Best Herbs To Grow In Pots That You Can Try At Home

Last update: 2021-02-22

Creating a luxuriant garden full of culinary herbs is always a dream of any gardeners. What if, though, you just have an acre of land for this thing of beauty? That’s when the best herbs to grow in pots that can effortlessly reach their bushy, lush without much care come in handy.


Best Herbs To Grow In Pots That You Can Try At Home

Oregano is among the most enthusiastic growers in any culinary gardens. And to control the growth of this herb in the mint family, putting it in a container/pot is not a bad idea.

This hardy perennial can withstand many a harsh season and return with vibrantly colored leaves year after year, without much fertilizer and work needed.

Plant care: Oregano needs a container more than 12 inches in diameter & 8 to 10 inches in depth to get enough space for spreading out. Though oregano is a sun-loving plant, those living in an incredibly hot area might need to give it some afternoon shades. And never overwater your pot.


Best Herbs To Grow In Pots That You Can Try At Home

Basil is a good choice for both indoor and outdoor growing. This warm-weather annual herb can thrive in

Even beginners can get half a cup of slightly sweet, aromatic leaves every week during the peak season by growing their basil plants in well-drained soil and a sheltered spot with plenty of sunshine. The best place to put your basil pot is in a kitchen window.

Plant care: Water your basil in the morning and make several top cuttings between three and four inches within one season.

Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum)

Best Herbs To Grow In Pots That You Can Try At Home

Only a few herbs can be as thriving as cilantro. Growing it in a pot has never been difficult. Wait until the frost-free period; then plant your seeds directly into the soil.

This highly aromatic herb plant loves moist soil in a sunny spot. Be careful, though, excessive heat can make your cilantro go to seed much faster than expected.

Moreover, cilantro appreciates a wide and deep pot. The one from 10 to 12 inches at depth and 18 inches in width should be an ideal size.


Best Herbs To Grow In Pots That You Can Try At Home

If you think that cilantro is hard to grow, then you’ve got a big mistake.

This annual leafy herb is incredibly easy to begin from seed and grows a long tap root pretty quickly. You can sow dill seeds in any soilless potting mix roughly 14 days before the last frost and sow it every two weeks throughout the hot months to keep the freshest supply.

To plant cilantro in a container, select a pot approximately 18 inches in width and 8 to 10 inches at depth which saves you from moving your staple kitchen herbs from place to another, even after their full growth.


Best Herbs To Grow In Pots That You Can Try At Home

Since mint is available in a lot of varieties that can be used for everything from yogurt & summer smoothies to fruit salads, mojitos, cocktails & soups, mint is a fantastic versatile crop in a pot.

As long as you put your mint plant in a separated five-liter container, give it ample moisture as well as regularly feed and pick it, this water- and sun-loving herb quickly takes over your bed.

You can also plant various mint varieties in a large-sized pot and let them grow into a much bigger bush for a constant supply of aromatic leaves all year round.


Best Herbs To Grow In Pots That You Can Try At Home

Drought-resistant and growing well on neglect, thyme is, not surprisingly, one of the best herbs to grow in pots. All that your thyme needs is full sun and soil on the dry side. Good drainage is a must because this powerful herb can’t help any over wet potting mix.

Moreover, when you plant your thyme at a pot front, its lovely tiny leaves will mound over your container’s edge, which adds a fantastic look to any corner in your property.

Care advice: Rosemary and thyme is a perfect couple.


Best Herbs To Grow In Pots That You Can Try At Home

Packing a pungent and slightly bitter flavor, rosemary adds a welcoming depth of flavor to beefsteak and any roasted meat, chicken, and fish dishes.

Prostrate and upright are the two major varieties of rosemary. Both of them can start from seed and love warmer climates & well-drained soil.

As a plus, this perennial evergreen shrub with brilliant blue flowers and needle-like leaves whether standing upright or creeping along the surface can be used as an ornamental tree.

Care advice: Let the soil fully dry out between drinks.

Lemon Balm

Best Herbs To Grow In Pots That You Can Try At Home

Lemon balm is an old-fashioned favorite that can quickly propagate from cuttings and freely spreads. And as it can self-sow readily, there is no need to worry about these light green, heart-shaped leaves taking over the yard.

And for the best growth, make sure you grow this part of the mint family in rich & moist potting mix with good drainage. And the best place to put your pot is in a part-shade or full-sun area.


Best Herbs To Grow In Pots That You Can Try At Home

Parsley, both flat- and curly-leaved varieties can make an exceptional addition to any outdoor container herb garden.

This species of flowering plant in the family Apiaceae is ridiculously easy to plant. Like mint, though, this widely cultivated culinary herb does appreciate partial shade, particularly in an area with warmer weather and require regular feeding and waterings.

Though this herb is slow to go from seed, once you’ve filled your whole window box with it, you will get a constant supply of fresh-flavored bright green leaves for at least one year before it flowers and dies.

Chives and garlic chives

Best Herbs To Grow In Pots That You Can Try At Home

Chives and garlic chives are low-maintenance herbs perfect for gardeners with little experience and container gardening.

Both of these perennial plants grow and flower almost anywhere as long as it receives more than 6 hours of bright, direct sunlight. Even though they can flourish in partial shade, they thrive in full sun and light potting mix with great drainage.

Also, these two Alliums self-seed and feel happy to be transplanted, allowing you to easily propagate your herb plants.


How to create your own green corner while all you have is a windowsill? Let the best herbs to grow in pots above help you!

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Harry Ramos

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