6 Best Led Grow Lights For Indoor Plants of 2022

Last update: 2022-08-09

While sharing a common name, not all LED grow lights are created equally. To choose the best LED grow lights for indoor plants among so many choices out there, this guide will walk you through must-consider features as well as give reviews on some top-rated options available:

Here are the best led grow lights for indoor plants you can buy in 2022:

  • Best Overall: VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 450W
  • Best For Herbs: Ankace 60W Tri Head Grow Light
  • Best For Broader Areas: BESTVA DC Series 2000W
  • Best For Seedlings: Juhefa LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant
  • Best For Potted Plants: Keshi LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants
  • Best For Vegetables: Shengsite Led Grow Light
Top 6 Best Led Grow Lights For Indoor Plants
Best Overall
    Best For Herbs
    Ankace 60W Tri Head Grow Light
      Best For Broader Areas
      BESTVA DC Series 2000W
        Best For Seedlings
        Juhefa LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant
          Best For Potted Plants
          Keshi LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants
            Best For Vegetables
            Shengsite Led Grow Light

              Best Overall: VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 450W

              VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 450W
              VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 450W
              • Give 12-band full spectrum to cover the entire growth cycle of most plants
              • Meet UL94V-0 standards and reflectors increase PAR value by 50% for no danger
              • No change to your electricity bills
              • Backed by a good warranty and guarantee to ensure the product’s quality
              • A little noisy
              • A little bit too bright for automatics in short tents

              If you want the best LED grow lights for indoor plants, look no further.

              This VIPARSPECTRA grow light is backed by a 3-year local warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee as a pride of the brand for their products. In addition, it is UL certificated for no danger while using.

              But we know, what you’re concerned the most is its efficiency.

              The light is specifically designed around three financial drivers with 12-band full spectrum – from 440nm to 7500K – to surely increase revenue per square foot for consistent year-round crop production.

              Particularly, it reduces operating costs/pounds of finished product thanks to the efficiently actual power draw of 200W±3% at 120V.

              VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 450W Specifications


              ≥100,000 hours

              Light Spectrum

              Veg and bloom spectrum

              Working Frequency

              18 hours on veg

              12 hours on flowers


              4589 Lm

              Highlight Features

              Perfect for a 2.5’x2.5’ vegetative coverage at 24” and 2x2’ flowering coverage at 18”

              Lifespan: ≥100,000 hours


              If you want to see a big improvement in your crop production with no change to the electricity bill, pick this VIPARSPECTRA to grow light.

              Best For Herbs: Ankace 60W Tri Head Grow Light

              Ankace 60W Tri Head Grow Light
              Ankace 60W Tri Head Grow Light
              • Built with a good combination of blue and red LEDs to meet the standard plant growth’s conditions without natural light
              • Give you three timing options with brightness and height adjustments to customize to your plants’ needs
              • Include a USB power plug, AC with an adaptor, and telescopic bendable arms for extra convenience
              • The clamp is a bit soft
              • Don’t have a display screen to show to how many more hours it has left on the timer

              The Ankace 60W Tri-head Grow Light will be a life-saver for your herbs this winter.

              Aside from providing 60 red-blue LEDs to meet the standard plant growth conditions without sunlight, it allows for timing so you don’t have to remember to turn them on, especially when you’re away for a few days.

              There are three settings provided, comprising of 3 hours, 6 hours, and 12 hours. Moreover, the distance between the plants and light as well as its brightness are adjustable to fit your plants’ specific needs.

              It’s also flexible with telescopic bendable arms and a USB power plug.

              Ankace 60W Tri Head Grow Light Specifications


              50000 hours

              Light Spectrum


              Working Frequency

              6 hours/session/twice a day



              Highlight Features

              Made up of 60 efficient growing LEDs


              Based on the decent performance, we review this Ankace 60W tri-head grow light as a great buy for indoor herbs and it’s also perfect for starters.

              Best For Broader Areas: BESTVA DC Series 2000W

              BESTVA DC Series 2000W
              BESTVA DC Series 2000W
              • Deliver a coverage area of up to 7.8’ x 7.5’ at 24” height with extra brightness and efficiency to shine better at the lowest electricity costs
              • Cooler than other LEDs while running
              • Expensive
              • Plants grow slightly slower

              Moving on to this BESTVA DC Series 2000W, our first impression is pretty much wow.

