Backyard Lighting Ideas For A Party

By Harry RamosLast update: 2024-04-15
Backyard Lighting Ideas For A Party

Only with some LED light strings, if knowing the way, you absolutely can create a bright, impressive, and welcoming backyard space for any party at a budget-friendly cost.

There are many backyard lighting ideas for a party but here, I’ll share the 6 easiest and most popular for you to follow.

Whether it’s a birthday party or garden party, a sure thing is your guests will drop their jaw once stepping into the backyard.

The “V” Pattern

Backyard Lighting Ideas For A Party

Start with the simplest and most versatile lighting method – the “V” pattern.

It can be used for most garden styles and spaces.

It features three points and doesn’t require equal string lengths on both sides, just as long as it fills the space naturally. That means you can allot different lengths for each side of the pattern if your backyard has a non-symmetrical or oblong shape.

That said, with such span, rectangle, and large square backyards, it’s still highly recommended to aiming for some symmetry.

One essential thing to consider when setting up the “V” pattern is the pinnacle point of the V which receives the highest pressure from the entire light string weight.

Therefore, it must be sufficiently mounted to handle the continuous pull of the string pressure from both sides.

The Horizontal Point

Backyard Lighting Ideas For A Party

This is an upgraded version of the “V” pattern, which is also easy to carry out. It only requires more light strings and a little more effort for the installation.

I greatly suggest trying this method if you have a large rectangle or oblong outdoor space because the expanded and increased number of light provides a lot more brightness as well as beauty to your yard.

Again, make sure the pinnace point is solid and well-anchored as this is where to bear the highest string force from multiple angles.

The key to achieving the most aesthetics from this light stringing method is the consistency in angle among the strands. If you plan to hang 30 degrees from one another, then do the same thing with other strings. The length of each string doesn’t require to be equal.

The “w” Pattern

Backyard Lighting Ideas For A Party

Another extension of the “V” pattern, called “W” or zig-zag pattern.

It is perfect to create a widespread illumination for extended rectangle or oblong backyards or narrow areas as the number of hanging points now is up to 5.

The setup is obviously more complicated, which might require a professional electrician or technician to help you. If you plan to DIY it, make sure there are at least 5 similarly tall poles/posts before getting started.

About the light string, you can choose between an 80-foot long strand to weave it back and forth every 20 feet or four 20-foot strands connected end to end.

Think “W” instead of “V” in which three endpoints will bear an unequal amount of line force.

The “x” Pattern

Backyard Lighting Ideas For A Party

Another popular lighting method is the “X” pattern, which has four points created by hanging two strings at 45 degrees or 90 degrees from one another.

The angle choice depends on the specific shape of a backyard but in general, it must be a large rectangle or square shape for optimal brightness.

The 45-degree stringing method is more popular in the rectangle backyard, which will create a beautiful curved triangle pattern. The 90-degree is ideal for a square area and the resulting pattern is a curved square pattern.

In case you don’t have enough four points for this pattern, adding one tall pole or two into the ground is a great solution.

A more creative idea is creating a diamond pattern by mounting a couple of X’s in a row if you have multiple light strings.

The Square Or Grids

Backyard Lighting Ideas For A Party

This technique is favorited on the outdoor backyard, patio, and deck where the stringing isn’t disturbed by obstructions like foliage, fans, and columns.

Besides, the swag of the string is usually more dramatic and pronounced.

Symmetry takes center stage for this lighting method but don’t fret, there is no math whiz required here.

To make sure the pattern looks its best, create a nice contrast by keeping your swags consistent at all angles. Why? It’s because this lighting method coheres to borders. All you have to do is mounting the light strands straight across the width and length of your backyard.

If you intend to create a grid with great net effect, make sure its edges are well-supported and sturdy. A trick to keep your strands bear tension tight better and straight is using some extra guy lines throughout the grid.

The Circle

Backyard Lighting Ideas For A Party

This technique is particularly ideal for those backyards featuring a circular frame, like a round canopy or gazebo.

Your task is to hang the light strand snugly around its railing or perimeter or against the outside rim to hence create a practically magical circle as well as a stunning backyard focal point.


Aside from choosing the right lighting technique, paying attention to the socket styles and colors is essential. There are three socket styles to choose from: copper and silver shades, suspended, and in-line.

For garden parties, a white or yellow color is very popular to add to the outdoor space’s décor and ambiance.

Above is 6 backyard lighting ideas for a party. I hope you find this ultimate post is useful. Thanks for reading!

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