Best Tank Decorations For Betta Fish

By Harry RamosLast update: 2024-05-16

Aquarium ornaments or decorations really give your betta tank a completely different look.

With some reasonable creativity, your fish will relief stress of captivity to love their new living environments, wandering around the tank, and live happily. If you’re wondering about the cost of tank decorations, don’t worry, they are generally budget-friendly and easy to find.

In this article, we’re going to list out the best tank decorations for betta fish. Don’t overlook it!

Live Plants

Best Tank Decorations For Betta Fish

Growing live plants isn’t as difficult as you might think. This option even gives you more benefits than just a tank decoration, such as absorbing harmful ammonia and nitrates, providing oxygen, and offering nice hiding spots for fish.

Not to say that live plants help reduce the algae growth without using harmful chemicals (if that’s also what you are looking for).

Betta fishes, just like other types, will live the happiest if their tank reflects the closest to their natural environment.

Here are some easy-to-grow betta fish plants:

Live plant

Light Level

Highlight features


(Vallisneria spp.)

Low to High

Grow tall enough to curl over the surface of the betta fish tank

Cryptocoryne Wendtii


Available in dark green and a reddish-brown color.

6”-8” in height

Undemanding, slower-growing species from Sri Lanka

Pygmy Chain Swords


Look like grass

Tolerant of varied temperature conditions and pH levels

Grow by sending runners throughout the substrate

Require a rich substrate to thrive happily

Marsilea Minuta


Tolerate a wide range of water temperatures

In good light and nutrient conditions, it tends to form a carpet of clover-like leaves

Christmas Moss (Vesicularia Montagne)


Tolerate almost all warm water and light levels; 78 to 80 degrees.

Tend to create a forest of little fir-like trees

A slow-growing species

Cryptocoryne Parva


Slow growing plants & low-maintenance

Require no shading plants and constant nutrient access to thrive

Fake Plants

Best Tank Decorations For Betta Fish

This option is a great alternative for those people who are too busy (or don’t prefer) growing live betta plants.

Do betta fish like fake plants in their tank?

Well, as long as you don’t overdo them, fake plants are still a great choice for your tank. Floating silk plants are great to create a safe shelter, encourage your fish to explore their tank, and recreate a natural betta ecosystem.

The only thing to keep in mind when choosing fake plants (or silk plants) is to avoid those with sharp edges as they might tear the long finnage of your betta.

Marimo Balls

Best Tank Decorations For Betta Fish

This unique decoration is actually a harmless type of algae, commonly found on lake beds in Northern Europe and Japan.

Under the constant impact of slow currents, they are shaped into spherical balls.

If you’re in need of an interesting conversation-starter for your betta fish tank, this is a great choice. Aside from decoration purposes, Marimo Balls are a good place for fish to rest/sleep, a playful toy, and even a favorite food of betta.

To maintain them, make sure the water in your fish tank is high-quality with indirect lighting and little pollution load or nutrients. They would thrive strongly in cool, unheated aquariums but still able to survive in a temp range of under 74 degrees F.

Betta Logs

Best Tank Decorations For Betta Fish

You can use natural driftwood or artificial floating logs to add to your fish tank.

Aside from creating a more natural-looking theme in the aquarium, another notable benefit of using betta logs is to help your fish relieve boredom from captivity.

They will provide your pet betta with an excellent shelter to sleep, rest, blow a bubble nest in, feed, and even breed. Not to say that these logs play a good role in improving the fish’s immune system.

If you want to take advantage of driftwood around your living areas, make sure they’re completely clean and toxin-free before adding to the tank.

Best Tank Decorations For Betta Fish

Natural driftwood has another benefit, which is to reduce the harm of nitrate and ammonia to the fish as it is a perfect place for bacteria to grow.

Betta Hammocks

It’s unsurprising that betta fish enjoys taking a nap during the day and in fact, they have some odd sleeping gestures, like snoozing in a big, wide leaf near the surface of your tank.

This special leaf is called “betta hammock”.

Although it doesn’t look like a hammock for humans to laze around in, it makes a dependable, relaxing resting place for your pet fish.

Aquarium Rocks

Best Tank Decorations For Betta Fish

Adding to your betta fish tank extra natural-looking by using some rocks.

When it comes to this tank ornament, there is a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from. Some are even a perfect anchor for Anubia and Java Fern.

Another big benefit of using aquarium rocks is providing a substantial surface area for nitrifying bacteria.

The most important thing to consider when choosing rocks is if they change your tank’s pH levels and if you really want that to happen. If you’re just a newbie, we suggest you go to a local fish store where you’ll get the best advice from sellers to pick the right one.

Not to say that aquarium rocks from these stores are already treated to be readily used right out of the box.


This is the end of this article.

We hope that you’ll get more interesting ideas about the best tank decorations for betta fish. Thanks a lot for reading!

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