Best Dog Repellent For Lawns of 2024: Top 6 Picks

By Harry RamosLast update: 2024-05-19

Does your dog love entering your lawn? So, how can you protect this area without harming your pet? It’s a straightforward task with the best dog repellent for lawns. If you make the right decision, it can keep your dog away from your lawn area while providing him with maximum safety.

Here are the best dog repellents for lawns you can buy in 2024:

  • Water-Efficient (Sprinkler Repellent): Hoont
  • Longest Detection Range (Sprinkler Repellent): Havahart
  • Best For Harsh Weather (Ultrasonic Repellent): HahaBall
  • Best For Aggressive Dogs (Ultrasonic Repellent): ZOVENCHI
  • Best For Small Lawns (Ultrasonic Repellent): Broox
  • Easy To Install (Ultrasonic Repellent): Heyouou
6 Best Dog Repellents For Lawns
  • Sprinkler Repellent
Longest Detection Range
  • Sprinkler Repellent
Best For Harsh Weather
  • Ultrasonic Repellent
Best For Aggressive Dogs
  • Ultrasonic Repellent
Best For Small Lawns
  • Ultrasonic Repellent
Easy To Install
  • Ultrasonic Repellent

Water-Efficient: Hoont

  • Easy to set
  • Straightforward to put together
  • Great price
  • Difficult to adjust the detection sensor

The Hoont sprinkler repellent repels animals such as dogs, skunks or raccoons by using a startling burst of water. This may make you wonder about effectiveness and consumption of water.

However, don't you worry. The water jet is designed to spray every 5 seconds, not a continuous flow of water. Therefore, it provides high repellent effectiveness while keeps water consumption low.

Hoont Specifications



Detection Distance

0 to 30 ft range

Highlight Features

Water effectiveness

1000 square feet of coverage


The Hoont Sprinkler Repellent produces the water effectively, but intermittently, so this solution helps you save a lot of water.

Longest Detection Range: Havahart

  • Possible to adjust the sensitivity
  • Durable
  • Expensive

In case you have a large lawn, choose a model with a large detection range. If not, your dog can enter this area to dig a hole somewhere, for example. The Havahart sprinkler repellent has the longest detection range in this list. Specifically, it can detect your dog from up to 100 feet.

Havahart Specifications


Plastic, Metal

Highlight Features


4 sensitivity settings

Eco-Friendly Design


The Havahart Sprinkler Repellent can detect your dogs from a far distance up to 100 feet.

Best For Harsh Weather: HahaBall

  • Easy to install
  • Detailed instruction
  • Sensitive response
  • Simple and beautiful design
  • Easy to clean
  • Pricey

Do you believe that the harsh the weather is, the better the repellent works? It is what the HahaBall Ultrasonic Repellent can do because it uses solar power as a power supply through a solar panel. If the weather is not sunny, you can charge the device by using a USB.

This doesn’t mean that it is useless in the evening since the device has an effective work mode at night. The combination of the red light and a penetrating power of 600-700 nm can imitate a fire that can make your dogs scared and flee the area. Moreover, this function doesn’t require you to adjust because its built-in light brightness will automatically start at night.

While the sunny days provide this model with energy, the rainy days won’t badly affect its performance. Its waterproof IP rating is IP44, so it can put up with snow, rain, and harsh sun without breaking easily.

HahaBall Specifications

Detection Distance


Sound Frequency


Sensor Angle


Highlight Features

Effective Animal Repellent technology

LED Flash Night Design


IP44 waterproof rating


The HahaBall Ultrasonic Repellent works well in any weather condition, even hot days are better for it.

Best For Aggressive Dogs: ZOVENCHI

  • Adjustable audio
  • Cute look
  • Low price
  • Not automatic

Are you the owner of an aggressive dog? Unfortunately, not all ultrasonic repellents are effective because many of them can adapt to a typical frequency of sound wave.

Thus, if your old device is useless to your dog, you can try the ZOVENCHI Ultrasonic Repellent. It is designed with both Led flashing lights and audible alarm. In case one of them is ineffective, you still have another solution.

When it comes to the LED flashing lights, there are 14 strong flashes in total, which is the combination of 8 white bright flashes and 6 red bright flashes. This adds more strength when dealing with aggressive dogs.

ZOVENCHI Specifications



Sound Frequency

13.5 kHz19.5 kHz

Highlight Features

Two-color On/Off LED Flashing Lights and Optional Audible Alarm

Motion Sensor

Solar Powered & Waterproof


The ZOVENCHI Ultrasonic Repellent can repel any animal and dogs including aggressive pets.

Best For Small Lawns: Broox

  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to come off the stake from the ground

If you have a small lawn, there is no need to invest in models with a large detection range. This can even limit your dogs in an unessential area. Instead, choose the Broox Ultrasonic Repellent that has 20-25 feet. However, to determine if you should choose this model or not, you need to consider the size of your dog as well.

Broox Specifications


High-grade material

Detection Distance

20-25 feet

Sound Frequency


Sensor Angle

110 degrees

Highlight Features

Repels animals with ultrasonic sound, alarm and LED flashing light

Solar Powered and Waterproof


Although the Broox Ultrasonic Repellent is not an excellent solution for a large lawn, it’s extremely efficient in a small area.

