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  • Best Repellent For Skunks of 2024: Top 6 Picks

Best Repellent For Skunks of 2024: Top 6 Picks

By Harry RamosLast update: 2024-07-11

Skunks seem to be very cute from a far distance, but they stink up the joint. Thus, if you want them to go away from your yard without harming them, consider the best repellent for skunks. For the best result, you must buy one that suits your yard size, where you will apply, and so on.

Here are the best repellents for skunks you can buy in 2024:

  • Best For Fast Results (Skunk Repellent Spray): Rodent Sheriff
  • Best For Flower Beds (Skunk Repellent Spray): Bonide
  • Best For Long-Lasting Effectiveness (Skunk Repellent Spray): Bobbex
  • Sprinkler Repellent (Motion-Activated Skunk Repellent): Havahart
  • Ultrasonic repellent - Best For Small Areas (Motion-Activated Skunk Repellent): AMIATCH
  • Easy To Install (Motion-Activated Skunk Repellent): Abilly
6 Best Repellents For Skunks
Best For Fast Results
Rodent Sheriff
  • Skunk Repellent Spray
Best For Flower Beds
  • Skunk Repellent Spray
Best For Long-Lasting Effectiveness
  • Skunk Repellent Spray
Sprinkler Repellent
  • Motion-Activated Skunk Repellent
Ultrasonic repellent - Best For Small Areas
  • Motion-Activated Skunk Repellent
Easy To Install
  • Motion-Activated Skunk Repellent

Best For Fast Results: Rodent Sheriff

Rodent Sheriff
Rodent Sheriff
  • Pleasant smell
  • Cheap
  • No long-lasting

Is your yard attacked by skunks now? Are you looking for a solution that can bring a result as fast as possible? If so, choose the Rodent Sheriff Skunk Repellent Spray.

After spraying, if the skunks can smell the peppermint from this formula, they will go away from your yard immediately.

Rodent Sheriff Specifications


16 Fluid Ounces

Active Ingredient

Peppermint Oil


2,000 sprays

Highlight Features



The Rodent Sheriff Skunk Repellent Spray can make skunks leave your yard quickly, so there is no need to wait long.

Best For Flower Beds: Bonide

  • Easy to use
  • Safe for pets and kids
  • Horrible smell to humans

Flowers are very delicate, so hard chemical ingredients can harm them. Thus, are you looking for a safe solution for your flower beds?

The Bonide Skunk Repellent Spray can meet this requirement because it is a natural formula that has biodegradable ingredients. It's even safe when you directly spray on your flower beds.

Bonide Specifications


32 Fluid Ounces

Active Ingredient

Biodegradable ingredients

Highlight Features

Natural ingredients

Ready-to-use in a spray


The Bonide Skunk Repellent Spray is a safe choice for pets, humans, flower beds, even edible plants.

Best For Long-Lasting Effectiveness: Bobbex

  • Effective
  • Quick for the scent to be gone
  • Awful smell

You don't want to choose a spray because its effectiveness is shorter than a motion-activated skunk repellent, right?

If so, the Bobbex Skunk Repellent Spray can change your mind. It is because the manufacturer said that their product is proven about its long-lasting effectiveness. After applying, this spray won't wash away, but nothing is perfect. It requires you to reapply after a very heavy rain.

Bobbex Specifications


32 oz

Highlight Features

Long-lasting effectiveness

Natural ingredients

Ready-to-use formula


The effectiveness of the Bobbex Skunk Repellent Spray can last very long unless you get a very heavy rain.

Sprinkler Repellent: Havahart

  • Cheap
  • Very sensitive
  • Well-made
  • Flimsy plastic

If you don't want to make skunks feel uncomfortable with smells, you can choose this Havahart Motion-activated Skunk Repellent. It just scares and repels skunks by releasing a surge of water for every 5 seconds without harming them.

Apart from the function of repelling skunks, it also works as a sprinkler repellent. It means that you can use it to water your lawn and garden by turning the sensitivity knob. After choosing this "sprinkler setting", it will spray continuously for watering.

Havahart Specifications


Plastic, Metal

Detection Distance

100 feet

Highlight Features

An infrared sensor

4 sensitivity settings

Eco-Friendly Design


The Havahart Motion-activated Skunk Repellent is a 2-in-1 device that scares skunks and provides your lawn or yard with water.

Ultrasonic repellent - Best For Small Areas: AMIATCH

  • Beautiful look
  • Possible to adjust the sensitivity
  • Easy to use, install and maintain
  • Acceptable price
  • Durable
  • Flimsy spike

If your yard is small, there is no need to invest in models with a wide range. In this case, you can choose the AMIATCH Motion-activated Skunk Repellent. It can detect skunks within 33 ft, and its sensor angle is 120 degrees.

AMIATCH Specifications



Detection Distance

20-33 feet

Sensor Angle

120 degrees

Highlight Features

Ultrasonic technology

Solar and USB charging

Fully Waterproof


The AMIATCH Motion-activated Skunk Repellent is effective enough for a small yard or garden.

