5 Best Wood Fired Pizza Ovens of 2021

Last update: 2021-07-28

Most of us are all in love with pizzas, a combination between flour, cheese, and a wide range of toppings and base sauces. The standard of an ideal pizza could be changed based on your preference, but overall, it can’t be done without a great pizza oven.

Wood-fired pizza ovens have recently become a trend because of the unique and tasty smoke savour that it could add to the grilled dishes. However, choosing an appropriate outdoor wood-fired pizza oven is not an easy task since it requires you to invest a great bundle in at first hand.

So, to help you to get the most bang for your buck, we decided to write this article to introduce you to our top 6 of best wood fired pizza ovens on the market and a detailed buying guide that can lead you from A to Z.

Here are the best wood fired pizza ovens you can buy in 2021:

  • Best Overall: Thor Kitchen HPO01SS Pizza Oven
  • Best For Big Families: Authentic Pizza Ovens Traditional Brick Pizzaioli Pizza Oven
  • Durable: Chicago Brick Oven CBO-500 Countertop Pizza Oven
  • Best For Backyard: Kraiovim Outdoor Pizza Oven w/ Brick Arch & Chimney
  • Best For Optimum Heat Retention: ilFornino Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven
5 Best Wood Fired Pizza Ovens
Best Overall
Thor Kitchen HPO01SS Pizza Oven
    Best For Big Families
    Authentic Pizza Ovens Traditional Brick Pizzaioli Pizza Oven
      Chicago Brick Oven CBO-500 Countertop Pizza Oven
        Best For Backyard
        Kraiovim Outdoor Pizza Oven w/ Brick Arch & Chimney
          Best For Optimum Heat Retention
          ilFornino Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven

            Best Overall: Thor Kitchen HPO01SS Pizza Oven

            Thor Kitchen HPO01SS Pizza Oven
            Thor Kitchen HPO01SS Pizza Oven
            • Great temperature range

            • Large cooking space

            • Specific cleaning and cooking tools attached

            • Durable construction

            • Competitive price

            • Assembly instructions are quite unclear to follow

            Thor Kitchen HPO01SS is an amazing oven that could quickly handle 2 to 3 pizzas at the same time. Since we used to believe that only a brick oven could provide us with a true Neapolitan style pizza, the Thor Kitchen has blown our mind!

            Ideal for multiple cooking techniques, this unit allows you to easily adjust the heat from 100 degrees F, which is suitable for slow cooking and up to 800 degrees F, which is a quite rare heat that a portable oven could reach. This also comes with a set of tools including a wire brush, a large pizza peel, a pizza turner spatula and a cutter to satisfy your cooking experience.

            Even better, it’s now sold at around $1000, a really competitive price compared to its quality. The heating up time is just around 5 minutes, so even when you want to have a wood-burnt pizza in the early morning, it’s not such a big deal with this Thor Kitchen model. The exterior is built with 430 stainless steel, which looks sturdy and reliable enough to last for long.

            The only one downside that we came across is its assembly instructions. The guide is quite unclear and hard to follow, making the installation process might be longer than you expect from a portable oven.

            Thor Kitchen HPO01SS Pizza Oven Specifications


            32.5” W x 31” D x 49” H


            Stainless steel

            Cooking Surface

            5.17 ft


            100 - 800 degrees F

            Highlight Features

            Portable oven, single chamber


            With this Thor Kitchen HPO01SS, your experience with a wood-fired pizza could not be better!

            Best For Big Families: Authentic Pizza Ovens Traditional Brick Pizzaioli Pizza Oven

            Authentic Pizza Ovens Traditional Brick Pizzaioli Pizza Oven
            Authentic Pizza Ovens Traditional Brick Pizzaioli Pizza Oven
            • Productive (30 pizzas per hour)

            • Able to cook different meals

            • Three layers of insulation

            • Heavy

            • Expensive

            This unit from the brand Authentic Pizza Ovens has every feature you need from an authentic, traditional brick pizza oven to start the cooking game for your big families. With its large capacity, it allows you to bake about 30 pizzas in an hour, each will be done in only 60 to 90 seconds. What an impressive production, right?

            What makes this special is that it’s not a commercial product, instead, it is handmade. Each layer of bricks is placed by hand, one by one, so each oven will have slight differences in its size. Once you purchase it, your oven is a unique unit, and perhaps that’s why it’s quite expensive.