Easy To Install: Heyouou

  • Effective
  • Easy to install
  • Pretty
  • Well-made
  • Ambiguous instructions

Aren’t you good at installing anything? So, you want to choose the easiest-to-install model, right? You are in the right place. It’s very easy to set up the Heyouou Ultrasonic Repellent. You can check the way to install it through some videos on the Internet.

After attracting pieces together, you just need to insert the device into the ground. Remember to keep 5 inches off the ground.

Heyouou Specifications

Detection Distance


Sound Frequency


Sensor Angle


Highlight Features

Advanced ultrasonic technology

4 insect repelling modes

IP55 waterproof rating


The Heyouou Ultrasonic Repellent can shorten your installation time and save a lot of effort on your part thanks to its simple design.

How To Choose The Best Dog Repellent For Lawns?

What Is The Best Type Of Dog Repellents For Lawns?

Though there are many types of dog repellents, not all of them work well for lawns. In this article, I strongly recommend you choose physical repellents (ultrasonic repellents or sprinklers) that won’t be easily affected by weather elements when applying outdoors like spray and granular repellents.

How To Choose The Best Ultrasonic Dog Repellents?

An ultrasonic dog repellent will produce a high-frequency sound pitch that is heard by dogs but humans so that your pets stay away from your lawn without harming them.

How Wide Should The Range Of The Ultrasonic Dog Repellents Be?

Noise produced from an ultrasonic dog repeller is just effective at a certain distance. Thus, consider your lawn size to choose an ultrasonic dog repeller with a suitable range. If not, your purchase will be useless.

Most models are designed for having up to 20 feet range. Normally, the working distance of the stationary type is wider than another. While an advanced and premium handheld model can cover up to 30 feet range, the stationary repellent has a coverage of 50 feet.

What Frequency Is An Ultrasonic Repeller For Dogs?

The frequency for dogs is 65 kHz, but the current ultrasonic repellers have multi-functions. So, you must be careful. If you choose a model with different frequency settings, remember to choose an appropriate mode with your dogs. For instance, the frequency for cats is lower, so it can't reach the ears of your dogs. In case you don't want to change and adjust the frequency, you can choose a device with only one frequency setting for dogs.

Which One Is Better: Handheld Or Stationary Dog Repeller?

You can carry a handheld dog repeller with you and your dog, so it is used for long walks, biking, jogging, and other outdoor activities, so it is used for training or scaring your dogs on the go.

For your lawn, consider a stationary device that is installed at a fixed place since it can detect nearby dogs through sensors to repel them.

How To Choose The Best Motion-activated Sprinklers For Dogs?

This type works based on a motion sensor that can detect the body heat. After being triggered, it will produce a startling burst of water and unexpected noise so that your dogs are kept away from your lawn area.

What Is The Best Range Of A Motion Activated Sprinkler For Dogs?

How Wide Is The Detection Range Enough?

This depends on the size of your yard. Like the ultrasonic dog repellents, most of the motion-activated sprinklers also have a 30 feet detection range, but some of them can detect dogs within 40-60 feet.

How Wide Is The Spray Arc Range Of A Motion-activated Sprinkler For Dogs?

Most of the motion-activated sprinklers can throw water about 120 degrees, but some models allow you to adjust the sprinkling patterns.

How Long Do You Want Your Machine To Work?

Many models can automatically provide protection all day. However, if you allow your dogs to enter the lawn in the day, you can choose and adjust a device that just works at night and vice versa.

Which Brands Make The Best Dog Repellent For Lawns?


Havahart specializes in providing caring control methods such as conscientious animal repellents, live animal traps, and other electronic solutions. Most of their products are efficient for humans and safe for animals.

This brand is considered as the leading manufacturer of wildlife control products because they always apply the most effective technologies. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can easily find a suitable solution for your needs from this brand.

According to customers, many Havahart products are still good even after using them for a few decades.


Do ultrasonic dog repellents work?


Like other self-defense devices, this type of unit also comes with some disadvantages. Although the function of an ultrasonic dog repellent is turning away dogs, there is not a complete guarantee. For instance, this machine is useless to deaf dogs. Or some ferocious dogs are annoyed by the noise, but it is not effective enough to turn it away.

Do dog repellents deter dogs from peeing on lawns?

Yes, but remember to apply in the right way and reapply weekly or more often as what is in the direction.

Can ultrasonic sound hurt a dog?

No. It just makes your dog uncomfortable. However, this device can harm your dog's ears if you use it in an improper way. This device is effective in stopping your dog from barking, so it's used in teaching your pet the 'silent' command, not using it for a long time.

What frequency is ultrasonic dog repellent?

The frequency of an ultrasonic repellent for dog is 65 kHz.

How do ultrasonic dog devices work?

The ultrasonic dog device is a noise making machine that will produce high-pitched sounds to respond to barking to annoy dogs and stop them from barking. Because of ultrasonic noise, humans can't hear it but dogs. The final purpose is to teach your dog that barking brings noise, but silence can make it go away.


Why don’t you still want to buy a dog repellent while your dog is seriously ruining your lawn? You might worry about his safety? If you choose the best dog repellent for lawns from this article, I will make sure that it just makes your dogs feel uncomfortable to stay away from your lawn, not putting him at risk. Once you understand the importance of a dog repellent and its safety for your dogs and other animals, you can make the last decision now.

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