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The 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show Did not Disappoint

Date Posted: March 8, 2016

Seeds of the Month Club by Mike the Gardener The 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show Did not Disappoint
photo credit: Mike the Gardener: 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show

While vegetables, fruits and herbs are my first choice when it comes to gardening, I understand the important role flowers can play in a variety of gardening applications. Flowers can attract pollinators and stave off bad insects, to name a couple. However, neither of those reasons are why I attended the 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show.

This year’s flower show theme was Explore America: 100 Years of the National Park Service. I thought it would be a great break from traditional flower arrangements (of which there were plenty to see), to view displays and set ups that mimicked many of our national parks.

As you walked through the main entrance on the 2nd floor of the Philadelphia convention center your journey begins on the right side where you walk through Big Timber Lodge. This gave you a great replica of various park arrangements, architectures, animals created from pine needles to pine cones and so much more. They even piped in sounds of the parks systems such as wild animals, birds and so on. It created a wonderful ambience.

The 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show Did not Disappoint
Photo credit: Mike the Gardener 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show

While you really had no set path to follow to take the entire show in, my next stop was the Find Your Park pavillion where park rangers were standing by to answer questions, and also gave some great presentations on the history of our national parks.

The 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show Did not Disappoint
Photo credit: Mike the Gardener 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show

As with other flower shows, there were plenty of great arrangements to look at in the Design Gallery. If you were looking for some creative ideas for your own home garden, this was the area to look.

The 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show Did not DisappointYou simply could not miss one of the coolest attractions to the show, in my opinion, a giant floral arrangement of the liberty bell, complete with the crack. It was strategically placed above and in front of the preamble to the constitution of the United States. We are in Philly after all.

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Mike`s Tour of the 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show

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All week there were plenty of great speakers, many of whom I have interviewed on the Vegetable Gardening Podcast, giving great educational speeches on a variety of topics, from flowers, to butterflies, chefs to living green. They were all included with the general price of admission.

There were two items that were an additional cost and they were the Railway Garden, which was a display of model locomotives that moved through our various national parks, and the Butterfly Live exhibit where you could interact with various live butterfly species.

Now, if afterall of that you still needed more, you got it, because on the left side of the show floor there were over 180 vendors selling, demo’ing and displaying everything from new garden tools to cut flowers, unique plants, garden furniture and so much more. Too much to list here. I went with my wife while grand mom and grand pop watched our kids, so needless to say we did not leave there without making any purchases. Of course I think my wife bought some stuff too.

Happy gardening!

The 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show Did not DisappointP.S. Don't think for a second that I did not find the lone display that created an edible arrangement meant to be aesthetically pleasing. Can you see the veggies in this photo? They are in there.

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Mike the gardener

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Mike Podlesny is the author of the book Vegetable Gardening for the Average Person as well as the creator of the Seeds of the Month Club where members receive non gmo, heirloom variety seeds every month. You can listen to Mike each week on the Vegetable Gardening Podcast where he interviews gardening industry experts. Don`t forget to link up with Mike on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.


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