              It really pumps out so much more light compared to the 3W or 5W LEDs. Taking a closer look, you’ll see that each single LED is a lot brighter and in addition, they are placed much closer together.

              So in terms of PAR/Lumen output per watt, it is twice effective than any reflector series lights, especially compared to the 1400W HPS. That means, with just 390W of power consumption, it can deliver a core coverage area of up to 7.8’ x 7.5’ at 24” height.

              The light is also equipped with a 3mm thickness aluminum plate radiator for a more powerful cooling system. It always runs around 50 to 60 degrees F so even if your plants grow highly, their leaves will be less burnt than other LEDs.

              BESTVA DC Series 2000W Specifications


              100,000 hours

              Light Spectrum


              Working Frequency

              Seedling: 15-18 hours a day.

              Veg: 15-18 hours a day.

              Flower stage: 12-14 hours a day.


              11,800 lm

              Highlight Features

              2000W Nine different bands of LEDs make up our true full-spectrum light

              LEDs Angle: 120°

              Lifespan: 100,000 hours

              Working Temp: -68~104℉


              Giving a sweet spot between wide coverage area and safety, the BESTVA DC Series 2000W is ideal for large indoor gardens.

              Best For Seedlings: Juhefa LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant

              Juhefa LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant
              Juhefa LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant
              • Built with 44 LED lights to offer ideal wavelength for all plant growing stages -> versatile
              • Its goosenecks are adjustable up to 360 degrees for multiple lighting angles and heights -> you can customize it to fit your plants
              • Easy to set up, even a beginner can use it with ease
              • Wish the goosenecks could be sturdier to hold up in a nice position

              The Juhefa LED grow lights are the most versatile option in our review roster.

              It can be used widely for office, darkroom, greenhouse, and balcony or applied to potted plants, flower shows, gardening, and seedlings.

              Such incredible versatility comes from its professional full spectrum design including 44 powerful LEDs – from warm white to blue and red. They give off ideal wavelength for all plant growth stages but are particularly good for seedlings.

              To soup up the light’s functionality, Juhefa has designed it with 360-degree goosenecks and sturdy clips so you can adjust its height and lighting angle to suit your plants.

              Juhefa LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant Specifications



              Light Spectrum

              1 - Red+Blue Light;2 - Yellow Light;3 - Red+Blue+Yellow Light

              Working Frequency


              Highlight Features

              360° Gooseneck Dual Head

              3 Lighting Modes & 10 Levels Dimmable


              Considering the versatility and flexibility, we highly recommend the Juhefa LED Grow Light for seedlings.

              Best For Potted Plants: Keshi LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

              Keshi LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants
              Keshi LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants
              • Feature sturdier goosenecks with flexible adjustments to deliver not only multiple lighting angles but also hold up at a place better
              • Meet UL, ROHS, CE, and FCC standards to ensure ultimate safety and functionality
              • The clip base is limited because it can’t clip on all edges of shelves
              • It’s noisy to adjust the goosenecks

              The Keshi LED Grow Light is a noteworthy upgrade for anyone who wants a better workhorse in their indoor garden, especially if you’ve got plenty of potted flowers or plants.

              It is much better than the other 90 LEDs at the same price point, which is proved clearly through its sturdy, stylish aeronautical aluminum goosenecks and the added 3-setting timer.

              The best thing is while other LEDs just give you red and blue, this – with the wavelength of 380nm to 800nm – can offer sun-like full spectrum. In addition to a high PAR value of grow light of 154μmol/m²·s, it stimulates the plant’s growth efficiently.

              What might make you feel more rest assured about this light is it meets all strict regulations of UL, ROHS, CE, and FCC standards.

              Keshi LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Specifications


              50,000 hours.

              Light Spectrum

              380nm to 800nm

              Working Frequency

              3H/9H/12H Timer


              Highlight Features

              Wavelength from 380nm to 800nm

              Dual 360°flexible & Sturdy Gooseneck

              270°rotatable bulb


              Nothing is better than a flexible grow light with brightness adjustment and timer to optimize the amount of light provided for your potted plants, especially in long use. After testing, the Keshi - with many reliable certifications - is our suggestion to you.

