9 Best Outdoor Solar Lights With Remote Control of 2024

By Harry RamosLast update: 2024-02-21

Do you want to add extra lighting sources into your outdoor space? Solar lights are the most money-saving solution because they use solar energy instead of electricity. However, if you are too lazy to set up this type of light, it’s better to invest in the best outdoor solar lights with remote control. This accessory allows you to adjust the brightness level, lighting modes, lighting colors without moving around or leaving your seat.

Here are the best outdoor solar lights with remote control you can buy in 2024:

  • Brightest (Flood Lights): WWimy
  • Easy To Install (Flood Lights): highydroLED
  • Best For Wide Area (Flood Lights): intelamp
  • Fast Charging (Spot Lights): MEIHUA
  • Easy To Assemble (Spot Lights): BAILABA
  • Long Working Time (Spot Lights): Itscool
  • Vintage Style (String Lights): KYY
  • Best For Snowy Days (String Lights): Blingstar
  • Best For Trees (String Lights): Asmader
9 Best Outdoor Solar Lights With Remote Control
  • Flood Lights
Easy To Install
  • Flood Lights
Best For Wide Area
  • Flood Lights
Fast Charging
  • Spot Lights
Easy To Assemble
  • Spot Lights
Long Working Time
  • Spot Lights
Vintage Style
  • String Lights
Best For Snowy Days
  • String Lights
Best For Trees
  • String Lights

Brightest: WWimy

  • Straightforward to install
  • Good illumination
  • 2 adjustable side lights
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Not exact directions on using the remote control settings

If there aren’t many lighting sources around your house at night, you might need a solar light that can produce a high level of brightness.

Only one WWimy flood light is bright enough to light a wide area thanks to its 270° wide lighting angle. This solar light comes with 210 super bright LED beads, creating up to 2500 lumens. It is the super bright level to see everything clearly.

WWimy Specifications


‎4.7 centimeters


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Color Temperature

6500 Kelvin

Highlight Features

210 super bright LED beads

270° wide lighting angle

26feet sensing distance

2000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery

IP65 waterproof rating


The WWimy Flood Lights feature a high level of brightness, so you don’t need to waste money on buying too many models.

Easy To Install: highydroLED

  • Bright
  • Firm remote
  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Good price
  • Easy-to-read directions
  • The remote produces a squealing noise

If you are a new user and not good at installing electric devices, the highydroLED flood lights are an easy beginning.

According to customers, they just take about 30 minutes to install these solar lights.

Although this product has a simple and easy-to-install design, it is as functional as others. This device comes with motion sensor detectors with 3 working modes, of course, you can adjust it with an included remote.

highydroLED Specifications


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Color Temperature

2700K TO 6000K

Charging Time

6 hours

Highlight Features

High sensitive motion sensor detectors

3 working modes

Bracket adjustable design

IP65 Waterproof level


The highydroLED Flood Light has a simple design to easily install, but it is still very functional.

Best For Wide Area: intelamp

  • Easy to install
  • Super bright
  • Great look
  • Good price
  • Useless instructions

While normal solar lights with one sensor just have a 90-degree detection angle that detects and lights within a 25 ft area, this intelamp flood light comes with 2 sensors. Thus, both its detection angle and operation range are double.

Although its solar panel and lampshade are wide to light a wide area, the lampshade is eye-safe without dazzling.

intelamp Specifications


10 inches


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Color Temperature

6000 Kelvin

Highlight Features

Eye-safe and transparent optical lampshade

2 sensors

A wide 180° detection range

3 motion sensing modes and 2 static modes

IP65 rating


The intelamp Flood Light can detect movements in a wide range and effectively light this area.

Fast Charging: MEIHUA

  • Easy to set up
  • Well-made
  • Bright
  • Pretty
  • Versatible
  • Can’t hide all the wires

If the daytime in your area is shorter than the nighttime, you need the MEIHUA spot light that can fully charge in this short time to use at a long-time night. On sunny days, this model’s battery can be fully charged within 8-10 hours.

With a full charge, the MEIHUA spot light can last for 6 hours at continually high brightness and 12 hours at lower brightness level.

MEIHUA Specifications


Cable Length: 14m

Charging Time

8-10 hours

Working Time

2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours

Highlight Features

4W/6V solar panel

2 light modes(Flash, Smooth)

6 brightness levels(25%-40%-55%-70%-85%-100%)

IP66 Waterproof feature

45° Beam Angle

180 degree adjustable head

2 installation methods


The MEIHUA Spot Light can quickly charge, but it still provides you with a long working time.

Easy To Assemble: BAILABA

  • Flexible
  • Very bright
  • Long-lasting bright
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Lacks some essential features

If you are having trouble installing a complicated solar light, but a flood light can’t provide you with enough brightness, the BAILABA Spotlight can help you solve both problems. This model is easy to assemble and can produce a strong and focused light.

There are 2 ways of installation. Although mounting it onto the wall with screws is pretty simple, the easiest method to install this model is the second one. Simply, stick it into the ground with a stake.

