Best Fungicide For Anthracnose of 2024: Top 6 Picks

By Harry RamosLast update: 2024-05-21

Are you looking for effective ways to control anthracnose in your crops or lawns? Look no further! This blog post will provide valuable information to help you pick the best fungicide for anthracnose more easily.

Here, we'll give you a review list of six top picks, which reliable brands to purchase from, and tips to determine the right fungicide for your needs.

Here are the best fungicides for anthracnose you can buy in 2024:

  • Best For Quick Result: Scotts 032247376105
  • Fungicide, Insecticide, & Miticide Combo: Garden Safe 511038
  • Best For Flowers: Bonide 775
  • Best For Lawn: Propiconazole 83013365
  • Best For Fruit Trees: Daconil® 100523634
  • Best For Long-Lasting Disease Control: Monterey LG3190
6 Best Fungicides For Anthracnose
Best For Quick Result
Scotts 032247376105
    Fungicide, Insecticide, & Miticide Combo
    Garden Safe 511038
      Best For Flowers
      Bonide 775
        Best For Lawn
        Propiconazole 83013365
          Best For Fruit Trees
          Daconil® 100523634
            Best For Long-Lasting Disease Control
            Monterey LG3190

              Best For Quick Result: Scotts 032247376105

              Scotts 032247376105
              Scotts 032247376105
              • Fast-acting, within 24 hours
              • Ideal for use in large areas - the coverage of up to 5000 square feet
              • Safe to use around pets, children and other wildlife
              • No complaint

              The Scotts DiseaseEx Lawn Fungicide is a fast-acting fungicide that starts working within 24 hours to control common lawn diseases.

              Its active ingredient is Azoxystrobin, which has been proven to be effective against anthracnose (caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides) in deciduous trees and shrubs.

              With the coverage of up to 5000 square feet, this fungicide is ideal for larger lawns. The product has a longer shelf life than many other fungicides, meaning it can be stored for longer periods of time without the risk of losing its effectiveness.

              Besides, it's easy to apply and safe to use around pets, children and other wildlife. Some users also noted that it was relatively affordable compared to other products on the market.

              Scotts 032247376105 Specifications


              7 Pounds

              Active Ingredients

              Azoxystrobin - 00.31%

              Highlight Features

              Fast-acting, within 24 hours

              the coverage of up to 5000 square feet

              Safe to use around pets, children and other wildlife


              On the market for a reliable anthracnose fungicide that delivers quick results? Then, try the Scotts 032247376105.

              Fungicide, Insecticide, & Miticide Combo: Garden Safe 511038

              Garden Safe 511038
              Garden Safe 511038
              • Multifunctional – ability to work as a fungicide, insecticide, and miticide
              • Simple to use – spray bottle
              • Cost-efficient
              • Neem oil can be toxic to skin, breathing, eyes, and pets

              The Garden Safe 511038 is more than just an anthracnose fungicide, but it's also an insecticide (that prevents and controls black spot, rust and powdery mildew) and a miticide (that controls spider mites).

              Once applied, this multi-functional product provides complete coverage of all plant tissue, including eggs, larvae, and adult insects, then protects your garden from a variety of fungal diseases and insect pests.

              Its active ingredient is 0.09% Clarified Hydrophobic Extract Of Neem Oil (CHENO), a contact fungicide proven to be able to effectively kill and control anthracnose. And it should be applied upon the appearance of anthracnose symptoms.

              The 24-ounce bottle is easy to use and quite effective. According to our testing and other customer feedback, this fungicide is a good quality and produces good results.

              Garden Safe 511038 Specifications


              24 Fluid Ounces

              Active Ingredients

              0.09% Clarified Hydrophobic Extract Of Neem Oil.

              Highlight Features

              ability to work as a fungicide, insecticide, and miticide

              spray bottle


              The Garden Safe 511038 is a fungicide, insecticide, and miticide combo that’s beloved for its multifunction, convenience, and effectiveness.