              Best For Vegetables: Shengsite Led Grow Light

              Shengsite Led Grow Light
              Shengsite Led Grow Light
              • Feature 250 blue+red LED beads for superior brightness yet in lower electricity costs
              • Designed to specifically boost plants to the vegetative stage
              • It has a 60°condenser cup design to stimulate the plants to grow faster
              • Give off odors when it’s on

              Last up, we’ve got this Shengsite Led Grow Light!

              This 50W model is not full-spectrum, though. It produces light in the wavelength of 620-630nm (red) and 460-470nm (blue) to deliver 8500 lumens.

              In practical usage, this would be suitable for the germination of the cannabis plant. But with ideal brightness levels and all the properties, it’s also ideal for other vegetables and flowers of all growing stages, especially on vegetative stages.

              The biggest selling point of this model is its 60°condenser cup design which delivers more color uniform and light concentration to boost the veggies to grow faster.

              Shengsite Led Grow Light Specifications



              Light Spectrum

              blue 460-470nm and red 660-670nm

              Working Frequency

              10 hours/day


              8500 lm

              Highlight Features

              186 red LEDs + 64 blue LEDs = 250 high quality LED Beads


              Easy to use


              Designed with 250 high-quality LED beads in blue and red, the Shengsite LED Grow Light is bright enough to give you good vegetable seedlings response.

              How To Choose The Best Led Grow Lights For Indoor Plants?


              Do you know that the light color that your plants absorb has a huge impact on the amount of energy consumed by them?

              It’s because different light colors give different wavelengths. The shorter the wavelength, the more energy it provides. Each light has a specific function to your plant’s so full colors of the light spectrum is the best for them.

              But if you want to optimize the light color for each growing stage of plants, here are some simple solutions:

              • Far-red (720nm to 1000nm) improves the crop production
              • Red light (620nm to 720nm) when combining with blue light, it helps plants produce more leaves or flowers
              • Green (495nm to 570nm) encourages the chlorophyll production
              • Blue (450nm to 495nm) improves the plant grow rates
              • Violet (380nm to 445nm) stresses succulents and cactus promote more beautiful colors

              Heat Generation

              • For any LED grow lights that you’re going to buy, this factor is really important.
              • LEDs aren’t created equal, meaning that their output heat is different from each other. The higher the heat output, the further it should be put away from your plants because too close distance might lead to burnt leaves or limit their growth.
              • If your canopy is too low and the lights are too hot, consider installing some additional fans to make the environment cooler.

              Which Brands Make The Best Led Grow Lights For Indoor Plants?


              • This brand highlights 10 years of research and development to deliver only quality LED lights with high levels of PAR for indoor plant growth.


              • Despite being a young brand, BESTVA is known for its efficient LED grow lights built with heuristic chip designs for not only brighter but also longer performance. Their 1-year warranty will give you more confidence to give them a try.


              • This is quite a young brand but it has become one of the best sellers on Amazon recently in terms of LED grow lights. Most custom


              What lights are best for growing indoor plants?

              HIDs, LEDs, and fluorescent lights. Their benefits to your indoor plants are different and depending on your needs, preference, budget, and the plants’ needs to pick the right one.

              Can any LED light be used as a grow light?

              Yes, it can, technically.

              However, the results in the plants’ growth won’t be as healthy and efficient as a true grow light.

              What color light is best for plant growth?

              Plants actually will grow best in full colors of the light spectrum – as similar to the natural sunlight.

              What helps plants grow faster?

              Red and blue lights in a ratio of 5:1 red to blue.

              Why do plants grow better in blue light?

              Blue light boosts chlorophylls in plants’ leaves to convert the light energy into nutrition through photosynthesis so, it helps them thrive better.


              There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing the best LED to grow lights for indoor plants.

              The good news is we have done all the legwork for you. Our professional testers took these lights to their limits and our findings are all here in this in-depth comparative review. We hope it’s helpful for you!

              Thanks for reading.

              Harry Ramos
              Harry Ramos

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