BAILABA Specifications


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Charging Time

6-8 hours

Highlight Features

107 LEDs

180° wide angle lighting

90° adjustable solar panel

4 lighting modes

USB Charger

IP67 Waterproof Technology


The BAILABA Spot Light takes less time and effort on your part to install, suiting new users or beginners.

Long Working Time: Itscool

  • Good accents
  • Many color effects
  • The remote requires you to stand in front of the lights to work
  • No diagram for installation in instruction

Is the night time in your area longer than the daytime?

If so, you need a model that can be fully charged in a short period during the day and it must be powerful enough to work for a long night without turning off suddenly.

With this aspect, I want to recommend the Itscool spot light that can light up to 16 hours at a high level of brightness. On strongly sunny days, this device is fully charged within 7 hours.

Itscool Specifications



Charging Time

7 hours

Working Time

16 hours

Highlight Features

9 auto-changing colors


The Itscool Spot Light can be fully charged in a short time and work for a continuous night time.

Vintage Style: KYY

  • Solid
  • Nice accent lighting
  • Durable
  • Pretty
  • Not super bright

Do you have wooden outdoor furniture and a simple and rustic outdoor.space? If yes, let’s the KYY spot light add a vintage piece into your area.

Despite a beautiful look, these vintage solar lights not only play an important role in decorating your outdoor space but also withstand the elements thanks to its waterproof and shatterproof features.

KYY Specifications


48+6 Feet



Color Temperature

‎2700 Kelvin

Charging Time

8 hours

Working Time

30 hours

Highlight Features

Extra USB charging port

IP65 waterproof feature


The KYY String Light has a vintage style that can make your rustic space more attractive.

Best For Snowy Days: Blingstar

  • Bright
  • Easy to set up
  • Pretty
  • The remote only works within 5 feet

Like on rainy days, the weather on snowy days is also very harsh. If you need to buy solar lights for this kind of weather, the Blingstar string light can withstand these elements. This is proven through its IP rating. IP56 means that its ability to resist hard objects is 5/8 and its water protection is maximum 6/6.

Blingstar Specifications


75 ft



Working Time

24 hours

Highlight Features

8 Modes

IP56 waterproof level


The Blingstar String Light is durable and weather-resistant enough to put up with the elements.

Best For Trees: Asmader

  • Very bright
  • Pretty
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Good instruction
  • Fast to charge
  • Small light

If you want to turn plants in your garden into decorative items with lighting, the Asmader string light is a wonderful solution.

This rope string light is very lightweight, so you can safely tie it around your small plants or flowers without breaking branches. One wire is 66 ft in height and has 200 super bright LED bulbs, so you can easily and quickly lighten your trees without taking too much effort and time.

In the product picture, this light seems weak and easy-to-be-broken, but its IP rating is IP67 that is high enough to put up with the elements.

Asmader Specifications


66 ft



Working Time

7-11 hours

Highlight Features

200 LED light bulbs

2000 mAH battery

IP67 waterproof feature


The Asmader String Light is ideal to tie around tall and short trees, even weak and thin-body flowers without breaking their branches.

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Solar Light With Remote Control?

Why Do You Need A Remote Control?

It allows you to charge lighting modes, colors, turning on and off the lights without leaving your place.

Which Is The Best Type Of Outdoor Solar Light?

This depends on your needs. There are 3 types:

Timer-controlled solar lights allow you to completely control the working time of the lights because you can turn on and off the device at any moment.

Dusk-to-dawn solar lights work based on sensors that will automatically illuminate when it’s dark. If you live in a region with limited sunlight, especially in winter, it might be difficult for this type of solar light to store enough solar energy in daytime to use at night for an extended period.

Motion-activated lights will turn on when detecting a movement. They have many lighting modes and installation methods, suiting those who require specific lighting needs.

Where Do You Install Your Outdoor Solar Lights?

For gardens, invest in garden lights that are used for decorating. Specifically, it can add ambiance to your environment, making your good-cut lawn and flower more beautiful. Although this type of light is not as bright as others, it can light and illuminate a garden.

Meanwhile, the path light is brighter than the garden lights. The most common light for this place is solar lights with stakes because it’s easy and quick to install. Simply, place the stake into the ground.

How Bright Can An Outdoor Solar Light Be?

The brightness is measured by lumens. The higher the lumens are, the brighter the solar lights are. However, this doesn’t mean that the highest lumens are the best. You should choose one based on your desired location. Below are the detailed information:

  • Medium garden (150 m^2): 2800 lumens
  • Small garden (50 m^2): 1600 lumens
  • Flood lights: more than 800 lumens
  • Motion sensor lights: 300 - 700 lumens
  • Pool lights: 200 - 400 lumens
  • Path lights: 100 - 250 lumens
  • Landscape lights: 50 - 300 lumens
  • Wall lights: 50 - 200 lumens
  • Step lights: 12 - 100 lumens

What Type Of Bulb Can Provide You With The Best Performance?

There are over 20 bulb types, but the most common ones include LED lights, Compact Fluorescent lights (CFLs), and incandescent lights.