            Another great feature of this oven is its three insulation layered door. The oven door is used to be the hottest but most used place, thus many people, especially new users often get their hands or fingers burnt. So, this feature can be considered as a big bonus.

            The oven weights up to 1000lbs, so don’t be surprised that it will be super heavy!

            Authentic Pizza Ovens Traditional Brick Pizzaioli Pizza Oven Specifications


            39” W x 39” D x 25” H


            Brick; zinc-plated door

            Cooking Surface

            33.5” W x 31.5” D x 15” H


            32 - 932 degrees F

            Highlight Features

            Handmade brick oven


            Authentic Pizza Ovens Traditional Brick Pizzaioli Pizza Oven is suitable for those who are into the traditional, but unique beauty and have a large group of people to serve.

            Durable: Chicago Brick Oven CBO-500 Countertop Pizza Oven

            Chicago Brick Oven CBO-500 Countertop Pizza Oven
            Chicago Brick Oven CBO-500 Countertop Pizza Oven
            • Great price for a top-quality brick oven

            • Durable

            • Modern design

            • Easy to clean material

            • Need professional installation

            The model CB0-500 from the brand Chicago Brick Oven is famous for its durability. Besides being constructed with hard bricks, it is also covered with a strong reinforced cover of stainless steel. This combination will ensure that the oven can work in the long term no matter how extreme the climate is.

            On the outside, the stainless steel coat does not bring a modern charm to the oven’s appearance, but also makes the outer surface smoothie and much easier to clean and maintain. Compared to other brick ovens on this list, this one is an affordable choice for tighter budgets.

            Before being ready to work, keep in mind that this unit does require a professional installation, meaning that it’s really hard for you if you keep trying to set up it yourself.

            Chicago Brick Oven CBO-500 Countertop Pizza Oven Specifications


            48 x 48 x 40 inches


            Brick reinforced with stainless steel

            Cooking Surface

            27 “ x 22”


            Up to 1000 degrees F

            Highlight Features

            Brick oven; infrared thermometer


            Chicago Brick Oven CBO-500 is ideal for you if you are searching for an affordable pizza oven that can last a lifetime.

            Best For Backyard: Kraiovim Outdoor Pizza Oven w/ Brick Arch & Chimney

            Kraiovim Outdoor Pizza Oven w/ Brick Arch & Chimney
            Kraiovim Outdoor Pizza Oven w/ Brick Arch & Chimney
            • Pretty fast preheat

            • Easy to use

            • Fast cooking

            • Built-in thermometer is inaccurate

            • Take up much space

            Another model that offers a lot of benefits is this Kraiovim outdoor pizza oven. Unlike many brick ovens that will make you wait quite long for the preheat process, this one is surprisingly fast.

            It is easy to use as well, and of course, will allow you to cook a variety of recipes, from meat, vegetable, to bread and so on.

            While the oven is equipped with a built-in thermometer, unfortunately, it is not so accurate and might be a minus point that might let you down.

            It is undeniable that the Kraiovim design is really large and will occupy a lot of space. That’s why it will be an optimal choice and also only recommended for outdoor locations such as backyards.

            Kraiovim Outdoor Pizza Oven w/ Brick Arch & Chimney Specifications


            43 x 43 x 31 inches



            Cooking Surface

            Approximate 31 inches


            900 degrees F

            Highlight Features

            Brick oven


            Kraiovim Outdoor Pizza Oven is a great option that you should take into consideration if you are going to place your oven in the backyard.

            Best For Optimum Heat Retention: ilFornino Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven

            ilFornino Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven
            ilFornino Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven
            • Easy to assemble

            • Great insulation

            • Great heat retention

            • Large cooking space

            • Heavy, and quite difficult to move

            • A bit pricey

            The last and second portable oven on our list is the one from ilFornino Professional Series. A feature that we find at this product more outstanding than the Thor Kitchen is its fast and easy assembly process.

            The ilFornino has also impressed us with its insulation. This unit is constructed with 4’’ ceramic insulation, which is advertised to make it 5 times more insulated than other regular pizza ovens. And luckily, that advertisement seems to be right as even when you touch the oven exterior while it is working at its highest heat, you will only feel it warm, but not to burn your hands.

