Best Liquid Fertilizer For New Sod of 2024: Top 6 Picks

By Harry RamosLast update: 2023-11-27

Are you looking for the best liquid fertilizer for new sod?

It can be a daunting task to research different products, weigh the pros and cons, and find one that fits the needs of your lawn.

That's why we are here to help! In this blog post, we'll review five of the best options and provide a buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

Here are the best liquid fertilizers for new sod you can buy in 2024:

  • Fast Acting: AgroThrive ATGP1128
  • Best For St. Augustine Grass: Simple Lawn Solutions 6-18-0 Fertilizer
  • Best For Vigorous Foliar Growth: Scotts 23100
  • Best For Soil Microorganisms: Age Old 1FS4GC
  • Best For Cool-Season Grasses: LawnStar 8 16 8G
  • Best For Bermuda Grass: Yard Mastery 16-21-2 Fertilizer
6 Best Liquid Fertilizers For New Sod
Fast Acting
AgroThrive ATGP1128
    Best For St. Augustine Grass
    Simple Lawn Solutions 6-18-0 Fertilizer
      Best For Vigorous Foliar Growth
      Scotts 23100
        Best For Soil Microorganisms
        Age Old 1FS4GC
          Best For Cool-Season Grasses
          LawnStar 8 16 8G
            Best For Bermuda Grass
            Yard Mastery 16-21-2 Fertilizer

              Fast Acting: AgroThrive ATGP1128

              AgroThrive ATGP1128
              AgroThrive ATGP1128
              • Help plant roots absorb nutrient more rapidly – predigested fast-acting formula
              • Reliable & safe – the usage of proprietary technology
              • Versatile & ideal for all grass types - a 3-3-2 NPK ratio
              • Difficult to pour
              • The fertilizer stinks

              The fast-acting formula of the AgroThrive ATGP1128 is our top recommendation for gardeners who want a liquid fertilizer that plant roots can quickly absorb.

              Unlike traditional organic liquid fertilizers, the ATGP1128 is gone through the digestion process—which often takes 4-6 weeks for organic materials to break down into a form that plant roots can absorb—before going into the soil.

              Therefore, you'll see the result right after only a week of application.

              Peace in mind, this digestion process uses a proprietary technology that safely converts nutritious raw materials into nutrients. So, it won't cause harm to plants or the surrounding environment.

              With a 3-3-2 NPK ratio, this liquid fertilizer is perfect for everything that grows, such as lawns, vegetables, greenhouses, and herbs.

              AgroThrive ATGP1128 Specifications


              1 Gal (128 Fluid Ounces)

              Fertilizer Analysis

              3-3-2 NPK

              Highlight Features

              predigested fast-acting formula

              the usage of proprietary technology

              a 3-3-2 NPK ratio


              We highly recommend the AgroThrive ATGP1128 for those who want a liquid fertilizer that has a fast-acting formula and is safe for the environment.

              Best For St. Augustine Grass: Simple Lawn Solutions 6-18-0 Fertilizer

              Simple Lawn Solutions 6-18-0 Fertilizer
              Simple Lawn Solutions 6-18-0 Fertilizer
              • Best for St. Augustine grass – a great content of Phosphorus
              • Improve soil structure and nutrient absorption - Humic Acid
              • Not easy to apply

              When it comes to fertilizer for St. Augustine grass, things tend to be a bit finicky . But the Simple Lawn Solutions 6-18-0 is a great solution.

              Containing a great content of Phosphorus, this liquid fertilizer can change the look of your lawn after just a couple of weeks. The grass will be greener and healthier with no burnt spots or patches of yellowing, plus they grow faster.

              Besides, the Humic Acid helps improve soil structure and nutrient absorption.

              Simple Lawn Solutions 6-18-0 Fertilizer Specifications


              32 Ounces (0.25 Liters)

              Fertilizer Analysis


              Highlight Features

              a great content of Phosphorus

              Humic Acid


              The Simple Lawn Solutions 6-18-0 Fertilizer is a great product for anyone wanting to get a healthier, lusher lawn - especially if you have St. Augustine grass.