Among these types, I strongly recommend you to use LEDs because of the following reasons:

  • 75% more energy-efficient than incandescent lights
  • Long-lasting up to 25 years
  • Not hot to touch
  • But, its initial cost is high.

Which Solar Panel Type Can Receive The Most Solar Energy?

To answer this question, let’s learn all solar panel types:

Monocrystalline solar panels (Mono-Si)

This type has a conversion rate of up to 23.54%, so it has the highest performance. This option is also famous for effective usage of space.

Polycrystalline solar panels (p-Si)

p-Si is not as effective as Mono-Si because its impurities decrease the efficiency to about 8%, especially because it requires more space than Mono-Si.

Thin-film amorphous silicon solar panels (A-Si)

Though this solar panel works effectively in weak lighting conditions, it takes much space and results in low performance.

What Is The Ideal Battery Type?

For me, a lithium-ion battery is a perfect choice because it is small, lightweight, and has a low-self-discharge percentage that can store energy for months without losing charge. Plus, this type can last up to 500-1000 charge cycles, but it is more expensive than others.

Nickel-cadmium batteries suffer from memory effects, so they can’t last as long as the lithium-ion batteries. However, this type of battery offers 1500 charge cycles before losing the capacity. And it is cheaper than lithium-ion batteries.

Nickel metal hydride batteries just provide a 300-500 charge cycle, but they are heavy and have a high self-discharge ratio. They are pretty cheap and can be recycled.

How Much Battery Capacity Is Enough?

The battery capacity is measured by mAH. So, the higher the mAH is, the longer your battery can last and the longer it needs to get fully charged. If in your area, the days are shorter, invest in a high capacity battery.

How Durable And Weatherproof Should Your Solar Lights Be?

Solar lights are installed and used outdoors, so they must withstand the elements for a long time. To determine this aspect of each light, check its IP rating (Ingress Protection rating) that defines the electrical product’s sealing effectiveness. With IPXX, the first X (0-6) is the ability to resist hard objects while another (0-8) is the water protection. The higher the number is, the better the ability is.

Which Brands Make The Best Outdoor Solar Light With Remote Control?


Philips brand is one of the leading manufacturers in the solar light industry. Their featured product is the Philips LED lantern that is cheap, lightweight, and easy to carry around. In particular, this design comes with a detachable handle and a rechargeable battery, so it can work without using solar panels.


How many lumens do you need for outdoor solar lights?

This depends on where you are lighting. Below are my recommended LED lumens for each type of outdoor light:

  • Outdoor path light: 100 lumens
  • Landscape spotlight: 120 lumens
  • Lamp post: 120-180 lumens
  • Shed light: 150-300 lumens
  • Security floodlights: 700-1300 lumens

How long do outdoor solar lights last?

The batteries of most outdoor solar lights last from 3 to 4 years while the LED themselves can last over 10 years. However, this can change depending on the weather condition in your place and how you take care of your lights.

Why do outdoor solar lights stop working?

You haven’t removed the pull tabs of the solar lights. Recently, most new lights have a pull tab that is used to keep the battery from getting consumed. Thus, before removing this item, your solar lights don’t work.

Any solar lights have many switches and microprocessors inside, so that they can turn on and off automatically. Even if just one of them stops working, your solar lights can’t run.

Your solar lights don’t receive enough sunlight.

Although a solar light doesn’t need an external power in this model, there are still many cables that connect the solar panels, the batteries, and the lights. If any cable isn’t properly connected, reconnect them.

Any solar light comes with a sensor inside. This part can detect lighting, so keep your solar lights far away from other light sources to make sure that they run rightly. If you install your solar lights near other light sources, they will detect that the running time of another light source is the day and don’t turn on the lights.

If your solar lights have motion detectors, test their sensitivity to make sure that they run properly after installing.

The light sensors are faulty.

The old batteries are dead or your solar lights are out of battery, replace them with new units.

The LED bulbs aren’t working anymore.

How do you charge solar lights without the sun?

Although the weather in winter and cloudy days is gloomy without direct sunlight, the solar panels charge more effectively in cold temperatures. You can take advantage of small beams of light these days.

Charge your solar lights under incandescent light that takes you for a longer time around 2-5 hours. Put your incandescent light a few inches away from the solar panels.

LED light source is more beneficial than incandescent lights because it can cover a wider range of spectrum.

If your solar LED lights come with an alternative charge way like a USB charger, you can charge your solar lights by plugging it to your power bank or a wall socket. This can cost you more than other ways.

Do solar lights work in winter?

Yes. All solar lights can work in winter, but make sure that they can receive enough sunlight during the daytime to use at night.


Is the best outdoor solar lights with remote control worthy?

Yes. They can provide you with a wide lighting source for a large outdoor space in a money-saving and convenient method. Of course, all of them are weather-resistant to use outdoors for a long time. Depending on the specific weather in your area, choose a model with a proper IP rating.

I’m Harry Ramos, who's crazy about all things green. I’m here to share some experience in my gardening adventure and how to choose the best products for your garden. Let's dig in, get our hands dirty, and celebrate the simple, earthy pleasures of the garden together!

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