Best Plants For Bathroom That You Can Easily Grow At Home

Last update: 2023-01-26

Rather just a room to maintain your health and hygiene, your bathroom can also show others your preference and style. How to make your bathroom feel like a luxury calming spa?

Our list of the best plants for the bathroom, which enjoy warm temperatures & high humidity and can seamlessly add an elegant touch to such a limited space will get you covered.

Aloe Vera

Best Plants For Bathroom That You Can Easily Grow At Home

Aloe vera is a succulent species of the genus of the liliaceous plants and a handy green to have around your property. Whether you hang this ornamental plant in a basket or place it on the floor, it makes itself outstanding among the crowd with green-gray leaves variegated with some white spots.

As this cactus-like plant is a prized tender succulent, it requires little care and is notoriously hard to kill. It can survive in both low and high indirect light conditions and excels at absorbing moisture.

That’s why aloe vera is suitable for growing in your bathroom. However, one of the several things that can burn the leaves or kill this plant is too much direct sunlight and over-watering.


Best Plants For Bathroom That You Can Easily Grow At Home

Native to tropical climates, orchids are among the largest flowering plant families. Over 20,000 species of orchids love warm and humid environments, thus able to do well in your bathroom’s steamy confines. Just be sure that it is well ventilated and receives minimal sunlight.

Since orchids are perennial herbs, you can admire their blooms for weeks only. And since these flowers ranging in sizes and colors are small enough to fit a petit spot, you can place a cluster of delicate blooms in the sink to add a pop of class to any lackluster bathrooms.

Peace lilies (Spathiphyllum wallisii)

Best Plants For Bathroom That You Can Easily Grow At Home

Peace lilies, also known as spathiphyllum wallisii is the most popular closet plant for a bit of elegance in your homes and offices.

As this variety of houseplant needs minimal care and loves little light as well as hot tropical conditions, it really appreciates any bathroom’s humidity. You can plant this elegant tree in a dark bathroom and have the charming white flowers decorate your room while its rich green leaves ensure the low mold levels.

Though the soil should not be dry for extended periods, peace lilies do not feel thankful for being over-watered.

Snake plant

Best Plants For Bathroom That You Can Easily Grow At Home

Also cheekily called Mother-in-Laws Tongue, this West-African-native plant is among the easiest-to cultivate succulents.

This novice-horticulturist-friendly plant can flourish in humid conditions and thrive in a low light environment. Moreover, the upright green banded leaves make snake plants a space-conscious choice fitted in any small room.

As a plus, Mother-in-Laws Tongue also works as a great air purifier. This air-purifying plant can do a great job of filtering out formaldehyde, which is often found in perfume, bathroom products, and nail polish.

Spider Plant (Chlorophytumcomosum)

Best Plants For Bathroom That You Can Easily Grow At Home

Another houseplant thriving in any bathroom’s humidity and warmth is Spider Plant – African-native plant of the Asparagaceae family.

This super easy-to-adapt plant loves the moisture and produces a rosette of white variegated or solid green foliage without much light.

Even with little in the way of care, it still maintains the fresh look at its best. And its long, thin, arched leaves mean that it does not vie for much room on your bathroom shelf.

Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana)

Best Plants For Bathroom That You Can Easily Grow At Home

Lucky Bamboo prefers a low or indirect light setting and is ridiculously easy to grow and care for.

Though this fascinating houseplant in the family Asparagaceae can grow incredibly quickly, you should trim it frequently or locate it in a spot which can hamper its rampant growth to get your desired size. For instance, putting a shelf above it is not a bad idea. And to maintain an instant luxe look inside your bathroom, don’t forget to change the water every week!

For the ease of caring, go with those that clump which require less repotting than running varieties.


Best Plants For Bathroom That You Can Easily Grow At Home

Fern is one of the happiest inhabitants of any bathroom because it loves the humidity and can tolerate pretty much any temperature conditions thrown at it.

Part woodlands romp and part Victorian lushness, these epiphytes seem to be tailored for a bathroom which seldom gets too cold.

Boston, Bird’s Nest, Staghorn, and Asparagus varieties are the best companions for your relaxing tub soak after a long working day.


Best Plants For Bathroom That You Can Easily Grow At Home

Ivy, particularly English Ivy, is one of the best plants for the bathroom, for a good reason.

It enjoys humid conditions and needs moderate exposure to sunlight, thus it is great for greening up your bathroom where space is considered luxury.

Not only can this low-maintenance beauty deliver a ton of plant without much effort, but it also removes mold and feces from the atmosphere to keep your bathrooms clean and hygienic.

Note: to keep these lovely leaves of your plant photosynthesizing, let that baby elegantly trail down a cabinet top or run along a windowsill.

Cast Iron Plant

Best Plants For Bathroom That You Can Easily Grow At Home

As what its name might suggest, Cast Iron Plant can handle any temperature fluctuations and thrive on neglect for long periods.

Low light, extreme heat, infrequent watering, and even poor soil conditions are the warm welcoming environment for this flowering plant species in the Asparagus family.

Tip: To let your potted cast iron plants grow at its fullest, keep them out of high & direct sunlight and allow the potting soil to almost dry out before re-watering them.

ZZ plant

Best Plants For Bathroom That You Can Easily Grow At Home

Last on our list is ZZ plant - an oval-shaped, glossy-leaf plant that is basically impossible to die.

Not many houseplants are as adaptable and forgiving as the Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Even though this eternity plant is not fine with direct or high sunlight and deep shade, it is exceptionally tolerant to almost any other light conditions such as a west-, east-, or north-facing windows; and in high humidity.

Tip: Only when the soil has already dried out does your plant needs watering.


With our suggestions on the best plants for the bathroom, you now can spread your green thumb to this area with fluctuating temperature and humidity level.

Harry Ramos
Harry Ramos

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