              Best For Vigorous Foliar Growth: Scotts 23100

              Scotts 23100
              Scotts 23100
              • Grow grass 70% thicker than the unfed – the NPK rating of 7-12-15
              • Convenient to change from spraying fertilizer water to plain water - an on/off switch
              • Improve the spraying reach - an easily attachable hose
              • The price could be better
              • Wish the bottle was sturdier

              The most significant benefit of this liquid fertilizer is it improves seedling results, encourages vigorous foliar growth, and prevents crabgrass from germinating. This makes it ideal for maintaining a healthy, lush garden.

              Moreover, you'll see a huge difference after just a few days of usage.

              The Scotts 23100 has been tested to help grow plants up to 70% thicker than unfed ones, and is safe for all plant types.

              What's also great about this product is it comes with an easily attachable hose to improve the spraying reach and an on/off switch to spray the garden with either fertilized water or plain water.

              Scotts 23100 Specifications


              32 oz. (2.8 Pounds)

              Fertilizer Analysis


              Highlight Features

              the NPK rating of 7-12-15

              an on/off switch

              an easily attachable hose


              We love the Scotts 23100 because it's easy to use and very effective in promoting vigorous foliar growth.

              Best For Soil Microorganisms: Age Old 1FS4GC

              Age Old 1FS4GC
              Age Old 1FS4GC
              • Protect soil microorganisms - fish hydrolysate & seaweed extract
              • Easy to apply – no mixing required
              • It’s not recommended for organic food production or organic crop

              The Age Old 1FS4GC's two main ingredients are fish hydrolysate and seaweed extract.

              The fish hydrolysate provides nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, while the seaweed extract supplies vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

              Combined together, they result in a fertilizer that helps protect soil microorganisms while providing plants with vital nutrients and trace elements for healthy growth.

              What we also like about this liquid fertilizer is it doesn't require mixing. Simply add it to your watering can and spray directly onto your plants.

              Age Old 1FS4GC Specifications


              128 Fluid Ounces

              Fertilizer Analysis


              Highlight Features

              fish hydrolysate & seaweed extract

              no mixing required


              The Age Old 1FS4GC is a great choice for any gardener looking for an easy way to keep soil microorganisms protected and their plants well-nourished.

              Best For Cool-Season Grasses: LawnStar 8 16 8G

              LawnStar 8 16 8G
              LawnStar 8 16 8G
              • Ideal for cool-season grass - the 16-4-8 ratio
              • Bring rapid yet long-lasting results – 3 separate nitrogen sources
              • Pet-safe
              • Not so easy to apply

              We've tested many liquid fertilizers for cool-season grass, but it's only the LawnStar 8 16 8G that brings the best results.

              It has a nutrient blend specifically designed to support new plant growth and seedlings, and it's boosted with phosphorus to encourage proper lawn establishment - perfect for cool-season grass.

              We also find the 16-4-8 ratio to be especially beneficial for lawns since it promotes green growth.

              The product also contains seaweed and humic & fulvic acids to bioactivate the grass, which is great for the environment. Plus, it's pet safe so you don't have to worry about any harm coming to your furry friends.

              LawnStar 8 16 8G Specifications


              1 Gallon

              Fertilizer Analysis


              Highlight Features

              the 16-4-8 ratio

              3 separate nitrogen sources



              The LawnStar 8 16 8G is our solid recommendation for those seeking a great liquid fertilizer to nourish their cool-season grass.

              Best For Bermuda Grass: Yard Mastery 16-21-2 Fertilizer

              Yard Mastery 16-21-2 Fertilizer
              Yard Mastery 16-21-2 Fertilizer
              • Help Bermuda grass seeds germinate and thrive quickly – containing 21% phosphorus
              • Environment-friendly – following Best Management Practices according to GCSAA
              • No complaint

              Specifically made to be used to fertilize Bermuda Grass, the Yard Mastery contains 21% phosphorus, which promotes fast and strong root growth. This helped Bermuda grass seeds take off and quickly become an established lawn.

              We appreciate that this product follows Best Management Practices according to GCSAA, which ensures that you're using the minimum amount of fertilizer necessary for optimal lawn care.

              The instructions are very easy to follow, which makes application a breeze.

              Yard Mastery 16-21-2 Fertilizer Specifications


              4 Gallons

              Fertilizer Analysis


              Highlight Features

              containing 21% phosphorus

              following Best Management Practices according to GCSAA


              The Yard Mastery 16-21-2 Fertilizer is a great choice for Bermuda Grass. It is easy to use, environmentally friendly, and provides amazing results!

