How To Make Your Grass Greener And Thicker?

By Harry RamosLast update: 2024-06-18
How To Make Your Grass Greener And Thicker?

I bet “greener”, “thicker”, and “lusher” are the top three words that any homeowners note for their lawn goals. The good news is, it’s not difficult to transform from a lackluster lawn into lusher, thicker, and healthier, as long as you follow these 6 steps.

They are divided into two processes. First off, making your lawn thicker and next is to maintain it. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

How To Make Your Grass Greener And Thicker

Soil Improvement

How To Make Your Grass Greener And Thicker?

There are many ways to build a green, thick lawn but it basically starts by improving the soil.

A mini soil test kit is a good investment.

It reveals many soil conditions, especially the pH levels to inhibit a thicker and greener lawn.

How To Make Your Grass Greener And Thicker?

For example, if the testing results show that your soil’s pH level is below 7, which means it’s high in acidic. What you should do now is adding soil amendments rich in alkaline to neutralize the pH level and therefore, balance it.

With this simple step, you’ll be saved from the guesswork, which is risky of giving a wrong caring to your lawn, leading to nothing but just money wasting and unnecessarily time-consuming.

Call the local extension office if you’re a beginner. They’ll give you a simple kit with detail information or instructions.


How To Make Your Grass Greener And Thicker?

Aside from the sun and water, your lawn needs some certain nutrients to grow healthier. And these nutrients come from the soil.

But the matter is they are prone to leach away with irrigation or rainfall, which means either you should find a way to prevent that or increase the fertilization frequency for the grass or both.

When it comes to fertilizing a lawn, it’s best to do throughout the growing season. And in each stage of the grass growth, a certain kind of fertilizer is needed.

For example, during the overseeding, using a starter fertilizer will help enhance your grass root’s growth. Then when the new grasses release, nitrogen fertilizer is the best choice to help them grow thicker and greener.

How To Make Your Grass Greener And Thicker?

As stated above, nutrients in the soil are easily leached away and here is a tip to limit that issue:

When adding nitrogen formulations to the soil, don’t do in one shot. Instead, lowly releasing just half of them and save the other half as touchup later. This economic fertilizing method gives you two biggest advantage:

  • It needs less fertilizer to feed the soil than usual -> money-saving
  • Fewer nutrients are lost to the environment -> your grass can get more “food” in the soil/fertilizer applied.


How To Make Your Grass Greener And Thicker?

This is the simplest but pro way to keep your lawn from getting thin after the soil improvement step. All you need to do is sowing new grass seeds into between what’s already there.

Time is key to this method.

For thin warm-season southern lawns, late spring is the most ideal time for overseeding. On the other hand, spring and autumn are two best times for cool-season northern lawns.

When choosing new grass seeds to touch up your lawn, keep in mind to choose the appropriate kind of grass to match with the old ones.


How To Make Your Grass Greener And Thicker?

Mowing is another effective method to boost your lawn grow stronger and healthier.

The sole one thing to consider is knowing the proper grass height to cut them, especially when your lawn is a combination of many grass species.

“Should I set my lawnmower to the lowest or highest setting when mowing a lawn?”

Well, this factor is not necessary, just set it to fit your mowing experience. The thing that you should keep in mind is its blades. They should be sharp, rust-free and nice before running through your lawn.

If you can afford for a reel mower, well, all the better. Unlike the traditional rotary lawnmowers, this new model doesn’t tear the grass but cuts it sharply like scissors, which creates an evenly healthy lawn.

How To Maintain Your Green Grass

Control Weeds

Like other plants, weeds are the biggest enemy of grass because they compete together for nutrients, water, and even sunlight.

The stronger the weeds’ growth, the less food for your lawn.

Weeds commonly grow when the spring comes so autumn should be the best time for you to start controlling them. Start by applying pre-emergent herbicide to the lawn but only after new grasses have already released.

How To Make Your Grass Greener And Thicker?

If you apply it during the overseeding, the substances will prevent both your grass seed and weed seed from proper germination and emersion.


How To Make Your Grass Greener And Thicker?

Follow good grass watering practices is the simplest yet most effective way to keep it green and thick looking.

Again, each stage of the grass growth requires different watering practice.

Provide constant moisture for the lawn during their germination and until they’ve emerged, keep watering merely 1 inch of water weekly.


This article is about to end but I’d like to give you some extra notes.

Aside from irritating and adding herbicides to the lawn, you should combine with some rare tasks like patching, repairing, and aerating to keep the soil always soft as well as nutrients.

In terms of mowing, rather than mowing due to the weekly calendar, you should do it based on your grass needs. Also, remember to keep your mower’s blades always clean and sharp to avoid tearing the grass.

Thanks for reading!

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