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#333: Healing Yourself & Relationships WITHOUT Talking (Phil Deluca)

In This Episode of the Vegetable Gardening Show

#333: Healing Yourself & Relationships WITHOUT Talking (Phil Deluca) In this episode of The Vegetable Gardening show, Mike chats with therapist Phil Deluca on how healthier eating can lead to better relationships.

Phil is the creator of a new way of mending relationships through his trademark process called UnTalk, combined with couples eating healthy servings of fruits & vegetables.

Organic gardening for over 20 years, Phil noticed that many couple that came in for therapy were not leading healthy lifestyles. Loaded up on sugars, starches, soft drinks and snacks, Phil decided to combine his therapy sessions with teaching couples to eat healthier. Doing so has lead to what he calls break throughs in relationships.

Phil will share with us what UnTalk is, various means of communications, how the fruits & vegetables you grow at home play a role in happier days with your partner and how all of this can decrease unhealthy inflammation.

This, and so much more, on this episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show!

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#333: Healing Yourself & Relationships WITHOUT Talking (Phil Deluca)

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Here's What We'll Cover in this week's episode of the Vegetable Gardening Show

  • Untalk, what it is and how it got started
  • Express yourself communication issues
  • How to stay out of the "Dead Zone"
  • How eating fresh fruits & veggies plays an important roll in better relationships
  • Decreasing inflammation to help with mood swings and emotions

Mentioned in this week's episode of the Vegetable Gardening Show

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About this episode's guest on the Vegetable Gardening Show, Phil Deluca

#333: Healing Yourself & Relationships WITHOUT Talking (Phil Deluca) Philip DeLuca, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. But he prefers to be called the Un-Talk TM Therapist. (You have heard of Dr. Phil, well he is Dr. Un!). He is also a psychotherapy disruptor, relationship healer, author, speaker and guinea pig. He is a psychotherapy disruptor because he developed an alternative to conventional relationship counselling that is the opposite of what is conventionally accepted. He is a relationship healer because he heals relationships that “Express Yourself” communication approaches damage. He is a guinea pig because He has used his own struggles to help develop this approach.

During a twelve month international speaking tour to promote his first book “The Solo Partner“, he saw firsthand the failure of conventional conflict resolution and became more solidly convinced that a new approach was badly needed.

He turned to the latest body and brain science to upgrade the outdated “Express Yourself” model that was developed in the 60’s, became his own guinea pig, and eventually, successful case study.

What he developed was an alternative holistic model that frequently works where conventional couples therapy fail, brings quick results, is easy to understand and implement. He calls it, “Communication for the 21st century.”

His Un-Talk Therapy is the most efficient, least expensive method of ending relationship conflict and making communication fun again –- just ask any of his clients who’ve “tried everything.”

Visit his website at for more information.

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