6 Best Grow Lights For Succulents of 2022

Last update: 2022-08-09

Don’t let long winters stop your love for succulents because grow lights can keep them alive, if not saying really healthy, as long as you know how to choose the best grow lights for succulents.

That might sound complicated, huh? But actually not. This ultimate guide will prove it, read on!

Here are the best grow lights for succulents you can buy in 2022:

  • Best Overall: Relassy LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants
  • Most Versatile: Ankace 40W Grow Light
  • Best For Initial Growth Stages: Roleadro LED Grow Light
  • Best Overall: DuroLux 2-Pack T5 HO Grow Light
  • Most Powerful: Hydrofarm FLT44
  • Best For Seed Starting: Monios-L T5 Grow Lights
Top 6 Best Grow Lights For Succulents
Best Overall
Relassy LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants
    Most Versatile
    Ankace 40W Grow Light
      Best For Initial Growth Stages
      Roleadro LED Grow Light
        Best Overall
        DuroLux 2-Pack T5 HO Grow Light
          Most Powerful
          Hydrofarm FLT44
            Best For Seed Starting
            Monios-L T5 Grow Lights

              LED Light

              Best Overall: Relassy LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

              Relassy LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants
              Relassy LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants
              • Provide sun-like natural lighting for ultimate safety for you and your plants
              • Give higher lighting uniform to stimulate your plants to fully synthesize nutritional components
              • The goosenecks are hard to hold in a nice place
              • The C-clamp is limited, it can’t fit all shelves’ edge

              This Relassy LED Grow Light can deliver a noticeable change in your terribly etiolated succulents within just a week.

              It will not only make your plants grow beautifully but their “stress” colors will also begin to show rapidly.

              What we love the most in this model is how the light isn’t blue/pink/purple as many other grow lights but more sun-like lighting. That means your plants are kept away from the risks of discoloration and original cellular component changes as well as you from various skin diseases.

              By containing all wavelengths of light from 380nm to 800nm, it offers higher lighting uniform to help plants fully synthesize nutritional components. In other words, it’s a great solution for both home hobbyists and commercial growers.

              Relassy LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Specifications


              50,000 hours

              Light Spectrum

              380nm to 800nm

              Working Frequency

              10-12 hours/day


              1300 lm

              Highlight Features

              A dual head LED grow light

              50,000 hours lifetime

              A wave of the light from 380nm to 800nm



              We highly recommend the Relassy LED Grow Light for both the price and quality of your indoor succulents. It’s cost-efficient, functional, and especially, extremely safe for both your plants and your health.

              Most Versatile: Ankace 40W Grow Light

              Ankace 40W Grow Light
              Ankace 40W Grow Light
              • Offer plenty of adjustments to customize the time, brightness, and lighting mode specifically to your plants
              • Optimally divert targeted wavelengths for succulents, enhancing their growth of all stages
              • You can use it anywhere thanks to the USB connector and an adjustable design
              • The gooseneck doesn’t hold its form well, you’ll need to use a bungee cord

              Featuring 5 steps of dimming level, 3 timing settings, and 3 lighting modes, the Ankace 40W is the most versatile grow light in our list.

              The most notable thing is its perfect combination of 24 red and 12 blue LED chip lights to divert targeted wavelengths more optimally for your succulents.

              Namely, the blue beads boost the plants’ synthesis of chlorophyll to take in more energy, enhancing its germination. The red beads, meanwhile, ensure the plants to germinate, flower effectively as well as stimulates their photosynthesis for better crop production.

              Aside from giving you safe and functional lighting, the Ankace also highlights an adjustable design with a USB connector so you can use it anywhere, from your balcony, near the windows or in office.

              Ankace 40W Grow Light Specifications


              50000 hours

              Light Spectrum

              Red: 660nm

              Blue: 460nm

              Working Frequency

              3/6/12H timer



              Highlight Features

              5 dimmable modes & 3 switch modes

              Three timer setting options

              36 total lamp chips in total


              Designed with versatility in mind, the Ankace 40W helps you take care of your indoor succulents in the best way no matter where life takes them to.

              Best For Initial Growth Stages: Roleadro LED Grow Light

              Roleadro LED Grow Light
              Roleadro LED Grow Light
              • Provide exclusive light spectrum to significantly boost the plants to grow faster
              • Give much brighter light than other LEDs with 98% of efficiency
              • The power driver isn’t the best connector

              Our next pick is this Roleadro LED Grow Light.