            On the downside, as a stainless steel wood fired oven, this unit is quite heavy, so you might encounter some difficulties or should put more effort if you want to move it. Plus, although it’s not as expensive as a brick oven, it still costs you a greater bundle than the Thor Kitchen.

            So, our advice here is that if you have a tight budget, please turn back and go with our first recommendation, but if price is not a big deal for you, give this ilFornino a shot to enjoy a more professional baking experience!

            ilFornino Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven Specifications


            46 x 30.5 x 19 inches


            430 stainless steel

            Cooking Surface

            1007 square inches


            900 degrees F

            Highlight Features

            Portable oven; 4” ceramic fiber blanket insulation


            Overall, ilFornino Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven is a great investment if you can afford it.

            How To Choose The Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven?

            Types of Pizza Ovens

            Brick and Stainless steel ovens (Portable pizza ovens) are the two main categories of wood-fired pizza ovens. So, before having a deep insight into other required features and characteristics of a pizza oven, let us show you some basic things about these two kinds of fired-wood pizza oven and their differences to see which one that you should make the call on.

            Brick Ovens

            Let’s start with brick ovens. A brick oven is what a professional traditional pizza shop often sticks to because of not only its sturdy but aesthetic outlook but also its large capacity and ability to hold consistent temperature in a long period of time.

            One thing that you should notice when buying a brick oven is that once you install it, be prepared that it’s really hard to move or we can say that its location might be fixed.

            Moreover, brick ovens tend to take you a considerable amount of time to wait for it to get hot. That’s why this might not be suitable for those who are into the quick prep time cooking habit. But, if you prefer cooking techniques that call for slow baking and consistent, low heat or you frequently have to cook some dishes that require more preparation than cook time, a brick oven will definitely come in handy.

            Besides, brick ovens also ask for a little investment in the process called “curing” to make them solid enough to be in ready condition. And, one last important note here is that brick ovens hate water, so keep in mind that you will cover your brick oven carefully and keep it far away from water when not using, unless you don’t want to use it for years.

            Stainless Steel/ Portable Ovens

            If portability is the first and foremost factor for you to consider when deciding a pizza oven, you definitely should make a deal with a stainless steel aka portable-designed one. Unlike brick ovens, whose location is tied down, you can occasionally move a stainless steel oven and put it anywhere you want because it often comes with wheels.

            In addition, when it comes to quick heating, a brick oven stays no chance of winning over a stainless steel one. So, if you are often in a hurry and want to have a pizza ready to be served in a short amount of time, this oven type is for you. However, this also means that it will get colder more easily. The fire could be shut down because of a blaze anytime if you don’t have enough patience to look after and maintain it.

            A big bonus for it is that as it is made of stainless steel, it does not require as much maintenance as the brick oven. And it will have a more modern look. This could be either an advantage or a disadvantage based on your preference and home decorating style.


            The best shape design for a pizza oven, which enables it to distribute heat effectively and have more cooking space is the round shape with low, or we can say Neapolitan dome. The standard height for the dome is equal to 37.5% of the dome diameter.

            Another thing that you should consider when it comes to design is the oven’s door. The door must be large enough for you to move the pizza in and out easily.


            At the moment of making a decision, we often think that we will cook only 1 pizza at once because it is manageable for amateurs like us, and then many people end up with the smallest-sized oven.

            But, you should go beyond that because in the future, you are likely to grill more than just a pizza with your oven. Moreover, you also need to think about the cooking space to handle and rotate the pizzas with a diameter of 30cm. The pizza should not be placed right beside the fire as well or else you will have to frequently turn it if you don’t want it to be burnt.

            You see, some extra space will help your cooking experience to conduct more easily and smoothly. We advise that your oven’s cooking surface should be at least 0.30 m2 (3.3 ft). However, don’t go too far because a 40m2 cooking floor oven is more than enough for home use purposes.


            Thermal mass is one of important aspects related to temperature that you should care about since it will affect your oven usage capacity.

            For instance, a brick oven with medium to big thermal mass will be suitable for those who consider baking is a whole-day activity because of its persistence and slow heating up as well. Otherwise, portable wood-fired pizza ovens with lower thermal mass are there for you if you want to save up as much of your time as possible.

