6 Best Quiet Pool Pumps of 2024

By Harry RamosLast update: 2024-07-11

Caring for a home pool can’t miss the best quiet pool pumps.

Do you know why?

The pump is responsible for filtering debris to make your pool as clean as possible.

Choosing a pool pump is kinda hassle because it involves a number of factors.

But buying a pump that performs with less noise is even harder.

You need someone to actually use the pump and tell you why you should buy it.

I am right here to take that mission.

Trust me. Being a power tool maniac, I know best about these things.

Here are the quiet pool pumps you can buy in 2024:

  • Best Overall (Single-Speed Pool Pump): Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High Performance Single Speed Pool Pump
  • Best for Above-Ground Pools (Single-Speed Pool Pump): Hayward W3SP1580X15 Power Flo Pool Pump
  • Energy-Efficient (Single-Speed Pool Pump): Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pump 1 HP Pool Pump
  • Durable (Single-Speed Pool Pump): Hayward SP2807X10 1 HP Max-Flo Single-Speed In-Ground Pool Spa Pump
  • Ultra-Quiet (Variable-Speed Pool Pump): Pentair 342001
  • Best for Medium In-Ground Pool (Variable-Speed Pool Pump): Hayward W3SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump
6 Quiet Pool Pumps
Best Overall
Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High Performance Single Speed Pool Pump
  • Single-Speed Pool Pump
Best for Above-Ground Pools
Hayward W3SP1580X15 Power Flo Pool Pump
  • Single-Speed Pool Pump
Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pump 1 HP Pool Pump
  • Single-Speed Pool Pump
Hayward SP2807X10 1 HP Max-Flo Single-Speed In-Ground Pool Spa Pump
  • Single-Speed Pool Pump
Pentair 342001
  • Variable-Speed Pool Pump
Best for Medium In-Ground Pool
Hayward W3SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump
  • Variable-Speed Pool Pump

Best Overall (Single-Speed Pool Pump): Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High Performance Single Speed Pool Pump

Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High Performance Single Speed Pool Pump
Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High Performance Single Speed Pool Pump
  • Powerful and efficient motor

  • Save electric cost

  • Simple to use

  • Super quiet

  • Great suction and flow

  • The motor housing becomes rust

  • Not for large pool

I stumbled across this Pentair when I was looking for a replacement to my old-school pump.

First, it’s important to mention the cost. This is a high-performance pump for the money, in my opinion. Though the housing is PVC plastic, it has a very sturdy build.

The best of it all is the 1 ½ horsepower that moves more water while using less energy. I have a 14k gallon size pool and this pump suffices well with about 40 gallons per minute.

It yet saves quite a bit on your electricity bill. The flange motor is a heavy-duty one that is highly engineered hydraulics.

And the quiet operation has to thanks to superior internal flow design. It reduces the hydraulic noise, making the pump super quiet.

One thing I also really like is the clear window on the top allows you to see if the filter inside is clogged or any problem.

Even if you are a beginner to pool pump, this tough machine with self-priming won’t make the process too confusing for you.

Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High Performance Single Speed Pool Pump Specifications


27.5 x 12.5 x 14.8 inches



Pump Output (GPM)


Highlight Features

1 ½ horsepower engine. See-through lid


Love this pump because it’s almost noiseless when operating. And I’m glad that it doesn’t add too big figures to my power bill.

Best for Above-Ground Pools (Single-Speed Pool Pump): Hayward W3SP1580X15 Power Flo Pool Pump

Hayward W3SP1580X15 Power Flo Pool Pump
Hayward W3SP1580X15 Power Flo Pool Pump
  • Minimum maintenance

  • Easy to install

  • Long-lasting construction

  • Simple to operate

  • No on/off button

  • Manual priming

For an on-ground pool pump, I picked this Hayward because it is a high-performance pump with durable construction. It’s 100% drip-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Again, I always like a transparent lid to see what’s happening inside. In addition to that is an extra-large strainer basket.

What’s great is this pump fits any filter system. It will replace any existing pump with no extra gear. That’s pretty great for the dollar.

With the 1.5 hP motor, it gives the true power for efficiently cleaning your pool quietly.

Let’s talk about the strainer.

It has a bigger size to trap more debris. You just need to empty the basket once in a while.

Hayward W3SP1580X15 Power Flo Pool Pump Specifications


20.5 x 6.5 x 8.5 inches



Pump Output (GPM)


Highlight Features

Larger strainer. Durable construction for all-weather performance. Clear cover easy to open


I have had this pump exposed to the weather and seen no problems with it wearing or becoming deficient.

Energy-Efficient (Single-Speed Pool Pump): Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pump 1 HP Pool Pump

Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pump 1 HP Pool Pump
Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pump 1 HP Pool Pump
  • Easy to install

  • Save big bucks

  • Silent operation

  • Long-lasting engine

  • Take time to prime

If you’re not familiar with Hayward, especially super pumps, it’s been the gold standard for the pool pump for many years. They are basically the best pumps out there for durability, overall quietness, and performance.

This one is no exception.

The first reason why I like this pump is the motor. It’s a super-powerful, well-made machine that is engineered to last for decades.

