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How Do You Make A Rock Garden Look Natural?

By Harry RamosLast update: 2024-05-20

If you are looking for some ways to give your rock garden that “I have been here for eternity” look, congrats, you’re on the right page. In this post, we’re going to share with you many cool but easy tips to make a rock garden look natural.

Create An Aged Look For Your Stones

When it comes to building a rock garden, many people prefer the appearance of an aged look to that of a new look. This is understandable because weathered stones lend a send of Palaeogene as if they had been there for thousands of years.

Moss-covered stones also add a more natural look to your rock garden.

How Do You Make A Rock Garden Look Natural?

Think about it – the newness of a rock garden that has just been built from rocks brought in from outside the property with no signs of weathering can look out of the place.

So, how to create an aged look for stones?

Simple! Let Grow Moss!

Choose the right type of rocks. They should be soft and porous to easily receipt the growth of mosses for a weathered look. The softer the rock, the quicker the stone-weathering process.

How Do You Make A Rock Garden Look Natural?

Besides, prepare:

  • 4 ounces of potter’s clay
  • 2 cups of yogurt
  • Moss (buy from local plant store or find somewhere around your living space)
  • A blender

Add all of the ingredients into your blender and puree them until you’ve got a smooth, consistent mixture.

Pour it on the stones that you want a weathered look. Once the moss mixture already sticks to your stones, remember to spray water on them daily to keep them moist.

How About Lichen?

How Do You Make A Rock Garden Look Natural?

Another great option is growing lichen, also called reindeer moss because this is the most favorite food source of reindeer.

Despite its nickname, lichen isn’t a kind of moss. It is exactly a composite organism including 2 or 3 independent organisms, thriving among filaments of various fungi species in a symbiotic relationship. Lichen arises from cyanobacteria or algae.

Lots of people love to use lichen for their rock garden because of their powerful survival.

How Do You Make A Rock Garden Look Natural?
Unlike the moss, they can grow separately from the water source and thrive happily in colonizing difficult environments.

Pay Attention To The Appearance Of Rocks

For a natural look, all the stones in your rock garden should have a similar appearance in form, color, and texture.

How Do You Make A Rock Garden Look Natural?

This task might sound easy but in reality, you might feel overwhelmed when realizing that nature presents us with an avalanche of colors.
How Do You Make A Rock Garden Look Natural?
To avoid that, keep in mind these two questions when looking for the appearance of rocks:
  • How do they interact with the rest of your garden? (plants, flowers, and decorate items)
  • Which is the ambiance you’d like to add to your garden?

Now, here are three features when considering colors of stones – contrast, temperature, and tones. Always remember that natural rocks have a variation on and between each piece. If you’re not a pro in this field, following our simple guide:

  • Choose low to medium levels of contrast since this adds an organic quality to your garden. Furthermore, under sunlight exposure, it creates a wonderful dappled effect.
  • In terms of color temperature, opt for cool colors if you love a relaxing, unwind, and calming garden space. On the contrary, warm colors help bring energy and focus.
  • Tones describe the quality of a hue – either a cheery and bright tint or a moody, deep shade. It depends on your preference; whether you love to go for light or dark.

Stone Arrangement

How Do You Make A Rock Garden Look Natural?
Aside from the appearance of stones, the way you arrange them will decide significantly on the overall look of your rock garden.

So, how?

For stratified rock garden layout, place the stones in each grouping to get the strata lines. Make sure that all of them are in the most natural formation and go in the similar direction

If you intend to arrange a bedrock formation exposed either by dramatic erosion or gradual weathering, face the main stones in one direction throughout your rock garden to create a close relation among pieces.

How Do You Make A Rock Garden Look Natural?
Look for a sense of randomness in your garden rather than arrange the stones in the too-even distribution or constrained patterns. It should be mulched area in the middle, a small grouping of stones here, and a bigger grouping there.

Each stone should bring a sense as if it is firmly grounded and connect directly to its neighbors and only separated by crevices in which you’ll grow some plants.

How Do You Make A Rock Garden Look Natural?
Bury at least 1/2 of the rock height to the ground, which brings a feel like it is the exposed part of a huge underground formation.

Grow Some Plants

How Do You Make A Rock Garden Look Natural?

Yeah, we’ve just mentioned growing some plants in the crevices between rocks. If you’re new to this, here is everything you need to know:

Choose the right plants suitable for the climate of your living area.

For example, opt for ferns if you’re living in a humid and warm place. Succulents and cacti for desert. Classic alpine rock garden for high altitude areas.

Arrange the plants in your rock garden for a natural look

How Do You Make A Rock Garden Look Natural?
Watch nature, and see how Nature Mother has arranged everything. You’ll get the best ideas of which layout is right for yours. Choose wild plants, shrubs, and bushes for a more natural look.


Above is everything about how to make a rock garden look natural. If you have any brilliant tips, don’t hesitate to share them with us. Sharing is caring! Thanks for reading.

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