6 Best Cheap Large Planters For Outdoors of 2021

When it comes to the simple yet effective ways to give your property design a distinct look and show others your style & personality, adding some plants, shrubs, and flowers is hard to beat.

These best cheap large planters for outdoors below will make your guests spend minutes or even hours admiring your flora and fauna collection beautifully spotted around your house.

Here are the cheap large planters for outdoors:

  • Best Overall: Adams Manufacturing Deluxe Garden Planter
  • Best For Outdoor Use: Classic Home and Garden HD1-1027 Barrel
  • Most Versatile: CobraCo HTR36-B 36-Inch English Horse Trough Planter
  • Best For Flowers: Countryside Flower Box Planter
  • Best For Small Trees And Shrubs: Novelty Countryside Square Tub Planter
  • Perfect For Holding Larger Plants: Suncast Sonora Resin Wicker Flower Planter Pot

What Material Is Best For Outdoor Planters?

6 Best Cheap Large Planters For Outdoors of YYYY


Fiberglass is widely used to make outdoor planters for a good reason. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to move while its weather-resistant quality helps these planters withstand any extreme outdoor elements.


Another popular material used for outdoor designs is stained or painted cedar, teak, or shorea, which offer both ease and sophistication wherever you use them.


Ceramic pots can be an elegant touch to any outdoor or patio settings. Aside from exquisite decorative details and vibrant colors, these varieties made from finely textured, light-colored, and glazed clay are outstanding for their durability.

However, if you leave your ceramic planter outdoors in the cold weather, it cracks sometimes.


The best containers for commercial growers should be plastic units, which are budget-friendly yet durable and available in various sizes, shapes, and colors.


Rugged & durable, unique & on-trend, metal planters are visually distinct. The only trade-off of metal, though, is the thermal conductivity making it susceptible to frost damage or overheating.

How Do You Use A Planter?

6 Best Cheap Large Planters For Outdoors of YYYY

Step 1

Make sure that your planter has more than two holes for adequate moist drainage. Otherwise, use a 1/4-inch drill bit &a drill to create them.

Step 2

In your box’s final residing location with more than five hours of sunlight each day, set it on small wood blocks or bricks so that it will not sit flat on the surface.

Step 3

Cover ¾ of your large and tall bucket with a well-mixed combination of loam garden soil, potting mix, peat moss, and sand.

Step 4

Follow the specific planting spacing & depth requirements on each plant label to plant your desired plants.

Step 5

Water your soil till it drains out of the box bottom. Water it daily or when the soil top gets dry.

What Plants Grow Best In Planters?

Vegetables like tomatoes, beans, lettuces, chilies & peppers, radishes, Asian greens, spinach, peas, carrots, cucumber, eggplant, and squash are easy to grow and productive in planters.

Very Berry creeping wintergreen, ornamental peppers, jolt pink dianthus, Purple majesty ornamental millet, profusion red zinnia, viola, baby cakes blackberry, and Color Grass spiky blue corynephorus are great for planter gardening.

Who Makes The Best Cheap Large Planters For Outdoors?

Classic Home and Garden


Rather than being a solution supplier for florists and gardeners, Classic Home and Garden has been creating unique items of the first class.

This 44-year-old company makes itself different from other brands with some of the gardening and landscaping industry’s best finishing techniques and most advanced finishes.

Adams Manufacturing


The continuous lean improvement allows this American company to innovate “value-oriented” gardening & landscaping products in ways that others simply can’t. From rugged tent stakes to planters for herbs, fairies, and flowers, they bring premium aesthetics to their customers.


From sleek flower baskets & boxes to plant stands and coco planters, CobraCo has been offering a wide collection of innovative gardening products. This Illinois-based manufacturer has all gardeners covered when it comes to enhancing their outdoor living space decorations.

Cheap Large Planters For Outdoors

Adams Manufacturing Deluxe Garden Planter – Best overall

Adams Manufacturing Deluxe Garden Planter
  • Lightweight and weather-resistant
  • Strong, sturdy, and built to last
  • Raised to be easy on your back and knees
  • Simple cleaning

  • Drainage could be much better

For those who are dreaming of a full industrial outdoor herb garden, a larger elevated raised bed planter with a bottom shelf like this one by Adams Manufacturing must be a go-to.

