6 Best High-pressure Hose Nozzles of 2020

Last update: Aug 8, 2020

Below are the best high-pressure hose nozzles that we’ve tested and meticulously categorized. Read on!

Here are the best high-pressure hose nozzles you can buy in 2020:

  • Best Overall: Dradco Heavy Duty Brass Fireman Style Hose Nozzle
  • Best For Heavy Use: Gilmour 855032-1001
  • Best For Basic Needs: Dramm 12380
  • Best Overall: GREEN MOUNT Water Hose Nozzle
  • Best Budget Option: Gilmour 857302-1001
  • Sturdy Metal Build: ikris Metal Lever Garden Hose Nozzle
Top 6 Best High-pressure Hose Nozzles
Best Overall
Dradco Heavy Duty Brass Fireman Style Hose Nozzle
    Best For Heavy Use
    Gilmour 855032-1001
      Best For Basic Needs
      Dramm 12380
        Best Overall
        GREEN MOUNT Water Hose Nozzle
          Best Budget Option
          Gilmour 857302-1001
            Sturdy Metal Build
            ikris Metal Lever Garden Hose Nozzle

              Standard Nozzle

              Best Overall: Dradco Heavy Duty Brass Fireman Style Hose Nozzle

              Dradco Heavy Duty Brass Fireman Style Hose Nozzle
              Dradco Heavy Duty Brass Fireman Style Hose Nozzle
              • No triggers nor trace of plastic – very durable and strong
              • Give soft hand-feel and not heavy at all even though it’s made of stainless steel alloy
              • Easy to use – there’s just an On/Off switch.
              • The switch is just shut off in one direction, which is a bit limited

              This Dradco sets the standard for all other high-pressure hose nozzles in this category.

              It is constructed with no triggers but just an On/Off twist to make it less breakable. The handle is also crafted from durable PVC with coatings for not only higher longevity but also soft feel.

              Going inside, the core is stainless- steel, which implies superior strength.

              The best thing is it doesn’t add weight to the product like that in other spray nozzles so the hand-feel is reasonable and comfortable.

              Dradco Heavy Duty Brass Fireman Style Hose Nozzle Specifications


              5.2 x 3 x 3 inches


              1.1 pounds



              Highlight Features

              Perfect Stream of Water for any Job with Various Different Spray Patterns


              All-in-all, for tasks like washing your cars or watering your lawn, the Dradco Heavy-Duty Brass Hose Nozzle is a shining candidate.

              Best For Heavy Use: Gilmour 855032-1001

              Gilmour 855032-1001
              Gilmour 855032-1001
              • Made of ultra-lightweight and strong material to handle rougher abuses better
              • Coated with grip guard insulation to avoid slipping or fatigue in longer tasks
              • You can adjust the spray to fit specific types of cleaning
              • The color on its grip guard is prone to get dirty and faded
              • At high pressure, you won’t have a huge amount of water delivered

              While searching for a great choice for heavy use, we received lots of suggestions from many pros about this Gilmour 855032 nozzle.

              And after testing, we could say this is an excellent product!

              Unlike other standard nozzles, this is made of heavy-duty, die-caste zinc materials to handle from job site abuses and harsh working conditions to the intense water flow of 250 PSI as maximum.

              Besides, the head is adjustable for different types of spray – from light rinse to powerful jet – to fit more tasks, especially the pro cleaning.

              We also appreciate its thoughtfully-designed grip guard insulation. It keeps your wet palms from slipping while the ergonomic design prevents wrist fatigue efficiently.

              Gilmour 855032-1001 Specifications


              4.1 x 3.5 x 8 inches


              1.25 pounds



              Spray Patterns


              Highlight Features

              Die-cast zinc construction

              250 PSI

              Large on/off lever with added spray control

              Adjustable spray head

              Grip Guard insulation


              For work spaces, equipment, tools, and industrial machinery, the Gilmour 855032 is a prominent option to give you everything needed - comfort, control, and adjustability.

              Best For Basic Needs: Dramm 12380

              Dramm 12380
              Dramm 12380
              • You can easily adjust it with one hand – particularly suitable for women
              • Made in the USA, you can count on its quality
              • The small, internal O-ring is not as high-quality as other components, you might need to replace it for longer use
              • A bit struggling to get it apart for cleaning

              Crafted from solid brass and especially, the whole manufacturing is in the USA, the Dramm 12380 makes a distinctive feeling than other imported head nozzles.

              It ensures the quality, at least in our standards.