              Best For Flowers: Bonide 775

              Bonide 775
              Bonide 775
              • Safe to be used in flowers - Copper Sulfate 7.0%
              • Not require mixing – ready-to-use spray bottle
              • It could leave visible residue on the treated plants

              Copper Sulfate, which is a broad-spectrum fungicide known to effectively manage, control and kill anthracnose.

              The Bonide 775 is a formulated product containing Copper Sulfate 7.0% which has been approved for use to control a variety of plant diseases including anthracnose.

              The product works best when applied once a week, especially during periods of high humidity or rain. It produces results quickly, with the moldy leaves turning green again after just a few applications.

              On top of that, it's tested to be safely applied on flowers and for use on organic gardening.

              Bonide 775 Specifications


              32 Fluid Ounces

              Active Ingredients

              Copper Sulfate 7.0%

              Highlight Features

              Copper Sulfate 7.0%

              ready-to-use spray bottle


              Considering the price and how quickly it works, the Bonide 775 is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution to treat anthracnose on flowers.

              Best For Lawn: Propiconazole 83013365

              Propiconazole 83013365
              Propiconazole 83013365
              • Suitable for lawns – propiconazole 14.3%
              • Provide long-term protection
              • Able to be used as a preventative measure
              • It’s difficult to mix
              • The product has an unpleasant odor

              The Propiconazole 83013365 has an active ingredient of propiconazole in concentration of 14.3%. This is a systemic fungicide highly effective in controlling a range of turf and ornamental diseases, including anthracnose.

              And that also means the Propiconazole 83013365 can be used on lawns.

              We like this fungicide because it is easy to use and long lasting. It also works quickly and provides excellent results when used as directed.

              According to the manufacturer, the Propiconazole 83013365 brings the best results if reapplied at 7 to 21 day intervals.

              Plus, you should really pay close attention to the mixing ratio because too much fungicide can burn your grass or kill off beneficial microbes.

              Propiconazole 83013365 Specifications


              32 oz.

              Active Ingredients

              Propiconazole 14.3%

              Highlight Features

              propiconazole 14.3%


              The Propiconazole 83013365 is one of the best anthracnose fungicides for lawns you can find on the market.

              Best For Fruit Trees: Daconil® 100523634

              Daconil® 100523634
              Daconil® 100523634
              • Safe for use in fruit trees - chlorothalonil 29.6%
              • Easy to use - concentrate form
              • The instructions for use are confusing

              If you want to protect your fruit tree garden against the spread of anthracnose, use the Daconil® 100523634.

              It's formulated with chlorothalonil 29.6%, a protective fungicide that can be used as a preventative measure against anthracnose and leaves no residue behind. It also can control Leaf Spots, Rust, Blights, Fruit Rot, Mildew, and many other diseases, as well as kill and prevent over 80 plant diseases in general.

              You can use this product on fruit trees, vegetables, and shade trees.

              As a big plus, it's easy to use and apply, thanks to the convenient concentrate form.

              Daconil® 100523634 Specifications


              2 Fluid Ounces

              Active Ingredients

              Chlorothalonil 29.6%

              Highlight Features

              chlorothalonil 29.6%

              concentrate form


              Searching for the best anthracnose fungicide for fruit trees? Look no further! The Daconil® 100523634 is our recommendation for you.

              Best For Long-Lasting Disease Control: Monterey LG3190

              Monterey LG3190
              Monterey LG3190
              • Convenient - a ready-to-spray bottle
              • Deliver long-lasting disease control - copper diamonds diacetate complex
              • Able to be used in organic gardens - OMRI-listed product
              • Expensive
              • The product has a foul odor

              The Monterey LG3190 is a ready-to-spray natural liquid fungicide that can prevent anthracnose on fruit and nut trees, citrus trees, and other plants.

              On top of that, the product provides incredibly long-lasting results thanks to its active ingredient, copper diamonds diacetate complex. This is a systemic fungicide that is taken up by the plant and moves throughout the entire system, providing long-lasting protection against fungal diseases such as anthracnose.