              How To Choose The Best Liquid Fertilizer For New Sod?


              Be sure to choose a fertilizer with a balanced combination of nutrients to ensure your sod is getting the best nutrition possible.

              For new sod, make sure to pay attention to the phosphorus, nitrogen, and nutrient content of your fertilizer.

              To get the most out of your new lawn, it’s important to ensure that you are providing the right nutrients at the right time. The first thing to look for is an adequate amount of phosphorus. This nutrient helps to promote root growth and establishment.

              You should also pay attention to the nitrogen content in your fertilizer. Nitrogen helps promote blade and leaf growth and is an essential component to healthy turf.

              Type Of Grass

              When it comes to selecting the best liquid fertilizer for new sod, it is also important to consider the type of grass or plants you have.

              Different types of grass require different nutrients and this should be taken into account when selecting a fertilizer.

              Fertilizers labeled with the essential nutrients for plant growth will make sure you are getting the most out of your lawn’s potential.

              Release Patterns

              Don't forget about timing!

              Different kinds of fertilizer have different release patterns.

              Slow-release fertilizers are better for longer-term nourishment, while fast-release fertilizers can provide a quick burst of energy.

              Depending on the season, you may need to adjust your fertilizer type to provide the best nourishment for your grass.

              Which Brands Make The Best Liquid Fertilizer For New Sod?


              AgroThrive is dedicated to manufacturing organic liquid fertilizers. Their products are formulated specifically for vegetables and other plants, providing quick and healthy growth.

              They also help improve soil texture and increase bacterial and fungal activity in the soil, helping to make it more productive and sustainable.

              Simple Lawn Solutions

              Simple Lawn Solutions specialize in lawn care products, and their liquid fertilizer is a great option for lawns, renowned for ease of use and quick release of nutrients for grass.

              They also carry organic and nourishing products like Soil Hume, a soil treatment that contains seaweed, humic, and fulvic acid.


              Scotts offers a wide range of lawn fertilizers, some of which are specifically designed to help strengthen and protect grass, build strong deep roots, and improve the overall health and look of your lawn.

              Additionally, they offer organic options that are safe to use in organic gardens.

              Age Old

              Age Old is one of the leading fertilizer companies globally and has a market capitalization of over 42 billion U.S. Dollars.

              Their range of fertilizers provide essential nutrients required by the plants, including nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

              Yard Mastery

              Yard Mastery is well-known for the organic lawn food line and an enhanced efficiency controlled release liquid nitrogen fertilizer line plus micronutrient fertilizer.

              All of their products are designed to help promote the growth of healthy grass and ensure your lawn is getting the nutrients it needs. So, if you're looking for quality fertilizer, you can trust Yard Mastery to deliver.


              Should I fertilize new sod?

              Yes, you should fertilize new sod. It is important to apply quality fertilizer to help create a strong and healthy root system for your lawn, which will ensure that it remains lush and green for years to come.

              When should I fertilize new sod?

              You should fertilize your new sod about four to six weeks after it has been laid down. Make sure to apply a fertilizer that is specifically designed for use on grass and is appropriate for the type of grass in your lawn.

              How often should I fertilize new sod?

              Newly sodded lawns should be fertilized about six weeks after laying the sod, using a fertilizer with an adequate amount of phosphorus such as 16-16-16 or 10-20-20. Then, apply a high-nitrogen fertilizer, such as 25-5-5, once a year in the fall.

              Can I use regular fertilizer on new sod?

              Yes, you can use regular fertilizer on new sod at least 4-8 weeks after your grass has been seeded already.

              Can I put fertilizer on top of new sod?

              No, fertilizer should not be placed on top of new sod as it will prevent the grass from making contact with soil and could potentially kill the sod.


              In conclusion, the best liquid fertilizer for new sod should provide essential macro- and micronutrients to nourish and sustain healthy root development while promoting strong grass blades.

              Carefully researching which fertilizer is most appropriate for your soil type will help ensure that you get the optimal outcome from its use.

              With regular application of these fertilizers, you can enjoy lush green lawns year after year without having to worry about an unhealthy sodden turf!

              I’m Harry Ramos, who's crazy about all things green. I’m here to share some experience in my gardening adventure and how to choose the best products for your garden. Let's dig in, get our hands dirty, and celebrate the simple, earthy pleasures of the garden together!

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