              Our team testers, particularly women, loved this design a lot because of its small, good hand-feel construction with a wise button position that you can adjust with one hand.

              With this, there are two water-spray patterns: the sprinkle-alike water flow and the power to afford any basic watering needs. For example, refresh the trees and clean patio.

              Dramm 12380 Specifications


              1 x 1 x 1 inches


              1.6 ounces



              Highlight Features

              Multiple spray patterns and flow volume are at your fingertips


              If you are in need of an adequately functional head nozzle with a highlight on durability, our recommendation is this Dramm 12380.

              Pistol Grip

              Best Overall: GREEN MOUNT Water Hose Nozzle

              GREEN MOUNT Water Hose Nozzle
              GREEN MOUNT Water Hose Nozzle
              • The spray nozzle can resist wearing, corrosion, and rust to stay intact in harsh environments
              • Avoid leaking efficiently to save more water
              • It keeps the water flow away pressure to avoid budging hose
              • Include a 2-year warranty -> you can rest the heart to try it
              • A bit hard to control the quantity of water coming out from it
              • The end is made of plastic

              Made by one of the top suppliers in garden watering equipment, this GREEN MOUNT Nozzle is a promising product.

              It is compact, lightweight, and very functional, all thanked the robust premium zinc alloy. This material, additionally, can resist wear, corrosion, and rust so you will get more peace in mind to use this in rugged environments.

              What we like the most about it is an integrated trigger lock bar added at the top. Making it different from other triggers is its unbroken design and moreover, it helps prevent the pressure of water flow like a dream. So no budging hose or any damage.

              Another notable feature is the rubber washers added to its hose nozzle, keeping it from leaking issues to save more.

              GREEN MOUNT Water Hose Nozzle Specifications


              8 x 4.7 x 2.4 inches


              10.4 ounces



              Spray Patterns


              Highlight Features

              Durable & robust


              With so many great benefits added to one p

              Best Budget Option: Gilmour 857302-1001

              Gilmour 857302-1001
              Gilmour 857302-1001
              • Despite the price tag, it’s still made of high-quality materials with various design options to choose from
              • Allow you to attach extra cleaning tools on it – convenient and versatile
              • No leak – help you save water better
              • It might rust if placed damp conditions

              The Gilmour 858302-1001 is the best contender for budget-minded people.

              The bestselling point of this option is no compromise of the price and quality, especially in terms of durability.

              The head nozzle is made of metal alloy with no moving parts nor ridiculous dials. Furthermore, it is added with the threaded front so if you want to attach some extra cleaning tools, feel free with this.

              Lots of customers give compliment on its anti-leaking capability, even better than the GREEN MOUNT above. Regardless, spray is nice and continuously adjustable to meet different task.

              Gilmour 857302-1001 Specifications


              1 x 1 x 1 inches


              3.52 ounces



              Highlight Features

              Metal construction built

              Threaded front

              Classic rear control

              Flow control dial customizes force of water stream


              Priced under $5, the Gilmour 858302-1001 can surprise you as its excellent performance. Compared to other counterparts at this price point, it gives you more than what can bargain for.

              Sturdy Metal Build: ikris Metal Lever Garden Hose Nozzle

              ikris Metal Lever Garden Hose Nozzle
              ikris Metal Lever Garden Hose Nozzle
              • Have a baked enamel finish to be stronger and rust-resistant so you can use it in rougher conditions
              • Attractive look – ideal for people who want to add style to their daily life
              • It features a rear-facing thumb control for effortless control, saving your hands from fatigue
              • Not ideal to work with an auto-rewind hose reel
              • A bit heavy

              We decided to add this ikris head nozzle to this list for people who want something ultra-robust and heavy-duty.

              Different from other metal counterparts, it highlights a baked enamel finish to be a lot stronger. This coating can prevent rust as well and besides, it gives an attractive look to be a nice choice for people who are also concerned about the appearance of their stuff.

              Particularly, it is crafted from 10 watering patterns to handle high-pressure get like a breeze.

              The head nozzle is also well-loved for its rear-facing thumb control with an ergonomic design so you can wash your dogs or water a large garden with less fatigue.

              ikris Metal Lever Garden Hose Nozzle Specifications


              6 x 6 x 2.4 inches


              11.5 ounces

              Spray Patterns


              Highlight Features

              Made of solid metal with baked enamel finish

              10 Watering Patterns

              6 x 6 x 2.4 inches


              Designed from the latest innovations and only the best features, the ikris head nozzle makes it the sturdiest metal-built product in this list.

              How To Choose The Best High-pressure Hose Nozzles?

