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How to Grow Carrots at Home from Seeds

Date Posted: May 18, 2017

Seeds of the Month Club by Mike the Gardener How to Grow Carrots at Home from Seeds
photo credit: Mike the Gardener

I love growing carrots. I especially love growing carrots from seeds. Carrots are easy to grow in just about any climate, they grow quickly, and when you grow carrots from seeds at home, you save a lot of money on the vegetable itself for consumption as well gardening costs.

Carrots are a root crop, so that means they grow underground. Just as important, one carrot seed produces one carrot. I was surprised to meet a couple of people that asked me how many carrots do you get from a single carrot seed. Sometimes I take for granted that I grow carrots every year so it is second nature to me, but to many others who have never grown carrots, they simply don’t know.

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Basic Information for Growing Carrots

I highly recommend that you grow carrots using the square foot gardening method that I show in the video that accompanies this article. You will be able to grow nine carrots per square foot. If your space is limited, you will be able to grow 144 carrots in a four foot by four foot garden bed. That’s a lot of carrots

Soil Structure for Planting Carrots from Seeds

When growing carrots, your soil needs to be loose and friable. If your soil is too compact, your carrots will grow thick and short. If you are growing a variety such as the Danver, then they will be a bit shorter and thicker. However, if you are growing the Tendersweet or Atomic Red, you are looking for long (four to eight inch) carrots.

Watering Your Carrots

If you set up a good soil structure that I mentioned above, then you should have proper drainage. Proper drainage is key to growing great carrots. You will want to give your carrots a long even watering no more than once per week. You can water more often if the temperatures get hot and dry your soil out.

How to Grow 75 Carrots from Seeds in a Small Raised Garden Bed - Grow Your Own Carrots

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How to Grow Carrots in Pots

In the video that accompanies this article, I am growing carrots in a mobile raised garden bed that I built last year. A pot is a fssmaller version of this and yes you can grow carrots in pots. Just use a good quality potting soil , and a pot that is at least twelve inches deep.

How to Grow Carrots from Carrot Tops

This has been floating around for generations. Take a top of a carrot, place it in some water to get the carrot green tops growing and then you should miraculously grow another carrot. That would be false. The carrot (the orange taproot portion) is a root vegetable. Once it’s cut off, it doesn’t regrow. So in essence when you “plant” a carrot top, what you are really growing are only the carrot greens. Still a fun project for the kids though.

If you have never grown carrots before, you are missing out on a special treat. When grown at home, carrots are so much sweeter, and taste far better than what you will get in any store. With so many varieties of carrot seeds to choose from, you are bound to find one that grows well in your area and tastes great.

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Happy gardening!

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Mike the gardener

About the Author

Mike Podlesny is the author of the book Vegetable Gardening for the Average Person as well as the creator of the Seeds of the Month Club where members receive non gmo, heirloom variety seeds every month. You can listen to Mike each week on the Vegetable Gardening Podcast where he interviews gardening industry experts. Don`t forget to link up with Mike on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.


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