Another thing is this pump is very power-efficient. Hayward always produces energy-efficient machines to save money on your power bill.

It’s also noticeably quieter than a lot of pumps, thanks to the quality motor they use.

Besides, the catch is of large size. That means it doesn’t need to be changed or cleaned out as often. It’s a 110 cubic basket that you can easily remove by loosening the exclusive swing-away hand knobs.

Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pump 1 HP Pool Pump Specifications


29 x 10.2 x 11.5 inches



Pump Output (GPM)


Highlight Features

High-performance and reliable engine. Exclusive swing-away hand knobs for easy strainer removal


This unit works for the price. Its ability to work immediately impressed me right from the start.

Durable (Single-Speed Pool Pump): Hayward SP2807X10 1 HP Max-Flo Single-Speed In-Ground Pool Spa Pump

Hayward SP2807X10 1 HP Max-Flo Single-Speed In-Ground Pool Spa Pump
Hayward SP2807X10 1 HP Max-Flo Single-Speed In-Ground Pool Spa Pump
  • Well-constructed

  • Wide impeller opening

  • Compatible with 115/230 Voltage

  • Easy operation

  • Arrive pre-installed

  • Lack of a really clear wiring diagram

In terms of durability, it’s hard for many models to beat this Max-Flo from Hayward.

It features a rugged, one-piece housing that stands the test of time. I thought it would come not ready, but it was pre-installed. They align and fit the parts perfectly, so there were no misalignment issues.

Working at 1 HP, this pump handles the pressure like a champ. It got no struggle to lift water from my in-ground pool. The impeller on this unit also got wide and smooth openings. That pretty much helps prevent clogging.

Installing this unit was a breeze for me. All I had to do was attach the new fitting and rewire it.

So far, I’ve noticed a slight decrease in my monthly bill of around 20 to 30 dollars. It should be my direct cost because my consumption has been pretty consistent.

Hayward SP2807X10 1 HP Max-Flo Single-Speed In-Ground Pool Spa Pump Specifications





Pump Output (GPM)


Highlight Features

Well-built housing made to last. Efficient 1-HP motor designed easy to use


Any pool pump from Hayward would just auto please me. This one is no exception.

Ultra-Quiet (Variable-Speed Pool Pump): Pentair 342001

Pentair 342001
Pentair 342001
  • Super quiet operation

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Huge energy savings

  • The skimmer lid is a bit hard to open

Need more quietness?

You can rely on this Pentair. This variable-speed pump can run 12 hours a day, making the lowest noise I’ve ever heard from a pool pump. Thanks to the use of the latest model of motor, you’ll experience the quietest pump you can imagine.

One of the great things about this pump is it’s going to use a lot less wattage. In most cases, it’s cutting your electricity bill in half. And the pump will pay for itself within the first year.

What I like the most is the user interface on this unit that shows you the speed, time, duration, and wattage being consumed.

Another unique thing is this Pentair pump has a 120V connection to your pool. There is a switch that allows you to convert from 110 to 220, depending on how you have your pump hooked up.

Pentair 342001 Specifications


28 x 15.5 x 12.5 inches



Pump Output (GPM)


Highlight Features

Ultra-quiet totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motor. Three programmable speeds, plus override capability


This is not just a pump that operates quietly; it’s also the one that saves you a bunch.

Best for Medium In-Ground Pool (Variable-Speed Pool Pump): Hayward W3SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump

Hayward W3SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump
Hayward W3SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump
  • Easy to program

  • Flexible timer

  • Super cost-efficient

  • Quiet operation

  • Not very responsive customer service

This Hayward pump is probably the worthiest pump money can buy if you have a medium in-ground pool.

The pump is available 115V and 230V versions. With the top-notch variable-speed technology, Hayward makes the unit super-efficient and cost-saving. Adding to that is the permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor.

It moves tons of water, and the timers can be set to your liking.

The pump is super quiet. I don’t even notice when it’s in operation. Anything less than 1,000 RPM is unnoticeable.

After the first time struggling with the suction, I saw a major improvement in the water flow, as well as the frisky nature of a pool cleaner.

Hayward W3SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump Specifications


25.8 x 9.9 x 13.9 inches



Pump Output (GPM)

Variable speed

Highlight Features

80% energy cost savings. Available in both 115V and 230V versions. Designed for small to medium in-ground pools and spas


This pump is a true bargain over a single-speed pool pump. For a medium in-ground pool, you have a pump that works perfectly.

How To Choose The Quiet Pool Pump?

There is more to know besides picking from my list. In fact, you need a few more factors to decide which pump is right for you.

Type of Pump

Basically, there are two kinds of pumps you can use. They are in-ground and above ground.

Those refer to the kind of pool you have.

You may have realized that a 1 HP above-ground pump is half as much money as a 1 HP in-ground pump.

So, can you just get away with one versus the other?

Right off the bat, an above-ground pool pump comes with a cord end on it. That means you just take it out of the box, plugin, and use it.

In-ground pool pumps in most areas, depending on where you live, will require that you have hardwired it electrically because it doesn’t have a cord. And it’s permanently connected to an electrical supply.

