's crazy about all things green. I’m here to share some experience in my gardening adventure and how to choose the best products for your garden. Let's dig in, get our hands dirty, and celebrate the simple, earthy pleasures of the garden together!

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