              It’s a seedling light, which means the spectrum of light is more exclusive - namely 460-465nm, 620-740nm, and 6000-6500k wave band - to provide the plants with exactly what they need, hence, stimulate their growth better.

              Wise material selections also help rule the game.

              We’re talking about its aeronautical aluminum bulb shell material in addition to the unique chips design and 60-degree optical lens. Thanks for this perfect combo, the brightness is significantly superior to other LEDs, giving you the utilization of light up to 98% for higher efficiency.

              Roleadro LED Grow Light Specifications


              50000 hrs

              Light Spectrum

              460-465nm, 620-740nm, 6000-6500k wave band

              Working Frequency

              12 hours/day


              4546.2 Lux

              Highlight Features

              Contains 460-465nm


              6000-6500k wave band


              By providing plants with brighter light at a professional blue/red spectral ratio, plus, safety and ease to use, you can’t beat this Roleadro over other seedling LED lights.


              Best Overall: DuroLux 2-Pack T5 HO Grow Light

              DuroLux 2-Pack T5 HO Grow Light
              DuroLux 2-Pack T5 HO Grow Light
              • Meet UL/CUL standards and I-certification for frisk-free of fire if tubes get loose while running
              • You can connect up to 15 fixtures at the same time with just one wall outlet -> super-convenient
              • Not compatible with GFI outlets
              • They run a bit noisily

              The DuroLux T5 HO will surely keep your plants and even you happy.

              At the same amount usually paid for one set of fluorescent grow lights, this gives you TWO, meaning it’s just ½ of the price than other counterparts. So these lights work without breaking the bank.

              They don’t sacrifice the quality, though.

              Aside from meeting UL standards, it highlights made-in-Italy lamp holder with I-certification to eliminate the risks of fire if tubes are loose while running. Moreover, you can connect a maximum 15 fixtures together with ONLY ONE wall outlet for extra convenience.

              DuroLux 2-Pack T5 HO Grow Light Specifications

              Light Spectrum

              Cool white is 6500 Kelvins and Warm white is 3000 Kelvins

              Working Frequency

              At least 6 hours/day


              2500 lumens/bulb


              If you’re in search of budget-friendly grow lights with no compromising of safety and performance, don’t skip through this DuroLux T5 HO.

              Most Powerful: Hydrofarm FLT44

              Hydrofarm FLT44
              Hydrofarm FLT44
              • Give you 20,000 lumens to shine bright like daylight, giving enough lighting energy for large gardens or plants with higher lighting needs
              • Offer 3 hanging ways to customize the maximum lumens for your plants
              • Heavy

              Speaking of the most powerful fluorescent grow light, our favorite is this Hydrofarm FLT44.

              It is made of four full-spectrum 6500K T5 tubes with powder coating and steel housing to deliver up to 20,000 lumens – double the light energy of ordinary fluorescent systems. So no strange when it can provide 100% light coverage necessary for young plants to thrive strongly and healthily.

              Although this thing is quite heavy, it is very flexible when providing 3 different hanging ways, comprising of horizontal, vertical, and overhead.

              Besides, you’ve got up to 10’ grounded power cord for unlimited installation.

              Hydrofarm FLT44 Specifications

              Light Spectrum


              Working Frequency

              10-18 hours/day


              20,000 Lumens

              Highlight Features

              Up to 20,000 Lumens

              Hydrofarm FLT44 System Fluorescent Grow Light



              For those gardeners who want ultra-powerful grow light for their large gardens, this Editors’ Choice Award winner might just be it.

              Best For Seed Starting: Monios-L T5 Grow Lights

              Monios-L T5 Grow Lights
              Monios-L T5 Grow Lights
              • Allow for connecting 6 tubes at a time as maximum to expand the lighting system to fit gardens at different sizes
              • Each light features a dependent power switch for separate control, you can customize the amount of light and lighting concentration
              • Lightweight and easy to install
              • The length of the daisy chain connecting cables is limited
              • The covers of the light aren’t waterproof

              Many beginner growers love using the Monios-L T5 because it comes in a full kit with everything needed for your setup and the installation, on the other hand, is very easy to do.

              The light is very lightweight, easy to hook up or hang, and lets off amazing light to work greatly for seed-growing.

              Like other fluorescent grow lights in this list, it features extendable construction that you can expand the light system to maximum of 6 tubes at a time.

              The best part is it’s independently controlled. Each tube features its specific power switch so you can easily adjust the amount of light energy and lighting concentration.