This plastic planter is made from lightweight yet UV-protected & weather-resistant resin. That way, aside from the ease of portability, it also assures gardeners of the longest-lasting service ever.

What users complain most about this Adams Manufacturing Deluxe Garden Planter is the poor drainage. To aid in draining, a few extra holes are not a bad idea.

Product Specifications


15.5 x 36 x 34 in

Growing Area (LxWxD)

33 ½” x 13“ x 7”


Up to 150 pounds

Best for

Herb, vegetable, and flower gardens

Highlight Features

Removable shelf & legs for easy winter storage, high-quality plastic material, easy-to-open drainage hole, simple assembly (within 5 minutes)

If you are looking for a functional planter that can add more colors and activities to your deck, terrace, or patio area without spending too much, the Adams Manufacturing Deluxe Garden Planter should be included in your wishlist.

Classic Home and Garden HD1-1027 Barrel – Vintage-looking

Classic Home and Garden HD1-1027 Barrel
  • Vintage-looking
  • Classic whiskey barrel planter in a Distressed Oak finish with antique pewter colored bands
  • UV-coated finish protects color from fading
  • Stand the test of time

  • The lack of handles to complete the look

If the size or dimension of a garden planter is always your priority when shopping around for the best one for your garden, then the HD1-1027 Whiskey Barrel Garden Planter with a 12.5-gallon capacity is your best bet.

The spacious interior boosts a constant and healthy development and allows for effortless root penetration while these proper drainage holes make this product perfect for outdoor use.

Not to mention the sophisticated distressed oak finish helps these rustic barrel planters perfectly add an elegant touch to your garden.

As a plus, the lightweight yet durable construction allows for seamless and safe portability. However, things could be much easier if the Classic Home and Garden HD1-1027 Barrel came with handles to complete its look.

Product Specifications


Top Diameter 20.5″, Height 12.5″, Bottom Diameter 14″


12.5 gallons

Best for

Herb, vegetable, and flower gardens

Highlight Features

Drainage holes, lightweight and durable high-density resin construction, on-trend finish development

Classic Home and Garden HD1-1027 Barrel is designed for vibrant and healthy outdoor gardens.

CobraCo HTR36-B 36-Inch English Horse Trough Planter – Most versatile

CobraCo HTR36-B 36-Inch English Horse Trough Planter
  • High-quality construction
  • Well maintain moisture within the soil
  • Attractive design
  • Easy to hang

  • Not as heavy-duty as expected

Add character to your window sills, walls, or deck railings with the addition of this wide, gorgeous basket in the shape of a horse trough by CobraCo.

As its name might suggest, this planter comes with a powder-coated steel framework with a sleek black finish and an eco-friendly coco liner which can nicely complement your outdoor décor.

As practical as it is good-looking, this product is so versatile that you can use attach it onto different places to showcase your picturesque marigolds, fuchsia, and daisies.

What makes this planter by CobraCo not as appealing as our #1 and #2 picks is the fact that it is not sturdy enough to hold too many flowers and too much soil as you might expect!

Product Specifications


36″L x 8″W x 7″H



Best for

Flowers– from marigolds, fuchsia, and pink petunias to begonias, daisies, red geraniums, and much more

Highlight Features

Coco liner, attractive black finish, adjustable brackets to mount on railings 2″-6″ wide

CobraCo HTR36-B 36-Inch English Horse Trough Planter is designed for a great foundation for a bulk burst of bloom annuals, thus enhancing any floral displays.

Countryside Flower Box Planter – Best for flowers

Countryside Flower Box Planter
  • Made from lightweight, fade-resistant, super tough plastic
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight, UV-resistant, and recyclable

  • Plastic could be much heavier for a much fancier look

For those planning to add more colors to their yards but can’t keep vibrant flowers alive, the Countryside Flower Box Planter is the perfect answer to their green-fingered woes.

This self-watering pot with classic lines available in various sizes and shapes and a deep root zone provides your plants’ roots with a constant proper water & airflow supply, thus helping them shine all the time.