            In terms of heat control, portable pizza ovens have won over our vote, especially the dual chamber model. Therefore, if you want to cook dishes that require a high level of cooking skills and the precision in temperature, a dual chamber portable pizza oven is the best choice.

            Finally, as we have mentioned above, the benefit of a brick oven is that its fire is more consistent and persistent than the stainless steel model’s. That’s why its retained heat cooking time will be longer, and more suitable for the slow cook technique.


            We are talking about a wood fired oven, so it’d be much better if that oven is energy-saving as you don’t want to harm the environment, right?

            In this field, we will think highly of stainless steel ovens rather than brick ones. Taking up more heating time means that it will need more wood to burn and reach your wanted temperature.

            Installation Time

            Overall, when comparing the installation time between a brick oven and a portable one, we can confidently say that the installing process of a brick oven is harder and longer than the other one.

            In detail, there are three designs in the category of brick ovens, which are masonry, modular and assembled. And among three of them, masonry ovens will take you the longest amount of time to install.

            Cooking Techniques

            As you know, besides baking pizza, we can use a pizza oven for many other cooking purposes such as vegetable grilling or BBQ. And, to the best of our knowledge about pizza ovens, there are some specific kinds of cooking styles or techniques that most portable ovens are unable to conduct, for example, True Neapolitan pizzas.

            This pizza style requires big fire, normally from 430 to 480 Celsius degrees. And, to keep both of the edges and interiors delicate, soft, and chewy, the fire must stay consistent and only a brick oven can do that. Plus, low heat cooking (45 - 85 Celsius degrees) is also not what a single chamber portable oven could make a great job.

            Generally, both of the wood fired pizza oven types are high-functioning and appropriate for most baking and grilling styles, but if you often cook recipes that are in need of one of those two mentioned techniques, a brick oven is a better option.

            Which Brands Make The Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven?

            Here are the two pizza oven manufacturers that we want to introduce to our readers most: Authentic Pizza Ovens and ilFornino.

            Both of them are professional brands in this field so you can totally trust and rely on their products. They also provide a wide range of products in different price levels to ensure that they can meet all your needs.

            However, while all ilFornino products are made from stainless steel, following the modern style, the Authentic Pizza Ovens tends to prefer the classical and more vintage design. Well, this aspect cannot determine which brand is the better.

            So, our final suggestion here is that besides our top picks in this article, if you have time, you should check out those two manufacturers’ websites because you can also find out many other good ovens there.


            What's the best wood to use in a pizza oven?

            Actually, we can divide woods into two types, which are hardwoods and softwoods. And, the better one that should be used for a pizza oven are hardwoods because they are cleaner and their burning time is longer than softwoods. Some typical names of hardwoods that are most suitable for pizza baking are maple, apple, hickory, mesquite, oaks, etc.

            Are pizza ovens worth it?

            It’s really hard to determine whether one is worth or not since it will depend on a lot of factors, and the biggest one in this case is your passion with pizza. So, if you are a big fan of pizza, just like us, pizza ovens are a must-have kitchen appliance.

            Is a wood fired pizza oven best?

            Well, we can say that a fired wood oven undoubtedly stays at the top heap when it comes to the most effective way to bring out the best, authentic flavour in any pizzas. Just imagining the creamy taste of cheese combining with the natural smoke aroma from fired wood has already made us mouth-watering.

            Can I use charcoal in a pizza oven?

            Yes, you can. But according to our experience, charcoal will produce a much less fierce fire than wood, which might affect your finished pizza's texture and style. For example, if you are into a traditional taste of a Neapolitan style pizza with puffy edges and thin, soft center, nothing is better than using wood to cook your pizza, but if you want to change into a Newyork style pizza with thin crispy edge and more chewy interior, coal-fired is a more recommended way.

            Moreover, it is the fact that not all wood-fired pizza ovens are able to handle charcoal fire, so you should check your oven’s manuals before trying.

            How long do pizza ovens last?

            On average, a pizza oven will have a lifespan of 10 years, but of course, depending on your usage as well as the product quality, this number could change.


            As you can see, it’s quite a long way to find out your best wood fired pizza oven. Still, in short, all you should do is to consider your budget limit, your suitable pizza oven type, and then go to your right one with the help of our review.

            That’s all for today. Thank you a lot for stitching with us until the bottom line, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

            Harry Ramos
            Harry Ramos

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