              Monios-L T5 Grow Lights Specifications

              Light Spectrum


              Working Frequency

              <18 hours/day



              Highlight Features

              Cool to the touch

              Super bright 4 ft led grow light---High PAR value

              Extendable design


              To increase the seed germination rate of your succulents while giving much change in your monthly electricity bill, we suggest this Monious-L T5 Grow Light.

              How To Choose The Best Grow Lights For Succulents?


              • There are actually three types of lights – fluorescent, LED, and incandescent but we won’t list the incandescent here because it doesn’t hit the true light spectrum that helps succulents grow. Not to say that it is hot and high energy-consuming.
              • So, back to the two rest. We’ll tell you the main difference between them and which is the most suitable for you.

              LED grow lights

              Fluorescent grow lights


              Give your plants specific wavelengths of light – red and blue – in a very narrow range

              Produce less heat and save more energy

              Provide more proper sun-stress color because it produces a bit of UV light to stress the plants to get more beautiful colors.

              Give more light intensity and lumens


              It’s harder than fluorescent grow lights in getting exact sun-stress color

              Often lack of light intensity and lumens

              Less energy efficiency

              Not eco-friendly

              Best for

              People who are looking for a more economical way to provide light for their succulents

              People who want to boost their plants thrive the most healthily

              Brightness & Light Temperature

              • Our goal when looking for a grow light is to replicate the same lumen measurement to that of daylight.
                • Direct sunlight has a rating of 3000 to 12,100 lm/ft. sq.
                • Full daylight has a rating of 9300 to 23000 lm/ft. sq.
              • The brightness of grow light is measured by lumens. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter.
              • So with a 2000lm grow light, you should keep it running within 12 to 14 hours/day to provide enough amount of light for the plants. But don’t go any further than that because succulents need rest, too.
              • Light temperature, on the other hand, is kind of a weird term. It measures the light color, using the scientific unit of heat measurement – K or Kelvin.
              • The ideal light temperature for growing succulents should be within 6000K to 6500K. But you will find many grow lights are advertised to provide “full-spectrum”. That means they can produce the same light wavelength range as the sun (comprising of some UV rays and infrared).
              • This is great for those gardeners who want sun-stressed look for their plants.

              Which Brands Make The Best Grow Lights For Succulents?


              • Roleadro is not only a seller but also a long-standing manufacturer with over 11 years’ experience of LED lights. Their products are quality and safety because every single light has been through a strictly high-temperature test and check before being sent out.


              • We love Durolux for how much effort they’ve put into their products to deliver not only the highest quality to customers but also the best services. If you want some bang-for-buck to grow lights, especially fluorescent lights, look no further than Durolux.


              • Hyrofarm has been a reliable independent specialty gardening manufacturer and wholesaler for over 40 years. With over 200 team members, it’s one of the largest distributors of hydroponic equipment in North America.


              What kind of grow light is best for succulents?

              Based on their decent brightness, safety, and energy efficiency, LED and fluorescent grow lights are the two best options for succulents.

              Are grow lights good for succulents?

              As long as they provide proper wavelengths of light that succulents need without producing too much heat or too little brightness, grow lights are a perfect alternative of sunlight to boost them thrive.

              What are the best lights for growing plants indoors?

              The best lights for growing indoor plants should afford these three things:

              • Brightness – the lack of lighting power, or lumens, can’t enhance the plant growth
              • Light Temperature – It must provide proper light brightness that your plants need. For example, the light temp of succulents is within 6000K to 6500K
              • Your budget, preference, and needs

              The 6 options reviewed above were picked based on these factors and had been meticulously categorized based on different needs, did you read them?

              Do succulents need UV light?

              Although succulents are sun-loving plants, they still need sun protection, especially if they’re still small or the temperature is up to 90 degrees F.

              The reason why some gardeners still use a bit UV lights for their succulents is that they’re great for stressing them to get more beautiful colors.

              Can any LED light be used as a grow light?

              Technically yes, it can.

              It’s just not sure that your plants will grow efficiently and strongly because ordinary LEDs don’t provide enough light spectrum or color that plants need to Photosynthesis. In a nutshell, grow lights are still the best.

              How many hours of artificial light do succulents need?

              12 to 14 hours.


              Planting succulents is such a recreational hobby, but you can make it more enjoyable. Choosing the best planter for succulents plays a critical role in stepping your succulent joy to the next level.

              With more options for plant containers, you can combine, design, and play with your creativeness to create a unique collection of succulents of your own.

              I hope you’ve got what you want, and please come back with the chosen pots; I can’t wait to know.

              Harry Ramos
              Harry Ramos

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