The second is that the pump itself is designed for different applications.

An in-ground pool pump is heavier-duty for higher head applications or more resistance to flow.

Whereas, an above-ground pool pump is essentially designed for no head if you were to remove it far from the swimming pool itself. Or you may try to make it push a large uphill like a solar heater.

So, I would say if you have an above-ground pool, you are safe to buy an above-ground pool pump. If you have an in-ground pool pump, and you’re trying to save money, I would encourage you to spend a little bit more to have an in-ground pool pump.

Single, Dual, or Variable Speed

A single-speed pump works at a constant speed, which I suppose provides high functionality. More importantly, they are among the cheapest pool pumps you can find. However, running at a non-adjustable speed means you can’t control the energy it consumes. One more disadvantage is this kind of pump tends to be noisier.

There are not many differences between a dual-speed pump and a single-speed one. Only that you have the low-speed option for circulation and filtration. It sounds better to have such a pump, but still, it doesn’t help you to cut any cost.

With a variable-speed pump, you have control over the rate of water flow. This flexibility not only helps get the best results but also reduces figures on the power bills. And of course, variable-speed pumps cost higher; but they are a reliable option in the long run.

Power Efficiency

A pool virtually runs for hours, and you don’t want it to attrite energy.

One tip to boost the pumping efficiency is that you can scrub the pool walls and use chemical additives before pumping to save energy.


Of course, the best quiet pool pumps have the lowest noise levels.

And that relies on the mechanics of the motor.

The more the motor vibrates, the noisier it is. That’s why you should check out the insulation. Thicker insulation in the engine makes the pump produce less noise.


You probably know which type is the most expensive.

But it’s great to have pumps that are available at ranges so that you can have more options that fit your wallet.

Just keep in mind that a pool pump can be an investment. Spending a bit more at the beginning can save you a bunch after that.

But it’s ok if you want to stay on budget now because I have already recommended models of different types. They undoubtedly will cut down at least a few numbers on the bill for you.

Which Brands Make The Quiet Pool Pump?


Hayward is a giant name in the pool industry with lots of cutting edge pool equipment. For over 80 years, Hayward has been working out to deliver products that perform at maximum efficiency as well as saving expenses and the hassle of maintenance. With a complete line pool system, Hayward is at your service to keep your pool at its best.


In the pool industry, Pentair is a familiar name with branches in 25 countries. The brand provides a smart and sustainable water solution for both homes and industries. Having world-class technology in processing water, Pentair only delivers pumps that keep your pool safe and clean at max.


How do I reduce the noise on my pool pump?

There are a variety of ways to silent your pool pump, but I’ll introduce some of the most effective ways I have tried.

Install vibration pad: Since vibration from the motor is the main cause of the noise, you can reduce the sound by inserting a pad in the hollow bottom part

Clean the strainer: Don’t make your pump work hard because it lacks water flow. Make sure the machine receives water through a clean skimmer basket

Replace pool pump bearings: Pumps that work around for years probably have their bearings worn. I suggest having a professional to replace the part for you

Why is my pool pump so loud?

There are many reasons for a clunking pump or one with high-pitched squealing noise. One of the causes can be the bearings that are beginning to corrode.

You should also examine the pool pump impeller to see if it’s clogged. The uncleaned skimmer basket and pump basket can also be the culprits of the noise.

One more potential cause should be there is not enough water in the pool to operate the pump. So, check the water level.

How do I know if my pool pump is bad?

There are 3 signs telling you your pump is turning old:

  • Low gauge reading

  • Leaking constantly

  • Keep losing prime

Those include several problems inside that you may not have the experience to troubleshoot. It is best to have a pool expert, or you can buy a brand new pump in case yours has been around above 8 years.

How many horsepower pool pump do I need?

To determine how many HP a pool pump should have, you need to size your pool. In general, you can size the pump according to these steps:

1. Determine the number of gallons in your pool

The formulas for calculating depends on the shape of your pool. Refer to this link for proper calculation:

2. Calculate how many gallons per hour you need to pump to clean the pool in 8 hours

To determine this flow rate, simply divide your calculated gallons by 8.

3. Convert gallons per hour to gallons per minute

Divide calculated GPH by 60 minutes to determine GPM

4. Calculate the feed of head of your pool pump

Find the average run of pipe from the skimmer, main drain, and suction lines to your pump’s installation point.

5. Choose your pump

Many pump manufacturers will provide a chart showing the horsepower required for your particular gallons per minute, as well as the foot of head calculations.

What is the average life of a pool pump?

A pool pump in regular use can last around 8 years. If you know how to maintain the pump, it’s possible to expand its lifespan for up to 12 years.

Most pump manufacturers recommend an average swimming pool pump should run for about 7 years. But many pool owners don't quite get that long out of it. It usually has to do with the improper installation of the pump itself.


I know there is a lot to know about the best quiet pool pumps, but hopefully, I have covered a part of what you need to know.

As always, you can ask in the comment box, and I’ll try my best to give you the most appropriate answer.

And if you feel like this article is helpful, please share it.

See you soon.

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