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Episode #18: Mike's son shows off 5 pounds of beans he picked

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Today, On Mike's Blog
Don`t Forget to Plant A Little Extra this Gardening Season
With May comes the official start of home gardening season for us here in NJ and while many of us have already been growing a number of things inside under grow lights, the first week of May marks that ...
It's Time to Grow Basil Grow Great Peppers at Home with these 4 Tips
I love to grow basil. The Italian Large Leaf variety of basil to be exact. This variety of basil has such a nice aroma to it, you can almost smell the mozzarella cheese, home grown tomatoes and olive ... There are a number of fruits and vegetables that I absolutely love to grow in my home vegetable garden. Peppers being one of them. Like all of the other fruits and vegetables, I love to start my peppers ...
Growing Eggplant at Home
I am sure eggplant has a lot of culinary uses, however, I only use eggplant in one recipe and that is eggplant parm. I know, I know, I should really expand my horizons, but when it comes to eggplant, for ...
Grow Tomatoes from Seed Grow Bush Beans at Home
Tomatoes are the number one item grown in the home vegetable garden. And while many people will still and always refer to the tomato as a vegetable the tomato is botanically a fruit. Tomatoes are also ...<.font> On our Vegetable Gardening Facebook page not too long ago, someone posted that they planted 9 bush bean plants in a single square for their square foot garden. If you are not familiar with square foot ...

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