              The copper diamond diacetate complex is also known for its very low toxicity to humans and other animals, and the Monterey LG3190 is OMRI-listed for use in organic gardens.

              We appreciate this product comes in a ready-to-spray bottle that can be simply attached to a garden hose for convenience.

              Monterey LG3190 Specifications


              32 Fluid Ounces

              Active Ingredients

              copper diamonds diacetate complex 27.15%

              Highlight Features

              a ready-to-spray bottle

              copper diamonds diacetate complex

              OMRI-listed product


              The Monterey LG3190 is OMRI listed and approved for organic gardening, and its active ingredient effectively protects against anthracnose for a long time. So if you're in need of an anthracnose fungicide with long-lasting disease control, pick this.

              How To Choose The Best Fungicide For Anthracnose?

              Active Ingredient

              It is important to choose a product that contains an active ingredient that has been proven effective on anthracnose.

              The best active ingredients for anthracnose are thiophanate-methyl, propiconazole, copper diammonia diacetate, and chlorothalonil.

              Consider If Your Environment Affects The Fungicide's Persistence

              Select a product that is designed to be persistent in the environment to ensure that the fungicide will have the widest possible effect.

              There are six environmental factors that influence on the fungicide persistence:

              • Sorption and desorption to soil and plant surfaces
              • Solubility-based movement in the water
              • Abiotic degradation (pH activity or photodegradation)
              • Biotic degradation
              • Plant uptake
              • Volatilization

              It is also important to select a product that is labeled for use on the crop in question (in this case, strawberries) and is compatible with any other products that are being used to manage other diseases or pests.

              Other Factors

              You should also consider the cost and availability of the product and whether it is appropriate for the user’s situation.

              For instance, products containing propiconazole may be more expensive than other products, but may be more effective in certain cases.

              It is also important to consider the size of the area that needs to be treated and whether it is necessary to use a systemic fungicide (such as thiophanate-methyl).

              Which Brands Make The Best Fungicide For Anthracnose?


              Scotts is a reliable brand that you can trust when buying fungicides for anthracnose.

              They offer a range of products specifically designed to treat and prevent common lawn diseases, including anthracnose. They contain active ingredients highly evaluated by research, while the effectiveness of these products has been shown through many positive customer reviews.


              Bonide has a long history of providing quality products to its customers. The company has been in business since 1926 and is highly regarded by professional growers and gardeners alike.

              Bonide offers a variety of products specifically designed to combat anthracnose, such as the Bonide 775.

              Bonide's many products are also safe to use and can be used up to the day of harvest, meaning that you can use them without having to worry about negatively affecting the quality of your crop.


              Is there a cure for anthracnose?

              Yes, there are a variety of ways to control and prevent anthracnose. Using toxic fungicides and sprays is a popular way. But you can also prevent anthracnose by eliminating wet leaves, curing compact soil, or improving nutrient-deficient soil.

              What is the best time to apply a fungicide for anthracnose?

              The best time to apply a fungicide for anthracnose is early spring, before the spores have a chance to germinate.

              How often should fungicide for anthracnose be applied?

              The frequency of applying a fungicide for anthracnose depends on the level of disease pressure. It is recommended to apply the product at higher rates and shorter application intervals when disease pressure is high. Otherwise, a regular application schedule can be established based on the specific conditions of the garden.

              Is it better to spray fungicide for anthracnose before or after rain?

              It is generally better to apply a fungicide for anthracnose before it rains, as rain can cause leaf surfaces to become wet, creating an ideal environment for the spread of fungal spores.

              Besides, applying a fungicide before it rains will help ensure that the treatment has time to take effect and reduce the potential for spore spread.

              What happens if you apply too much fungicide for anthracnose?

              Applying too much fungicide for anthracnose can be detrimental to the environment and ecosystem as it can kill off necessary organisms like earthworms.


              That's all for this article.

              We gave you all the information needed to pick the best fungicide for anthracnose, from our favorites to buying guides to related FAQs. We hope the blog post helped you make an informed decision to ensure the health of your plants and crops.

              Thanks for reading!

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