              Types Of Hose Nozzle

              There are many types when it comes to buying a high-pressure hose nozzle. Here is a closer look at their differences:

              • Fireman: Most fireman hose nozzles are made of metal with a powder coating for extra protection and enhanced grip. The biggest strength of this type is its ultra-high water pressure dispensed to let you switch easily from a fine misting of water to a more powerful get stream.
              • Fan: This is the most versatile type as its fan-shaped spray pattern can dispense a large amount of water but in a gentler manner. That makes it wonderful for watering outdoor shrubs, plants, and small gardens without damaging them.
              • Watering wand: The biggest selling point of this type is its high precision to let you place the water exactly when you want it to be, which is particularly useful for deeper garden beds or hanging plant baskets. Besides, watering wand allows for an extended reach.
              • Turret or Dial: As its name defines, you have to turn a dial to adjust the water spraying pattern. There can be up to 10 different water spray patterns, including shower, soak, flood, center spray, cone, jet spray, and fine mist.
              • Pistol grip: This type looks no different than a handgun that you will have to point and press its trigger to spray water and vice versa. Its materials are versatile but we highly recommend choosing the higher-quality options because this type is easily worn out.
              • Traditional: To adjust the amount of water flowing through – from a fine misting spray to a stronger stream or just to stop it, you have to twist its end. This type is normally made of metal and it’s usually very heavy to use for a long time.

              Material Composition

              This factor influences on two things – the hose nozzle durability and your comfort (when holding it, especially for a long time).

              The best material composition should make a sweet spot between two of these features and currently in the market, there are three common options to choose from – metal, plastic, and a combination of them.

              • Metal hose nozzles
                • Of course, metal hose nozzles are the most durable. It can be construction die-cast, brass, aluminum, and stainless-steel.
                • But take note that this is also the heaviest, especially brass, which might make your wrists and hands feel fatigued. That’s why we only highly recommend this for strong wrists or to be used in harsh conditions.
                • But if you’re about to use it in wet environments, remember to find one with a powder-coated or specialized finish to keep it anti-rust.
              • Plastic hose nozzles
                • The purely plastic nozzles, on the contrary, are super-lightweight and not rusted in wet conditions. They’re also much comfier for your arms to wield for long days of watering. In turn, this material is prone to break, not to say that it wears out really fast with time, especially under direct sunlight.
                • And the risks of leakage are higher than the metal.
              • A combination of plastic and metal
                • Typically, this type includes a metal nozzle and a plastic handle and it can be a great choice for gardeners because its inner workings are crafted from metal, which is less risky to break.
                • Besides, hose nozzles like this are much lighter so it’s more comfortable to hold.

              Which Brands Make The Best High-pressure Hose Nozzles?


              • Gilmour is one of our favorite brand, not just because of their long-stand history since 1949 but also for their significant improvements and innovations applied in their products. At Gilmour, you’ll only get the highest-quality hose nozzles.


              • During 1940s, Manitowoc florist John G. Dramm invented a product that was to become the cornerstone of his Dramm Corporation later – the 400 Water Breaker. Up to now, the company has been well-known for its outstanding and heuristic inventions along with wonderful services.

              GREEN MOUNT

              • GREEN MOUNT, differing from the two others, is a newcomer in this industry but the thing that makes it grow super-fast and becomes famous is its professional services and of course, high-quality products. Their lines are still limited now but one of them wins our Editor Choice’ Award this year.


              How much PSI is a garden hose?

              It’s averagely 40 to 60 PSI but sometimes can be up to 80 PSI.

              How do I remove the sprayer from my garden hose?

              The quick step below will go you through how to remove a sprayer from a garden hose:

              Step 1: Hold it near the hose end fitting

              Step 2: Try twisting it both ways to loosen then use a clockwise to unscrew it.

              Step 3: Tap the sprayer’s base by using a hammer

              Step 4: Loosening all corrosion that is probably able to lock the hose end fitting and its threads together

              Can you increase water pressure by reducing pipe size?

              Squeezing the water into a smaller pipe won’t help increase its pressure because the smaller the pipe, the higher the friction towards the water.

              Does a longer hose reduce water pressure?

              Yes, it does.

              The longer the hose, the lower the water pressure so to make the best use of water, choose a shorter length of hose.


              With this ultimate buying guide, we have shown you how to ascertain which is the best high-pressure hose nozzle for your needs, regardless of how many options available out there that normally can make you overwhelmed.

              We hope this article has been beneficial to you. Thanks for reading!

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