What needs improving? The shiny plastic is the only thing that gardeners are not happy with.

Product Specifications


36 x 8 x 6.5 in


13.9 quarts

Best for


Highlight Features

Classic design with a natural matte finish, removable drainage plugs, and built-in feet

Gardeners wanting to build an elegant flower garden will find the Countryside Flower Box Planter an ideal choice.

Novelty Countryside Square Tub Planter – Best for small trees and shrubs

Novelty Countryside Square Tub Planter
  • Made in the USA
  • Constructed from lightweight material
  • Keep plants healthy and vibrant all year round
  • Versatile, UV-protected, and recyclable

  • The lack of a tray

If you are in the market for a fine superior plastic planter ideal for various smaller plants and shrubs to grow in together, look no further than the Novelty Countryside Square Tub Planter.

Compact enough to remove indoors to prevent your plants from the winter frost but large enough to make a statement, this square tub planter can also be moved for use on your patio or deck.

Though the Novelty Countryside Square Tub Planter packs with all features expected at one of the best cheap large planters for outdoors, it could be much greater if there were a tray included in the package.

Product Specifications


18 x 18 x 15.5 in


35.4 quarts

Best for

Plants, small trees, and shrubs

Highlight Features

Soft matte finish, deep root zone included

Novelty Countryside Square Tub Planter greatly boosts the growth of your plants, small trees, and shrubs.

Suncast Sonora Resin Wicker Flower Planter Pot – Perfect for holding larger plants

Suncast Sonora Resin Wicker Flower Planter Pot
  • Lightweight
  • Warp-, rot-, and water-resistant
  • Help retain moisture longer
  • Versatile
  • Ideal size

  • More potting soil required

To upgrade your green corners, what can be better than with a Flower Planter Pot with a wicker design like the Suncast Sonora Resin Wicker? These planters not only add an artistic touch to your property but also support your plants and encourage them to grow healthily.

This set of 2 measuring 22 x 22 x 20.13 inches is the best option in terms of a handful of large plant and flower varieties that you want to add to your almost picturesque garden.

Resin planter box is not only durable and economical but it also excels at retaining water much longer than any other standard clay units.

Due to the Suncast Sonora Resin Wicker’s big size, expect to pay more for potting soil!

Product Specifications


22 x 22 x 20.13 in



Best for

Large plants

Highlight Features

Lightweight, durable resin & sturdy pot with a drillable drain hole

How to grow several plants in the same place? That’s when the Suncast Sonora Resin Wicker Flower Planter Pot comes in handy.


6 Best Cheap Large Planters For Outdoors of YYYY

How do you fill the space in a large planter?

Fill the bottom of your incredibly heavy big-sized planter with some lightweight materials, which not only is a low-cost, long-lasting solution but also significantly lightens these pots. You can try anything from plastic foam peanuts & milk jugs to water bottles & soda cans.

If you decide to rely on these cans and bottles, collect enough to cover from 1/3 1/2 of your pots. And before adding the soil into the planter, cover these bottles or cans’ top with a cheesecloth, newspaper, or landscaping fabric layer.

And those wanting to use plastic foam peanuts should keep them in a plastic bag instead of pouring loose plastic foam peanuts onto the pot bottom.

What do you put in the bottom of a planter for drainage?

If you combine a coarse-textured material like gravel with a fine-textured material like potting soil, you can improve your pot’s drainage. Another way to collect water and keep it staying is to lay landscape cloth or woven weed barrier across the entire pot bottom.

How do you keep wooden planters from rotting?

  • Drill a few 1/4-inch drainage holes in the base to allow for proper water drainage from the soil
  • Use a lightweight potting mix
  • Place your pots on top of some wood pieces or bricks for more than 2 inches of space for better air circulation

How long do wooden planters last?

Though the lifespan of your wooden planters depend on your living area’s climate, as long as you go with a rot-resistant unit, you can have it with you for 10 to 20 years to come.


Whether you want to improve your curb appeal or add some greenery to your indoor living space, make your dream come true with our top recommendations on the best cheap large planters for outdoors available.

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