4 Best Snow Blowers for Heavy Wet Snow of 2024

By Harry RamosLast update: 2024-07-11

A descent blowing snow blower can help you remove dry snow effectively, but it is useless to remove snow in wet and snowy climates. In this case, you need to invest in a more powerful model due to the high level of snow and moisture.

Here are the best snow blowers for heavy wet snow you can buy in 2024:

  • Best Overall: YARDMAX YB6270 two-stage snow blower
  • Best For Gravel Driveway: PowerSmart DB7624E
  • Best For Large Paved Areas: Poulan Pro PR241 snow blower
  • Most Durable: Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30XP
4 Best Snow Blowers For Heavy Wet Snow
Best Overall
YARDMAX YB6270 two-stage snow blower
    Best For Gravel Driveway
    PowerSmart DB7624E
      Best For Large Paved Areas
      Poulan Pro PR241 snow blower
        Most Durable
        Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30XP

          After searching a lot of information on the Internet and consulting from readers’ comments, I pick up the top 4 snow blowers for heavy wet snow. No matter what you need to deal with, you can find a suitable product, meeting your requirements.

          Best Overall: YARDMAX YB6270 two-stage snow blower

          YARDMAX YB6270 two-stage snow blower
          YARDMAX YB6270 two-stage snow blower
          • Easy assembly

          • Lightweight

          • Simple to start

          • Quick to be clogged

          In the case of no special requirements, you should pick up this best overall two-stage snow blower. It provides you with all outstanding and essential features to blow heavy and wet snow.

          If your house is covered by the combination of snow, packed ice, and snow in winter, YARDMAX YB6270 can help you deal with all of these problems. The 7.0 hp 208cc engine is powerful enough to blow away snow. While the serrated steel augers are designed to cut through hard-packed snow and ice effortlessly, the axe-shapped housing takes responsibility for chopping excessive ice and snow.

          This machine can perform from small and large projects because of its multi-speed self-propeller drive.

          It's straightforward to start the engine because you have two start options: recoil start and electric start. If one of them is in trouble, you can try another.

          This product also comes with many convenience features such as an LED headlight, cup holder, and easy-to-reach speed control for the perfect performance.

          YARDMAX YB6270 two-stage snow blower Specifications


          161.0 pounds

          Clearing Width

          28.3 inches

          Cylinder Displacement


          Highlight Features

          Push-button electric start, recoil backup
          Multi-Speed self-propeller drive
          Serrated steel augers, axe-shaped housing


          YARDMAX YB6270 is an excellent combination of good performance and many convenience features.

          Best For Gravel Driveway: PowerSmart DB7624E

          PowerSmart DB7624E
          PowerSmart DB7624E
          • Powerful

          • Made from flimsy plastic material

          • Easy to assemble and operate

          • Quiet to run

          • Small and skinny tires without tracking well

          Whether you need to clear a thick or thin surface of the snow on a gravel driveway, never choose a single-stage thrower. Its bottom will contact the ground to get all the snow up, and pick up rocks and gravel the chute. This can cause broken windows and injured people.

          Now, let me tell you what you need. The PowerSmart DB7624E design with the machine’s slightly raised mouth will move along the path without touching the ground. Therefore, the problem above is no more.

          PowerSmart DB7624E Specifications


          180 Pounds

          Clearing Width

          24 inches

          Snow Depth

          21 inches

          Cylinder Displacement


          Highlight Features

          Push-button electric start
          Versatile drive system
          13 in. inflatable tires


          This snow blower works well in gravel areas.

          Best For Large Paved Areas: Poulan Pro PR241 snow blower

          Poulan Pro PR241 snow blower
          Poulan Pro PR241 snow blower
          • Durable

          • Easy to assemble and handle

          • Quick to clear

          • Light enough to run in weak lighting conditions

          • Good instruction

          • Fairly heavy machine

          Are you looking for a snow blower for an uneven paved surface?

          Its ribbon augers can break through snow and ice without touching the ground.

          Everyone knows that you need an over two-stage snow blower to blow heavy and wet snow, but this fuel-powered machine will produce noise while working. This is not a perfect option for large paved areas because they are usually near places with people.

          However, this is not a case of Poulan Pro PR241 because of the two-stage electric start machine. This means that the two-stage function can provide enough power to remove heavy and wet snow. Meanwhile, the electric part works very quietly and effectively without disturbing people around you.

          Poulan Pro PR241 snow blower Specifications


          240 pounds

          Clearing Width


          Cylinder Displacement


          Highlight Features

          Remote Chute Deflector
          Electric Start and auger


          Poulan Pro PR241 has a strong power from a two-stage machine and offers quiet performance as an electric model.

          Most Durable: Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30XP

          Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30XP
          Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30XP
          • Easy operation

          • Adjustable

          • Strong

          • Quick and easy to install

          • Not fully assembled

          • Heavy

          The best snow blower for heavy wet snow is an expensive product, so you won't want to send a large amount of money to buy a new machine just after a short time. Thus, durability should always be the top priority. Although all products on this list are durable, Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30XP is the best.

          Its augers and chute are made from steel that is durable and sharp enough to cut through in only one pass.

          Have you ever heard about this analogy: "tough as steel"?

          It provides you with long-term strength to use this machine for a long time without breaking.

          Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30XP Specifications


          352 pounds

          Clearing Width


          Cylinder Displacement


          Highlight Features

          A 4-way chute control, serrated steel augers, rugged steel chute
          Heated handgrips
          Touch 'N Turn steering, adjustable polymer skid shoes


          Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30XP is a worthy and long-term investment.

          How To Choose The Best Snow Blower For Heavy Wet Snow?

          If you can’t choose any appropriate product among 4 choices above, I will let you know what you have to consider to make the right decision. In case you just choose the most expensive machine or the cheapest one, your choice can’t meet your requirements, even you waste a large amount of money.

          Do you need to remove wet snow?

          All of you reading this article are looking for a powerful machine to remove wet snow for sure. Thus, don't think about cheap products with low capacity. It's better to consider the highest engine rating with the highest capacity to clear wet snow effectively.

          Are convenience features essential for you?

          While the high level of capacity allows you to remove wet snow, the convenience features help you complete your tasks quicker and easier. They include power steering, heated handle grip, and right wheels.

          Typically, you have to struggle to pass through thick snow. Thus, the support of the rugged wheels and heated handle helps you remove thick and wet snow quickly without having frozen fingers. Meanwhile, the power steering is designed for directional purposes. This function allows you to direct your snow blower through snow more straightforward.

          What stage of snow blower do you need for removing thick and wet snow?

          Before answering this question, you should know which machine can't remove thick and wet snow well. The cheap single-stage snow blowers and light 2 stage models are not ideal solutions for cutting wet snow.

          You should use a unit over 2 stages, especially, it's better to have some extra features.

          Should you invest in an adjustable chute and deflector?

          The adjustable chute and chute deflectors allow you to blow a large amount of snow. You can distribute the snow to different areas evenly without pilling it in a place.

          Is the warranty important?

          The snow blowers are a worthy investment because most of them are pretty expensive. Thus, it's vital to find out a good warranty just in case.

          Will you blow snow at night?

          The weak lighting conditions require a machine with a headlight. A bright porch light can't provide you with enough lighting to illuminate a whole driveway.

          Can you push a bulky snow blower by yourself?

          I am sure that you can't do this thing. Therefore, you had better purchase a two or three-stage blower that has self-propulsion.

          Which Brands Make The Best Snow Blower For Heavy Wet Snow?


          In 2016, this company shipped the first product in the United States. This is the starting of growing and expanding the product lineup.


          PowerSmart is a famous brand about different outdoor power equipment. They include yard cleanup tools, lawnmowers, and snow blowers. Thanks to the help and support of experienced and knowledgeable staff, PowerSmart always provides its customers with good machines and affordable price,s and excellent customer service.

          Poulan Pro

          A former lumberjack - Claude Poulan founded Poulan Pro in 1946 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Just after a short time, this brand is well-known for a wide range of easy-to-use one-person saws.


          With more than 80 years of experience, Troy-Bit is specializing in many reliable and useful equipment as follows:

          • Edgers

          • Chipper shredders and vacs

          • Leaf blowers

          • String trimmers

          • Snowblowers

          • Cultivators

          • Tillers

          • Walk-behind mowers

          • RZTs

          • Riding mowers


          Does a snow blower work on heavy wet snow?

          Not all snow blowers are designed for working on heavy and wet snow because this type of snow can clog the snow thrower, even stop working and breaking down. It’s better to use a heavyweight snowblower.

          Are 3 stage snow blowers better?

          The three-stage snow blower can offer more power to remove heavy and wet snow effectively. Meanwhile, other types of machines are weaker to work on a thick surface of the snow.

          How deep of snow can a snow blower handle?

          Usually, a single-stage snow blower just can work well on a 6-9-inch surface of the snow. Even the most powerful single-stage snow blower struggles on an over 16-inch surface. Meanwhile, the two-stage and three-stage can deal with 16 inches of snow even more quickly.

          Why does my snowblower not throw snow far?

          The common reason is that the chute is clogged. However, if this is not your case, your machine might get one of the following circumstances:

          • A damaged auger blade isn't able to push snow through the shoot.

          • The broken shear pins stop the auger from spinning.

          • A worn and stretched auger belt spins the auger slower, so your machine can't throw snow far.

          • A broken gear case will stop the augers from spinning at the right speed as well.

          • In case the chute doesn't work, you might blow snow into the wind. After that, it will come back onto the driveway.

          What can I put on my snowblower to keep the snow from sticking?

          Like a cooking spray, you can use a non-stick snowblower spray to coat your chute and auger. This way can keep the snow from sticking.


          The best snow blower for heavy wet snow can help you remove snow with a high moisture level quickly and easily. However, most of them work well in different areas. For the best performance, you should purchase a powerful machine to clear heavy wet snow. In particular, it’s better to have the convenience features to complete your tasks quicker and more straightforward.

          Remember to pick up a more than 2 or 3 - stage snow blower. If you choose a single-stage machine, it will create a mess. The warranty plays a vital role in determining the model quality, so you should select a long-time warranty.

          Have you chosen a suitable snow blower for yourself? Do you have any questions about the best snow blower for heavy wet snow? Please let me know your decision and your issue by leaving a comment in the section below. I will come back with a suitable and quick answer. Don’t forget to write the reason why you choose it.

          Great day and thanks for reading.

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