Easy To Install: Abilly

  • Good look
  • Nice to stick
  • Well-made
  • Easy to install
  • Effective in a short distance

Don't you want to buy a motion-activated skunk repellent because it is more complicated to use than a spray? In particular, this type requires you install it while you can directly use the spray after unboxing.

If you want an easy-to-install model that can bring a long effectiveness, consider the Abilly Motion-activated Skunk Repellent.

This product has many mounting options, so you can easily install it depending on your needs. For example, if you want to protect your wall or fence, you just need to insert it in the ground.

Abilly Specifications


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Detection Distance

20-25 yards distance range

Sound Frequency


Sensor Angle

110 degrees

Highlight Features

Ultrasonic technology

Built-in motion detection sensor


Eco-Friendly Charging

Multiple mounting options


The simple design of the Abilly Motion-activated Skunk Repellent helps you shorten the installing process.

How To Choose The Best Repellent For Skunks?

What Are The Best Types Of Skunk Repellent?

Electronic skunk repellents, granular skunk repellents, and aerosol skunk repellents are the three major varieties:

Spray skunk repellents come in a liquid form that is inexpensive and simple to use with spray canisters, but only lasts for only a short amount of time before needing to be applied again.

Small, dry pellets that contain chemicals that irritate the taste and scent sensibilities of skunks are known as granule skunk repellents. This kind often comes with a mixing container to make application simpler. Granule repellents are more expensive than other types, but they last longer.

Motion detectors and microphones are used in electronic repellents. When placing, you must stab its stake into the earth in a set location. Skunks will be scared away by the speakers' commotion when the motion monitor detects their presence. Even though you can't hear it, your dogs may find it annoying.

How Is The Weather In Your Area?

You apply the skunk repellent outside, so the weather elements will affect how they work.

If it rains so often in your area, reapply the spray repellents regularly to maintain an effective barrier.

Compared to sprays, the skunk repellent granules can put up with the wet conditions better.

The electronic skunk repellents are waterproof, so you can let it do its job on rainy days comfortably. However, it works better on sunny days because sunlight helps it charge the batteries.

How To Choose The Best Spray And Granule Skunk Repellents?

What are the most effective and safest ingredients of spray and granule skunk repellents?

This type requires you to distribute it throughout your yard for working, so it’s better to choose natural and nontoxic ingredients that are safe to humans, pets, and the environment. Below are some common ingredients to repel skunks:

Though peppermint essential oil can irritate skunks, its odor is pleasant to humans.

The smells of putrescent egg whites, garlic oil, and dried blood are unpleasant, but they are undetectable after drying.

Black pepper, capsaicin, and piperine also irritate the sense of taste and smell of skunks. Or it’s ok to use products with urine from common skunk predators like coyotes to scare skunks away.

How To Choose An Electronic Repellent For Skunks?

How large is the area where you want to protect from skunks?

An electronic repellent is installed in a fixed position to cover a certain area with produced sounds and water. Thus, you must determine the size of your area to choose a model with a suitable wide coverage. The majority of ultrasonic repellers can cover 80-1200 square feet, but some powerful models can protect your yard from skunks for up to 5000 square feet. If you need more range, consider corded repellers.

Which Brands Make The Best Repellent For Skunks?


Bonide, which was founded in 1926, specializes in offering solutions and products for garden pest, home, and lawn problems. Besides, they are also famous for high-quality products in lawn and garden care categories.


What is the best time to apply skunk repellents?

The best time to apply skunk repellents is in the evening because at this time, the skunks are away foraging.

How long will skunk repellent spray last?

The smell left behind by the skunk repellent is more offensive than other odors, so it lasts pretty long, up to 3 weeks, even longer.

Are skunk repellents safe around my pets and children?

The majority of skunk repellents are safe to use around your pets and children. To be sure, check the information on the label if it is safe for pets and children or not. Some spray products contain pepper oil and capsaicin substances that irritate humans and pets.

Can repellents keep skunks out of my yard at night?

Yes. Although all spray repellents are offensive to skunks, you must apply it in the right place for the best result. Normally, it's best to apply it at the edges of your yard or where they usually hide.

A motion detection sprinkler will keep skunks out of your yard at night by emitting a sudden spray of water with whirring noise to scare them away.

Do ultrasonic skunk repellents work?

Yes. The ultrasonic skunk repellent will produce an electronic repellent system to repel skunks and other kinds of animals from your area.

Specifically, the movements of skunks will trigger the sensor to produce an annoying high-pitched sound that can repel skunks.

This type of skunk repellent has some handy features and each of them has different benefits:

For example, if your device has flashing LED lights, you should install it in an area with direct sunlight to take advantage of the solar power.


Are you worrying about the safety of skunks when you apply the best repellent for skunks? It is not a big problem. No matter which type of model you choose, it just makes skunks uncomfortable without putting them at risk.

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