Where To Plant Blueberries In Yard?

By Harry RamosLast update: 2024-04-03

Blueberries are a versatile plant. Not only do they produce delicious fruits with high nutrient content but also create a beautiful backdrop in your yard. In this article, I’ll discuss the topic “Where to plant blueberries in yard”. Let’s get started!

Choose The Right Planting Position For Blueberries

After finding the right blueberry varieties for your area as well as choosing strong and healthy plants, it’s time to find the right planting position.

Pay attention to two elements: soil and sunlight.


Blueberries thrive well in light, acidic soil with high organic matter and good drainage. The ideal soil pH range is between 4.0 and 5.0.

If your soil isn’t acidic, mix it with some granulated sulfur following the recommended dosage. This should be done a few months before planting.

About organic matter, the best soil mixture is 50% planting soil, 40% peat moss, and 10% compost. You can add needles or pine bark to help increase the acidity of the soil.

Where To Plant Blueberries In Yard?

As blueberries are a shallow-rooted plant, avoid planting them in heavy, clay soil with poor drainage.


Blueberry plants prefer full sun, but they can grow in partial shade locations. They need at least 6 hours of sunlight exposure every day to thrive, bloom, and produce fruits.

In a full shade spot, blueberries grow stunted and barely fruit.

From that point, you should avoid planting them too close to fences or tall trees because these obstacles could block the sun. Additionally, tall and large trees might steal water and soil nutrients from your blueberries.

It’s best to pick a sunny, sheltered place with no strong and drying winds.

Where To Plant Blueberries In Yard?

If you intend to plant multiple blueberries, avoid scattering them throughout the yard. Instead, plant them in a patch to bolster plant growth and yield quality.

What to do if the climate and soil in your area doesn’t suit the blueberry varieties that you choose? Answer: Growing them in patio containers.

Here are the benefits of planting blueberries in containers:

  • Easy to protect against critters, birds, and deer
  • You can customize the soil to suit your blueberry plants
  • Easy to move when in need
  • Resist better to common diseases
  • Less back pain when harvesting

Planting blueberries in raised beds is also a good idea. The best varieties for containers are Pink Champaign, Pink Lemonade, and Top Hat.

How To Grow Blueberries In Patio Containers Or Raised Beds?

Container Size

It’s recommended choosing a container at least 24-30” in width by 24” in depth for blueberries, no smaller than 2 gallons.

Take note to pick one with drainage holes at the bottom. Its material should be weatherproof and not leach toxins to the soil. Wood is a great choice.

You can plant young blueberry plants in smaller containers, then repot them over time when they grow.

Where To Plant Blueberries In Yard?


Make sure the potting soil for blueberries is acidic with pH level between 4.0 and 5.0. A mix of sandy soil with compost and peat moss or a potting mix that contains rhododendrons or azaleas is recommended.

As potting soil is faster to dry than earth soil, make sure to water your blueberries more frequently.

Where To Plant Blueberries In Yard?

Wrapping the soil surface in burlap, adding mulch, or covering with straw is also a good idea to limit evaporation and strong, drying wind impact.

Tips To Bolster Blueberry Plant Growth And Fruit Production

Aside from considering the planting position, soil, and sunlight, if you pay extra attention to these factors, your blueberries might grow healthier:

Planting Space

When planting multiple blueberry plants, ensure they are spaced properly.

The recommended spacing is 2’ and the gap between rows is 1’.

Where To Plant Blueberries In Yard?

Soil Amendment Before Planting

You should test the soil pH and nutrient content before planting.

Where To Plant Blueberries In Yard?

This is important because it lets you notice any potential or hidden diseases or soil problems, hence, finding the prompt solution.

Blueberries need an ample amount of potassium and phosphorus to thrive happily. These two micronutrients are commonly found in bone meal fertilizer or composted manure.


Where To Plant Blueberries In Yard?

Pruning helps:

  • Boost new shoot growth
  • Keep enough strong major stems to avoid overbearing
  • Shape the blueberry bush
  • Remove diseased and dead wood

You should learn how to prune blueberries properly to avoid unwanted damages that could result in yield decrease and diseases.

Remove weeds

Remember to remove weeds frequently to avoid competition for nutrients and water.


I hope that you’ll get a better idea about where to plant blueberries in yard after reading this article. For more informative posts relating to other types of trees, please don’t hesitate to visit my blog. Thanks for reading!

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