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Minnesota Midget Melons in a Mobile Raised Bed Garden
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Add Marigolds to Your Vegetable Garden

Add Marigolds to Your Vegetable Garden Marigolds are an easy flower to grow from seed and produce plenty of bright, yellows, oranges and reds to create a beautiful kaleidoscope in any flower bed. Did you know, they also make a great addition to any vegetable garden for companion planting purposes? I have read and have been told that marigolds work great for fighting everything from pests to rodents. While I have not experienced either of those ...

Grow Blackberries at Home. Itís a Great Investment

Grow If you were to look up what the word investment means, you will get the action or process of investing money for profit or material result. Very few people look at their gardens as investments, but that is what they are. You are spending not only your money for gardening supplies but your energy in the form of labor and knowledge and the return is hopefully an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables ...

Grow Cucumbers at Home

Grow Cucumbers at Home Depending on which poll you read, cucumbers are either the number two or number three most popular vegetable grown in the home vegetable garden. Tomatoes do not look like they are going to relinquish that number one spot anytime soon. Cucumbers are easy to grow and when you implement vertical techniques, such as the one I am going to talk about here, you can save on lots of garden space ...

How to Grow Kohlrabi

How to Grow Kohlrabi Kohlrabi is an unusual looking vegetable from the cabbage family that is easy to grow in most growing zones. This annual can be grown in a wide range of locations from raised beds to containers, and just about anything else in between. Loaded with plenty of flavor as well as healthy vitamins and minerals, Kohlrabi is a root crop vegetable that you should strongly consider adding to your garden lineup ...

Add Sunflowers to Your Garden

Add Sunflowers to Your Garden There are a countless number of varieties of sunflowers that you can grow at home. Sunflowers have a wide range of sizes and colors, and because you can find a variety that can grow in either a garden bed or container, they are perfect for various landscaping projects. Along with the aesthetics of sunflowers, the varieties I have been growing, attract tons of bees, and that is a good thing for my garden ...

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